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 #7289  by Gemma Batsu
It had been 20 years since it all happened, 20 years since she got her family back and he was to thank for that. To others he was a creul man who killed and delt deals for a living but to her family he had become their angel. He had kept then safe. Lunch was such a small thank-you but it was the only thank-you he would accept take away the rare holiday he accepted to join them at Binx manor for the holidays.

She sat in the small little coffee shop as she waited, her gold toned contacts shining in tje sun as she swirls her mocha coffee around. Tne weather was rainy and stormy but she didn't mind. She smiled as she thought about what Hed be wearing. He was always so nicely dressed it was nice to see someone other than a member of the Binx family care about his appearence. Her husband Benji always did, and shiro dressed a lot like him.

She looked down at her coffeevas she heard the door open, dishearted it wasn't him yet. He was twenty minutes late. He said he had a buisness meeting before hand, maybe it had put him behind on time. Normally shed be afraid he was standing her up but in the last 20 years, Hed never stood her up once.
 #7290  by Shiro Takayama
Sun and rain, Tokyo was having a really strange wealther, as the droplets hit his windshield he thought about the meeting he had just left from. The meeting had been changed in a way Shiro didn't like, due to his contact bringing an untrustworthy guest. Both were taken care of, the two men would never be seen again. His men was taking care of those details now.

As he pulled up his car zipped into sight and he got out. Oh he was dressed nicely enough, silk slacks with a long sleeve black sweater. As his shoes hit the door he opened tne door calmly, people staring due to his features before looking back down. Japan was a lot more polite about the fact he was albino, they got their one look and went on with life.
"Ohayou binzu-san" he said as he took a seat.
"Chikoku shite mōshiwakearimasen. " He gave her a rare smile. She was one of the few who had earned the right to see it.

He ordered a coffee and turned back to Gemma. Shed married Benji 16 years earlier, after shiro told her he was not the one and that she really loved Benji not him.

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 #7292  by Gemma Batsu
She smiled, watching him sit down and order what he wanted, she notioned to the waitress that it was on her tab and turned back to the pale man infront of her. He was smiling,but she knew it was awkward for him. He wasn't one to relax like this.
"Sore wa iiyo, takayama-san." She smiled as the waitress came back with his coffee.
"Tada kohi?" She asked. "Korera no ra-te ga ooishi desu." She gave a polite laugh.

He always ordered plain coffee or tea, even at the Binx house. If it wasn't whiskey it was plain. She could tell he was a man of his habits for sure. She stirred her drink a shook her head before asking.
"Minna ha daijoubu ka?" She could see his mind was elsewhere.

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 #7409  by Shiro Takayama
He gave a chuckle when she mentioned the latte but he was never a fan of those what he called girly drinks.
"Kohi ga iiyo." He simply said derailing her latte idea.

"H-hai. Gomennasai." He said knowing Hed got lost in his own head for a moment. He smiled at her and leaned back.
"Anata to benji wa dou?" He asked.

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 #7523  by Gemma Batsu
She smiled and looked down at her latte before stretching and looking back up at him. Her and Benji were great, they were yet to stop pda and always had kind loving words with each other. She had loved him since she was young and that hadn't changed. Shiro had been right, she loved Benji and not him.

She had to respect him for that. Not taking advantage of her scardy cat phase back then.
"Watashi-tachi wa yoi. Anata? Onna wo motte imasu?" She asked.

She wasn't asking to hit on him obviously as she was happy with Benji, she was honestly hoping he was giving a try at love in his older years. She imagined how lonely his life was with his daughter now a woman...and only her brother to annoy him.

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 #7550  by Shiro Takayama
He nodded his head, good his work wasnt for nothing then. He had been iffy on taking her out of hiding back then, given the fact they were all targets. He hoever choked on his coffee when she mentioned His love life. First it was Dice, tjen it was gen who then turned it into a double team with Mark adding in hos two cents and now it was Gemma.
"Anata mo?" He said as tne hot coffee went down the wrong hole and he coughed.
"Kami- sama...iie. Onna wo motte nai." He grumbled.

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 #7949  by Gemma Batsu
She laughed at his reaction, taking a drink of her latte to hide the smirk on her sweet face...did...did he have everyone trying to hook him up?
"Hai...watash mo." She smirked.

Silence followed, she looked out the window. Then back at Mark.
"Arigatou Takayama-san. Zenbu tame ni." She smiled. She meant it. He had given her, her life back. And Prue's, heck he even took in her brother who she knew annoyed him.

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