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It was early in the morning, and she was on shift. Dexon, was in the corner making sure the place stayed peaceful as she made the drinks for the few people that were there. Morning drinkers, the people that had to get up early the next day for work but still wanted to feed their habits. She didn't mind, she liked the morning shift. It was peaceful in the mornings and by the time she got out the sun was coming down, When they both worked the same shift...Her and Dexon would spend the rest of the night either flirting for their own lunch or choose to drink out of bags that night and make it a night for them.

She was with her typical ponytail, shortcut top, and short shorts. Got her more tips, not that she needed it. In reality, she just liked being in her 40's and still looking like her mid 20's. She liked still being to pull that style off with all of her human friends were having to stop dressing how they liked.

She started cleaning the glasses, cleaning as she went.
"I think you can take a break, kinda dead in here." She smiled at her husband knowing he didn't like standing in one place for too long. He nodded, gave her a smirk and headed to the private area of the club to do god knows what.
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Normally...he would not be putting on a hoodie and keeping his hands in his pockets on a hot summer day. Normally he'd be sleeping in his manor which was in Japan of all places until it was time for him to rise and find somebody to eat, the person willing obviously. Normally if he was up, he'd have a drink in his hand and be looking at family photo's while watching Miyuki. Shiro had allowed Miyuki, now an adult to spend a few weeks with him over the summer. So while a normal person wouldn't call that 'watching'...when it came to her Shiro made sure it was 'watching'. Shiro had never got out of treating her like she was a child. He'd try to limit it, to make her feel human.

But Miyuki was back home with her father, the two planning on how to get her into film school. Genesis was left to his own devices and so here he was in a hoodie, hiding his hands as he walked up to the club his daughter and family friends owned and worked at. Walking in, he waited until he was out of the sun's rays and took off the hoodie revealing his silk button up shirt and slacks.

Smiling he noticed his daughter tidying up the bar as his son in law's shoes were just out of sight up the stairs that led to their personal break room which was not really a break room...it was like a mini apartment without all the rooms.
"Long time no see, Prue." He sat on one of the bar stools knowing a drink was coming his way, Prue was one to read his mind.
"Everything been smooth?" He asked.
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Part of her wished that he had Miyuki this week, as she looked up she sighed. Dex paused for a moment before she waved him off. Her father wasn't a security risk...just an annoyance at the moment. She knelt down her ponytail rolling over her cheek as she grabbed the bottle of fire whiskey and poured him a double shot before sliding it down to him. She walked on over and leaned on the counter, her legs crossed as she looked into the man's eyes for a moment after making sure everyone else had been served and no refills were needed.
"I'm on the clock dad, I can't give you my undivided attention." She mused as she put the towel down that was still in the hem of her jeans.

Long time no see? She worked here...obviously she would be here sometime. Michelle wasn't hardcore, but if you didn't show up for work she wasn't about to pay to keep you there.
"Yeah, on my end." She said taking the towel and cleaning around the area she was. "Mark finally talked to me after two days of blocking me out. Did I forget to mention keeping your hands off?" She said calmly for once not really a care in her voice. She wasn't angry about it anymore if he wanted to act this way...he'd lose her brother forever. That wasn't her problem.

She turned and started a drink for a customer who had raised his hand for another, winking at the customer to indicated she'd seen it.
"Look, I don't care if you two ever get along. However...if you want my help...You'll have to be kinder about you're approach." She said mixing the drink all together before placing the drink in a clean glass and dressing it up with salt on the tip of the glass before placing it in front of the man and returning to her father.
"Or I'll stop wasting my time. You do know I called off a day of couch sitting with my husband to lend a hand right?" She hadn't let him get a word in edgewise, he hadn't earned it yet.
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He watched her work as she talked, really not letting him get a word in edgewise as she went on with her normal responsibilities. He had to hand it to her, she really knew how to do her job with precise actions and her drink making skills were that of a master. Though she had been working in the bar for more than a few years now. Ok, so he shouldn't have gotten hands-on with the situation...but it was a little too late to be sorry about it, and hold on...she had planned that. Obviously, she cared a little bit about them getting along...and she had plans...so why contact him with lunch plans?
"I know you're on the clock, obviously I'm not stopping you." He said noting how she was making drinks as she spoke to him.

"Hold up, You planned that. I did not and he obviously did not." Genesis remarked. He had accepted he'd have to give Mark a lot of space and to be honest the two hadn't really spoken in years due to him respecting that. She'd set it up...yet again he was getting the hit for something she had plotted.
"Why do I always get blamed for what you plan?" He asked annoyed. "Also please note, he's not going to have a decent talk with me. Because he won't listen to me, even though I want to get to know him again. He won't talk." He was about to just cut himself off from Mark altogether at this point.

This wasn't why he was here though, Mark had been out of his mind halfway home. Partly because he knew it was pointless to even make an issue about it anymore. Boy was hard-headed. He leaned forward.
"I'm here because I want to invite you, Gemma, Benji and Dexon to a weekend to the old manor." He said getting to his point. He'd left Mark out on purpose.
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No, he wasn't stopping her...he was just annoying her with his problems. The man was killed in his early 40's but still acted like a 15-year-old at times, to be fair though he really only had the Binx twins, Ambrose, Michelle, Shiro and her. All of which lived in another country than Japan was busy with the main family or worked too much so she understood to a point. Genesis rarely was part of the image or even holidays. To be fair though in that area he was invited to all of them. He had just chosen not to go which always annoyed her.
"You know better than to stop anything I try to do." She merely said as she went to clean the glass.

She smirked when he said she had planned it, still turned away from him while she soaped up the glass. She had planned it all, and would do it again...but after Genesis's little show she had also regretted it. She had no planned for her father to get all handsy with her brother.
"Yeah well, if you stopped being so up front with him and getting handsy with him...he might just give you a chance. Me and Benji have been trying to get him to try." She said honestly. Benji was only trying to help Prue with it because Gemma had made it a point to say she was upset Mark and her brother hadn't been getting along.

She turned back from the sink and let the glass soap as she looked at her father as if he had grown a third fang. A trip to Japan with Benji leaving Mark in England? Sure they were all adults and Mark was fine being alone in the house for a weekend with his wife and kids...that wasn't the issue. The issue was...Benji wasn't going to party it away with a man who had manhandled his brother.
"Count Benji and Gemma out. I and Dex might be able to swing it." She said drying off the glass after picking it up.
"Benji's not about to come to hang out with you after you just miffed off his brother." She gave her reasoning.
"And Gemma isn't about to leave Benji for more than a day." She finished.
 #10809  by Genesis Batsu
Anyone who knew Prudence knew that line was just pure facts that came out of her mouth. When Prue wanted something...she made it so it happened, normally. Getting Mark and him to get along was kinda out of her control, mainly on Marks part. While Prue was all about getting what she wanted and making it happen, Mark still had the mind of a five-year-old that wasn't going to budge if he didn't want to do something. Getting along with Genesis was something he obviously didn't want to do. Not that Genesis was innocent in the matter, what he did all those years ago had been near unforgivable.
"Yeah... After all these years that hasn't seemed to change." He commented, with a smirk on his face.

His smirk dropped when he heard about all the background plans being made with him not knowing about them. Apparently, people were annoying Mark into giving him a chance, which knowing Mark hadn't helped the matter that happened three days ago.
"With everyone annoying him about it, it's a wonder he spoke even a word to me." He gripped...if he had known this...maybe he could have used such info to help him in his mission that day. A mission he'd been signed up for, but he really had tried his best to make things right. Maybe tossing Mark onto the sofa hadn't helped...but he had meant well.

The look she gave him, made him raise an eyebrow...like the request was too out there. Family's got together...he just thought a trip to Japan would be fun for them all, as well as let them see the Batsu's side of the family. He had a couple of cousins that were going to show up as well, he figured Gemma would be happy to see them. It was going to be a surprise...but...
"I invited Hoshi and Kobe to join the group. Let them see the Japanese inlaws...and figured your aunt would enjoy seeing them as well." He said simply, kinda disappointed.
"But I'm sure Dexon wouldn't mind meeting your family either." He half smiled. At least it was something. "He still dislike me?"
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She smirked as she was called over to one of the regulars who had just entered, smiling at them as they spoke to her about a long work night. The person worked in the same place as her uncle in law did, only they worked under him and he wasn't easy to please. He took so much pride in his work that...he went a little overboard sometimes when expecting the same work effort from them. To be fair- everyone should give 110% effort to their job while on clock so she didn't blame them. But she also knew what a people person Ambrose was, and how sometimes that wouldn't make for the best work environment.
'Your gotta get him to relax Prue, he's driving me nuts!' Prue laughed and asked if he wanted his usual, after she got the nod she went on mixing a bit of vodka with orange juice and put it into the mixer.
"He's just full of passion for his work, don't mind him." She chimed as she set it on the bar in front of the man. The man chuckled and shook his head, clearly respecting Ambrose's dedication...but also knowing Prue knew her uncle too well to be able to get through to him.

She walked back over to her father and shook her head, she had heard every word about his complaining about their efforts to help him in this situation. To be fair...he was probably right. Mark was easily annoyed, and they probably weren't helping.
"Well what do you want to do father? Let you handle it? Because this whole giving him space thing isn't doing it. If anything it's allowing him to logically think you don't care." She said giving him a 'you know I'm right' look.

Hoshi and Kobe, Genesis's father's, brothers kids. They were polite if not more spoiled then she had been. They actually got along because even though they were male...they had gotten into the fashion business. Prue was one of their very loyal customers, having been the first to really help them make money by buying their clothes for women. She'd talked to her husband about them, in such a light he did want to meet them. But to plan a family get together and not inform everyone, really didn't fly.
"See this is the problem, ever since you've been turned you don't think. If you want to plan a family weekend getaway...you need owl the members of the family of your plans. See if they are even free to go." She said leaning on the counter. "I'll talk to Gemma and Benji, see if Benji will let it go...and invite Mark myself." She smirked. "He's family too."
 #10811  by Genesis Batsu
He listened to the people talking to Prue, enjoying the smile on her face. She seemed to really enjoy working here and had really gotten to know the people. They nodded to Genesis when they recognized him and he nodded back before Prue returned. Not many people could work with Ambrose...the man at the bar was the only really long time worker there. He'd seem him when he popped in on Ambrose from time to time.
"Ambrose making himself the boss from hell again?" He chuckled.

She was right, giving him space wasn't helping. If anything it had just made it that much harder to try to get into the boy's life again. He sighed as he ran his hand through his hair, before looking back at Prudence who seemed to go back to cleaning the bar. He finished his drink and set it down on the bar.
"I don't know Prue, Yes...let me handle it. I'll take any advice I can get on how to do it though..." He hinted. She could help, just through him. Not through annoying Mark.

"Yeah, I know. And it's a shame. Because they are getting older, They are in their early 40's...and you will always be a spring chicken." He muttered. He got a glare from calling her a 'chicken' and reworded it:
"I'm not really using the time we have left with them wisely." He countered. She seemed to calm down. Invite Mark....that was not a good idea. That was a horrible idea. Mark wasn't a fan of new people. He clung to those he already knew. At least that's how he use to be, maybe having kids had opened up that mindset.
"He might be family, but he doesn't know them. Or has he opened up to the idea of meeting new people?" Genesis ask. "And you never told me if Dex still dislikes me." He noted how she bypassed that.
 #10812  by Prudence Binx
The guy at the bar nodded but didn't join them. He could tell they were having a talk about family matters at the moment. She laughed and looked back at Genesis.
"Oh, you know him." She simply said as she filled up a glass of water while putting a bit of blood in it. It looked like a drink, to anyone else as it came from something that looked like a bottle but Genesis and she knew better.
"He gets lost in his work, I don't think he even realizes he's doing it." She said as she took a drink.

She leaned on the bar, before seeing the glass hit the counter lightly and took it as she plucked it into the soapy water and poured him another double shot. Good thing vampires didn't get drunk as easy...or he'd be swaying with how she poured for him, not for free. His drinks were three times the price of a one shot. He mind was working on way's he could get Mark to at least be friendly as she put it in front of him.
"Hmm... I don't know. This isn't an easy thing to plot dad. Give me time, I'll come up with something." She smirked her 'back to the plotting book' smirk.

Her smirk dropped when he referred to her as a chicken, only to carefully re-word what he had just said. That was a close on father... she mentally thought, but did agree he was wasting a lot of time making stupid mistakes. They had forever. Their still living family members did not.
"Legally speaking... they are family through his brother marrying aunt Gemma. I'm only inviting him, he doesn't have to take the offer. But as a family member, he has the right to have the option." She said simply.

"I didn't reply because that's a loaded question; He loves and hates you. You got his wife killed, he hates you for that. He also loves you for the same reason, because of you getting me killed...he doesn't have to see me die." She said trying to explain it best she could. Dexon saw Genesis as...irresponcible. Everyone did because he did sign his own family up to being hunted by a group of Chinese vampires all those years ago. Didn't mean they didn't still care about him.
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He chuckled at the man's 'help me' expression and shook his head while mouthing a 'Sorry bro...' and turning back to his daughter who basically was telling him what he already knew. Ambrose, Ambrose, Ambrose...He didn't understand how that man ticks, he really didn't.
"No, he probably doesn't." He said honestly speaking those words. Ambrose was a man with a heart of gold, he wouldn't ever try to be a prick.

His eyes rolled at her smirk, taking his drink in his hand.
"Whatever you plan, I'm not taking a pitfall. You hear me?" He raised an eyebrow as he said this. One to many time had one of her plots made him out to be the bad guy. Three days ago in Marks very own home was the recent reminder.

He sighed, knowing she was right. He did have a right to know his brother's wife side of the family. He could always decline if he wanted to, Genesis was actually hoping he would. Two days of getting glared at didn't seem like a fun weekend...
"And if he comes, do I need to expect to be the target of every glare he can muster?" Genesis prompted.

"Heh..." was his simple reply to her response. "Thanks for that reminder." He let out some air from his nose. Dexon had always been polite to him, probably because Prue loved him and Dexon didn't want to get on her bad side. At least, that's what Genesis kinda thought.
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Walking in with his boots hitting the floor, he had a file in his hand. A file that belonged in the bar, not his home office. Him and his brother had set up a home office for the time they worked at home after mark had gotten sick a couple months back but still wanted to work. His brother knew he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer and set it up. What he didn't expect to see was Prudence and Genesis having a little family chat, he rolled his eyes once he saw it in its full entirety. Genesis was planning a little family vacation, with a family he'd never seen nor really known about.
"You might." He said as he walked past, hugging Prue and nodding to the customer before heading into the main office.

He didn't need to be out there to chat, his job was in here and to be honest about the situation...he really didn't want to hang out with Genesis right now, even if he did want to chat with his sister for a bit. Her and Dex had spent the night a couple weeks ago, but other than that he had only really seen her at work. Speaking of which...he popped his head out.
"Please tell me Dexon isn't skipping work..." He didn't know the man was taking a break in the breakroom.
 #10845  by Prudence Binx
Him? take the pitfall? The only reason he took any pitfall the last time was that he got possessive with how he went about it. She rolled her eyes and went to clean the glass as Genesis played the victim.
"Don't worry, dad. The only reason you'll be to blame is if you do what you did last time." She said as she took the glass out and started drying it, she was only this on top of it, because she didn't feel like staying longer than she had to...and didn't want to leave the other person extra work.

She was about to tell him to 'suck it up' when Mark came in and made a point of saying it in a different way. She chuckled at she put the glass away, happy he wasn't freaking out telling Prue to get Genesis to leave. Though Genesis was a major money pit when he showed up, so she assumed Mark was looking at the money part of it.
"Oh Mark, apparently there are some cousins of my family joining for a family get together. Want to join us? Make Mister Batsu here a little un easy?" She winked, ignoring the look from her father. If he did go...the chances of Benji and Gemma would be 100%.

She frowned when he went into his office as fast as he did and glared at her father.
"Fix this." She said forcefully as she cleaned the area in front of Genesis. She looked back when his voice came back to the room, him popping his head out.
"He's in the break room... it's been dead in here and he looked bored." She said honestly.
 #10849  by Genesis Batsu
He really was getting tired of her reminding her of how he dealt this that...He knew as soon as he did it he had been wrong- not that he was about to admit that. No, never. Because as he told Mark, that's the only way he thought to get him to listen. He rolled his eyes and took a sip of his drink when he about jumped, the man coming in with files and heading for the office as he made a point of reminding Genesis how well he liked him.

Genesis said nothing, not wanting to spark any tensions in the place and knowing Mark would make it an issue- fast. He leaned forward as she said 'fix it' and sighed.
"I'm trying..." His voice was low.

He didn't want to hear the response Mark would give on the man hanging out in the break-room rather than working out on the floor. Ambrose had said, Mark was all work when he entered the place. Someone sitting down on the job was not working. He however soon focused on the invite, giving Prue a look about annoying him.
"You're encouraging this." he hissed.
 #10850  by Markus Green
He took off his jacket and sat it on the chair after getting the response from Prudence about where Dexon was and fixed the long sleeves of his button up to hide his arms that the fabric had rolled up on a bit before starting to sit down when Prudence spoke about the invite. He wasn't going to ask why the man was chilling on the clock...because it was a waste of his breath. When those two worked, it was almost like it became there place until they were off the clock. It hadn't caused any problems, so Mark wasn't going to create one. He stepped out behind the bar and poured a soda from the soda stream, before turning to look at his sister.
"To meet...people who I don't know and probably won't see again?" He said then thought of his kids. Well...that complicates things. He sighed, Regan was all about family since she'd been adopted. Something Mark wasn't about other than when it came to Benji, Michelle, and Barbas- but then again he'd been adopted into a huge family so he'd grown into it.
"I'll talk to my Regan about it, see if she'd like the kids to meet them." He spoke more like a family man.

He looked at Genesis,
"Of course she is. She gets kicks off of seeing me want to kick your butt." He said simply. "Don't ask me why." He said coldly. Why was Genesis even here anyway? And what was he planning with this family get together? Mark didn't see Genesis like Genesis really was. He saw him as a sly, dirty man who had no respect for other. He headed back into the office with his pop, not knowing why his sister enjoyed this but getting the same annoyance as Genesis had. It seemed that's all they agreed with, Prue was nuts.

He shut the door and went on about organizing the folder into its proper place, before starting on the numbers. He didn't want Benji getting hit with un-done books when he was the one working on them tomorrow.
 #10851  by Prudence Binx
"Well try harder," she said just as Mark stepped out and filled a glass of soda from the spray, Prue temped to remind him of the health effects it could carry. When he turned and dismissed the idea for reasons that would only make sense to Mark, she gave him a little bit of a look. He seemed to notice because he quickly edited it, with mentioning he would bring the idea up to his wife. She smiled and nodded.
"Good." She smiled, getting an eye roll from him.

She went right back to annoyed when he and her father seemed to agree on her ways of annoying them, getting amusement from them. That wasn't true, she was just...amazed on how hard-headed these two were. She looked at her father as the door to the office shut.
"I don't find amusement from it, trust me. Or else I wouldn't be trying to fix it." She spoke logically.

She served a couple of beers and cleaned the other area's while her father seemed to pout in the corner. Taking that time to engage in the other customers who had been ignored, but seemed to enjoy the show.