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 #24217  by Jason
There's been intermittent chatter in Discord, and Vyreia made a poll about it, but let's start planning something fun: a Vault713 Dungeons & Dragons session, DMed by yours truly!

Interested? Post here. I'll PM you a link to a D&D Beyond campaign where you can make a character. Interested but know nothing about the current edition of D&D? I can make you a character!

- What: D&D fifth edition one-shot game
- When: Some Saturday or Sunday TBD, starting afternoon time Central US time to accommodate multipel time zones.
 #24218  by Jason
More details as I think of them.

If you’re making your own character, fifth level, standard array method for ability scores.

No DDB home brew content except the Blood Hunter class.

No outright evil PCs.

If you want me to make you something, give me a fun blurb about what you’d like to play and I’ll try to make it happen mechanically. (E.g. “precocious child who made a pact with a Lovecraftian horror to gain power” or “clumsy, stammering priest with great divine gifts” or “big dumb jock fighter” etc.)

I’ll either run this game in Fantasy Grounds or Roll20. Haven’t decided which. Discord voice chat But if you’re shy about talking feel free to stay on mute and just listen to me butcher accents.
 #24219  by Vyreia
Sign me up fam!!

I'll have a bash at making a character but may need some help. I'll let you know haha.
 #24226  by Jason
Character Creation Rules v. 2.0

- 5th level
- standard array ability scores
- no house rules except Blood Hunter class is allowed.
- non-evil alignments only
- Starting wealth:
  • 500 gp plus 1d10 × 25 gp, (I trust you to roll a real die or find an online dice roller to get your d10 result here)
  • one uncommon magic item
  • normal starting equipment package for your class at 1st level (or equivalent gold and buy all your own stuff)
  • Spend the gold on whatever you can afford, magic items included. I’ll figure out a list of magic item prices at some point soonish.
 #24285  by Jason
Also, after playing around a bit, (and considering I spent like $400 on it a few years back with minimal uses) we’ll play in Fantasy Grounds.

Free and easiest to install on Steam—you just need the demo version to play since I have an Ultimate license.

I’ll copy your d&d beyond characters into the program so they’re ready to go for whenever this happens.

Speaking of...we’ll settle on a date once we have had enough time to see if anyone else is interested. :)
 #24724  by Jason
I threw a little preview of things into Discord last weekend. Might do the same again this weekend.

I’m fairly close to just saying “let’s pick a date” so I can get a babysitter or something to keep the kids from interfering with my virtual dice rolling, but we’ll let anyone else a little longer to get in on the fun.
 #27304  by TyrellRose
Hashtag late but I am interested! (and will need a loooooot of help oops)

I'd prefer late June/early July, but definitely not August since I'll be back in Bad-Internet Land then. Otherwise I can make myself free!
 #27306  by Vyreia
I'm in GMT time so afternoon/evenings for me are okay! Preferably Saturdays as I can stay up a bit longer!

I'm the same as TyrellRose; June/July are good but I'm on holiday in August