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His sister- a binx. His daughter was independent, his boy... Had been a Binx since 1997 and had never fully accepted him back. Hed gone from father figure to uncle through marriage. He had no wife, the twins and him were bro's but they had their own lives as well.

Out of everyone it seemed he had no place, the moment he died it seemed like he became a ghost. He tried not to let it get to him but as he looked out to the moon ontop of him it was painfully apparent it was bothering him. Part of him wished the chinese idiots had just killed him then and there instead of turning him into the man who deserted his family, into the man who had almost- no he did. The man who had left his 'son' stranded. Forced his daughter into a new life only to put her in danger one more time, it was his fault shed been so close to death Michelle had to turn her.

It had all gone...just so wrong. He screamed into the night sky from the outside of the bar. Those men had turned him into a monster and taken his life from him, only to make him live on the ouside looking in.

He wanted payback, he wanted revenge. He didn't blame his family, it hadn't been his fault. He was soppose to be dead, not turned. They just did what he would have wanted- to move on. To not live in the past.
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It had been awhile since hed seen Genesis, too long. The man had become almost like a mentor, caring for wounds and handing out sound words of advise. He'd traveled to England after a hint Hed find him there, he knew his places to go and he knew the mans habits. He took out the cig as he walked up, hearing the scream he had been at first alarmed. However after seeing no danger around he relaxed and walked up calmly.

The man looked broken down, lost and for some reason....he cared. He didn't want to see that. Not that the man hadn't earned it, but he had also lost enough. After all these years he did hope had found something to live towards, it had been four years but here he was. As the rain came down the long haired man looked at the vampire with a look that was much softer than normal.
"Yo." He gave the man a rare smirk. "Heard you were annoying the English people. Thought I'd see just how much."
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He tossed the beer in his hand and was about to order another...but before he could walk inside he heard a voice that stopped him. Man...it had been years since he heard that voice. Too long. Turning around he saw the albino in the rain and chuckled. Annoying the English public...is that what most called it? He sighed and walked towards him giving him a hug that an uncle would give. Man his hair had really grown.

He looked older- older. Yes Shiro was mortal. Hed die, hed vanish from this world. Away from Genesis. No more 4 year visits, no more holidays at the Binx's-when both chose to show up... Hed be...gone. He was holding on tighter, and he didn't even know it. He wanted time to stop, he wanted Shiro here forever. He wanted...he wanted his 'kin' here forever.
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His face didn't change, the hug bearly returned like usual. But he didn't pull away either, which was saying something for him. He let thecrain pour down on them awhile longer wondering when Genesis would get his fill of there...'moment'. He did however start to get the feeling something was strange with this man. That his head wasn't utterly there. He wasn't liking the chances of a heart to heart here, they seemed pretty high.

And...as more time came by it was more and more apparent this would be a thing. Normally hed push someone off, but not Gen.
"...Not thinking of taking a sun dance are we?" He asked softly.
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He didn't mind the lack of hug, he was just happy he was allowed. He sighed at the dancing in the sun comment and finally let go of the man who was obviously feeling odd in his grasp. Looking at him again he shook his head and took the man by the shoulders.
"No, not yet. Let me buy you a beer. Its been too long." He said as he guided him into the bar.

Walking to the bar he ordered Shiro one of His drinks and leaned back on the chair.
"So...what have you been doing?" Hed spare the 'you could have owled' speech.
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'Not yet'.... That worried him, what did not yet even mean? He looked at the man as he pulled away only to be led into the bar, Genesis still keeping a tight grip on him. He...did not expect this one bit. He looked at the barkeep, and back at Gen as he took a sip of his whiskey. Looking over Gen very carefully he sighed, and put his glass down. He was un-nerving him in a personal way and that took skill.

What had he been doing? Life had gotten simple again. He got revenge on his dad, Batsu's found and the only thing left was His accounts to keep up. Hed been spending more time in the office than in action.
"Accounts Genesis. Just accounts. Miyuki is in the Japanese ministry...which has been interesting." He chuckled.

Swirling his drink he looked at Gen out of the corner of his eye.
"But cut the crap. Whats really going on here?" He asked. He was pondering alerting Nate to this change of character.
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Just accounts, that was good. The time he ended up with a concussion due to a fight had freaked Gen out, the blood in his pure white hair and how once the rush wore off how confused hed been for a week. He was glad it had just become office work.
"Good, good. Thats good." He said more so to himself.
'Hell die Genesis....he wont be around forever.' The thought still ran through his head.

He looked at Shiro as Shiro demanded to know what was up, but how to tell the man who was kin to him that he was pondering his death? And losing him? And how to explain how his daughter was miles away and his 'son' still wanted nothing to do with him? That was not easy to explain to anyone.
"Am I a bad parent?" He asked.
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He nodded in the awkward silence as he took a drink, feeling really out of place. At least Genesis had taken his grip off, he swore the man had left a bruise. He massaged it as he listened to Genesis mumble how great accounts were to be working on, apparently... He was glad Shiro was off of field duty.
"Yep, yep." He casually said.

It was the question that got him. He knew everyone had been busy and less time was able to give for the solo vampire. Prue and Gemma were married, Mark was still distant....-crap. He was dealing with a depressed vampire.
"What is this about?" He stepped softly into this area of topic.

Hed be owling Nate asap.
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He ran his hand through his hair, and took a drink of his beer. Shiro always had a way of answering a question with a question, normally it was amusing...right now it was simply annoying. But hed take annoying over an empty seat. Always. He looked over and gave a small smirk.
"You know... I left them to...protect them. But did I really protect them?" He talked to himself for the most part.
"Why did they turn me? Why didn't they just kill me?" He leaned back in his seat.
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His face turned quickly to the man beside him as he finally gave Shiro something to go off of. He was...feeling guilty. And obviously alone, he groaned inwardly as he tirned his chair and put a hand on the mans shoulder. No. This was not happening to his friend. Never his friend. His eyes looked right into Gens bit his held anger, anger this was even an issue.
"Stop. Stop this right now. Look I'm not good at this but... You did what you thought you needed to and when you knew you were wrong you did come back." He reasoned.... Now he felt guilt for punching the man all those years ago...funny how that happense.

He turned back and went back to his drink, here was a yakuza boss playing a good guy. How on earth did that work out? He may of- no. He was not about to sink down this hole with him.
"Look. Im not a good guy. Im a monster, and I've earned that title. You havent. So cut the crap, finish your beer...and go see your daughter. Before you get me depressed preferably." He mused.
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He looked baffled at the reaction, shiro willingly touching him and about to scream at him. He gave an awkward smirk as he went back to his beer, its true...he had come back. But it seems that he came back to late.

He snapped back at shiros next words, sombering up at the idea of him leaving this bar after just a few minutes of seeing him after four years of no contact.
"She wont grow old. You will, you'll be gone someday." Genesis said not really understanding the concept of 'lighten up the dark tone'.
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Ok, he did give an expression on that one. He wasn't showing up to talk about his death after all... He sat the drink down and cleared his throat. He ten picked it back up and finished it, and went to stand up. Only, he couldnt. It was true, one day hed be gone. But that didn't mean he wanted to be a vampire, he knew where this was going.
"Yeah? So enjoy me while I'm here." He simply said ordering another. This time on his tab.

He leaned on the table and tried to change the topic.
"Maybe a hobby? Seen any good wemon lately?" He said.
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He chuckled and looked over at the albino, taking in all of his features while he could before looking forward again. He could enjoy him while he was here...if it wasn't every four years, he also missed the mans daughter. Hed become like grandpa to her, gave her candy and sent her back to Shiro a few times. It had all been worth the payback.
"Show up more often, and I will. Please?" He said meaning every word.

The girl part made him choke, him and dexon hunted for wemon weekly...well until he fell into this rut. Hed been drinking out of blood bags for the past two weeks.
"Wemon bore me now a days. Not like I can have a family. I'm dead and so are my....well you know." He drawled.
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He allowed a rare smile to show on his pale face as he took a sip of his whiskey, the guilt growing. Hed gotten so busy catching up in accounts it was hard to make time for anything. However Genesis should be something he made time for.
"I'll show up more often. Just don't do a sun dance." He mused.

He about choked on his drink as Genesis mentioned his inability to have kids. It wasn't the facts... It was the way he said it. He did not need that mental image.
"Y-yeah I know. Why do you want a children now? I thought you liked being a bachelor." He asked recovering from said mental images.
"Get your old house back?" He asked.
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He nodded and chuckled as he got the blush on the mans cheeks,
"Good, because I miss annoying you." He smirked.

The choking was a nice touch as well, he patted him on the shoulder and replied to him in a somber manner.
"I've valways wanted children, just not a wife." He said simply.
"Yeah...I got a house full of ghosts." He said bitterly.