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 #32986  by Vyreia
Freddie: absolute mad lad 2k3
Hera: dragon mum
Ciceron: one-hand-seer that didn't see it coming
Eddie: Dick Van Dyke.JPEG
Algernon: as lame as his name
Hunter: big dog on a small chain
Velvet: orange

I have more but don't want to overwhelm you all ;)
 #33118  by Vyreia
Anastasiya: oblivious to how oblivious she is
Andi: daisy chains
Cecile: loves her hometown in France, moved to England
Griffin: *holding a vampire meeting* Muggles are friends, not food
Jodie: wishes people would like the real her - is always dressed as someone else
Magdalina: type of men she likes - all
Yuliana: "are you gonna pay for that?"
Zara: hates Ivan *in a relationship with Ivan*
 #36260  by Vyreia
Ivy: Fire good.
Maisah: Everyone in the world is a moron, and I'm starting to think I am too
Zsuzsanna: Zsazsa intensifies
Gunnar: Loves the sea a bit too much