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Would You Participate In OOC Community Events?

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Vyreia, Vaultkeeper

Do you want Vault to host community events? If yes, let us know what!

Here are some suggestions:
  • D&D session
  • Harry Potter movie nights
  • Online card games e.g. Uno
  • Pictionary
  • 20 Questions
As another note, would you be comfortable in a voice chat? If not, there are plenty of games for us to play as a group using text only! If you have any other suggestions, feel free to add them below (please make sure suggestions can be PG13. Things like Cards Against Humanity can be played but would need to be customised for the community - perhaps a wizarding version could be made!).

We want Vault to not only be a place to write and create stories, but to make new friends!
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Everevna, Active Player

I'd play card games and do 20 Questions!

I would also be more than happy to have a voice chat, if only so everyone can laugh at my butchered British-American-Malaysian mess of an accent.