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 #33233  by Morgana
(I like musical but I do not like them about myself. I seen lion king and phantom of the opera and Love never dies. But none are about myself those just musical I like. ) I guess it would either call The dull one or the cleaning lady. I guess it would be call that on what it would be doing most of the day. )

If you could have any animal in the world what would it be real or unreal what would it be?
 #36261  by Vyreia
Bath oils from Lush. They're small, environmentally friendly, adorable, aesthetically pleasing, good for your skin, smell so so so good, and encourage self care time.

If you could spend a year living anywhere in the world, free of charge, where would you live and in what kind of accommodation?
 #36269  by Ejder
Honestly I wouldn't want to stay put anywhere, probably. I'd just want to travel around. In hostels, I'm not terribly fancy. If I had to stay in one place, it'd be Dublin or maybe Auckland. Or Barcelona. Or Rome. Honestly I want to go everywhere... As far as accomodation goes, a nice apartment is all I ask for.

If money was no object, what do you see yourself doing with your life?
 #38151  by Vyreia
Going to live in a cottage somewhere and writing a novel full-time!

What is your number one comfort food?