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Location: Knockturn Alley • Date: May 13
Time of Day: 7:48pm • Weather: Cloudy

Was it a bad sign that the supposedly-reformed Caretaker of Hogwarts was in a dark corner of Knockturn Alley? Maybe. Was he going to let anybody see him there? Heck no. A handful of Dark merchandise was already tucked away in his satchel. Just one more stop, Fledermaus and Tanners, and he'd be good to go.

Erikur's hand was on the handle of the shop when a shadow passed over the gaslit streets. Erikur squinted at the approaching figure - was that an Auror? Shit.

Within seconds, a fox stood in place of the man. The fox made a mad dash past the approaching figure into the safety of the darkness.
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 #6469  by Harry Potter
For once he wanted to walk about in his own body, to mull around in the dank smelly alleyway with his brooding intrusive thoughts before he had to make his way back “home”. He was tired of consuming polyjuice potion daily, tired of hiding, tired of being under house arrest, and tired of his “wife”.

For a dark wizard he certainly was a passive aggressive one…

The sudden sound in the alley made him freeze in place. His fingers twitched at his side, wand arm at the ready.

Harry lifted his head to peer underneath the hood of the oversized black cloak that covered him from head to toe. Sharp eyes spotted the source of the noise, the cause of the commotion. Before the fleeting creature could pass by, Harry snatched up the fox by the scruff of his gangly neck.

“What’s this?” He held him up for inspection, turning the creature this way and that as he jabbed the end his wand into its fluffy white belly.

“You’re a little far from the forest, aren’t you?” He drawled, his lip curling into a sneer.

Harry lifted his head fully to get a proper look at the fox. Empty emerald eyes stared at the fox from behind overly reflective spectacles. Gone was the recognition that he was Harry Potter. Gone was the recognition that the fox he was holding was someone familiar to him. All he knew was that he was a deeply confused dark wizard with lost memories standing in the middle of alley with a fox he was debating on killing.
 #6471  by Erikur Polczynski
Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck. Erikur squealed and writhed in the hands of the Auror who was definitely going to haul him over to the - oh no you don't! Erikur nipped at the wand jabbing into his furry belly before snarling in the face of.....

Harry Fucking Potter? Damn what happened to him? He looked deader than Erikur felt cleaning up after a hundred students every day. Deader, and...confused. Anyone could recognize the Boy who Tried from a mile away but....jeez.

Even still, Erikur was not a fan of being held by his frenemies. With an adorable snarl Erikur nipped Harry's hand.
 #6477  by Harry Potter
Harry was unphased with the angry behavior of the fox but intrigued, rather, as to why an Artic fox was scurrying around the streets of Knockturn Alley. He concluded that this creature was either someone’s pet or some wild animal brought for trade in the black market that escaped. Given the fox’s attitude…Harry guessed it was the latter.

“You are a nasty piece of work,” he commented, sounding somewhat amused when the fox tried to nip at his hand. “I was going to kill you but…I think I’ll keep you instead. Every villain needs an accommodating pet, right? Plus, it will piss my wife off to no end. You best stay away from her or she’ll suck the life right out of you. That’s what you get for being with a vampire I suppose. Let’s hope you last longer than my hamster.”

It was a joke. He was joking with a fox. Harry was so desperate for social interaction that he didn’t even care.

“Right. So, you’ll need a name….”
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There were a few thoughts running through his mind as Erikur tried in vain to squirm out of Potter's grip:

1) What in fuck happened to Harry Potter? A villain? Yea and Erikur was the bloody queen of England.
2) Oh honey I need to hook you up with a potion or twelve....

Of course, because arctic foxes were not yet evolved enough to speak English, the above thoughts had to be roughly translated into a series of squeaks and hisses and snarls as the little fluffy thing writhed.
 #6576  by Harry Potter
“I think I’ll call you…” He stared hard at the little fox as it writhed this way and that in his grasp. Still, Harry refused to let go. “Winston. Your name is Winston.”

He gave the snarling creature another poke to the belly with the tip of his wand. “Stop that. None of that. Wait until we get home.” His wife, Michelle, was going to be pissed. Harry was looking forward to it. “You can either come with me and live the life of a pampered house pet, keep me company on late nights when I’m plotting my takeover. Or I can kill you right here and you’ll become someone’s lovely little fashion accessory. Your choice Winston. “
 #6580  by Erikur Polczynski
It took some time, and a second nip at the wand poking into his belly, but the Slytherin in Erikur eventually won over the fury and affront to his dignity upon being named Winston. This victory may or may not have been aided by the subtle death threat uttered by his captor, but Erikur would never admit to that.

Erikur would, however, admit to the prime opportunity to snoop around Potter's home and figure out what in all hell happened to Potter. Work he would figure out later - he didn't exactly love his job, anyway. And when would this opportunity ever happen again? To say nothing of the opportunity for blackmail. Or having Potter in his debt.....

But being rechristened as Winston was still a heinous crime. Erikur was not about to suddenly become docile over that. With a begrudging snarl and a final nip at Potter's wand, Erikur squirmed out of Potter's grip, clambered over his shoulder (making sure he got a good facefull of fluffy tail), crawled down his arm and disappeared into his satchel, his tail flicking out disdainfully at his captor.
 #10753  by Harry Potter
The snarl and nip from Winston was not unexpected by Harry, but receiving a bushy tailed slap to the face was. Harry glared at the creature as it scurried into the satchel.

Now was not the time to losing his temper...

So Harry took a deep breath and apparated to the place he was recently forced to call home thanks to a memory charm gone wrong. It was an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere, disguised as a home with the finest furnishings imaginable. The illusion charms placed on the warehouse made it so it appeared this way to Harry, and to anyone else apart from the Binx family member that caster it.

Harry made his way inside and didn’t stop until he reached the master bedroom where he then proceeded to empty the satchel, turning it upside down and shaking it to dump Winston onto the plush bed. “Welcome home, Winston.”
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Having been dumped quite unceremoniously onto the bed of a foreign location, Erikur immediately scurried away from his captor....and immediately after began smelling the sheets for inhabitants. Beds were a good place to find out who actually lived there.

Erikur didn't know much about Potter's personal life, other than that he was doing a famous quidditch player and a werewolf in some order and then disappeared. Was Potter going through an emo stage? Potter's scent was definitely all over the sheets - dude must spend more of his nights tossing and turning than actually sleeping. But there was something else....Erikur shoved his snout further into the sheets....someone else.....a....vampire?

The little fox raised its head, cocking it to the side whilst examining Potter. What kind of kink was he into these days??
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“Hey! Stop that!” Harry swatted at the fox who seemed to be so keen in rubbing his nose all over the bedsheets. “Will you just-“ he paused mid-sentence when the creature cocked it’s head in the most adorable way.

Harry’s expression softened a little.

“Don’t’-don’t’ look at me like that!” he said defensively “What happens on this bed is none of your business, Winston.”

He crossed his arms over his chest. “Are you hungry ?"
 #11072  by Michelle Binx
All of a sudden came a delighted squeal from the door way. "WHO IS THAT?!!" she screamed excitedly while hurrying over to the bed. Binxy got on her knees at the edge of the bed to get level with the fox so she could get a better look at him, and also so she could look at him face to face as she spoke to him, it would be rude if she spoke down to him after all!

"Oh my gosh, you're the cutest thing I've ever seen!!" she said to the adorable and beautiful animal. Without any warning, Michelle reached out and grabbed the fox so she could bring him in for a big hug. "We're keeping him, right? You totally brought this beautiful thing home for me, right? Well even if you didn't he's mine now".
 #11450  by Erikur Polczynski

There was a shrieking voice and then he could feel his ribs cracking. Half his instincts screamed to bite her, the other half reminded him that she was a vampire and would probably kill him. There was one thing left to do.

Erikur craned his fluffy white neck around to face his sometimes-foe. His shining eyes widened in a clearly-readable expression of "Potter. Do something."
 #11475  by Harry Potter
‪Harry‬ ‪immediately ‬f‪elt his mood sour‬.‪ He brought Sir Winston home‬ ‪with the pure intent of pissing off his “wife” . Not only did his plan backfire, but now she was trying‬ ‪to‬ ‪steal his‬ ‪pet. ‬

‪Harry exchanged momentary glances with Winston before he stepped up to try and grab the fox from Michelle’s arms. “No. No. No. He’s mine‬.‪” They were ‪like two children fighting over a toy plushie‬ ‪on the playground‬.

‪Poor Winston. ‬
 #11755  by Michelle Binx
Binxy immediately hissed and turned her body away from Harry when he told her no, repeatedly, and then went on to try and take the stunning creature from her arms. "Dear Husband" oh yay, she was getting to play house again, even though Michelle was getting annoyed she was being told she couldn't have something, she was still about to have fun as now she could play her game with Harry... The one Harry had no idea he was apart of.

"Dear Husband" she started, "I suggest if you want me to do that thing you enjoyed so much last night, with my tongue... Then I suggest you at the very least share Mr. Frodo with me..." She had no idea what its name is, so she just decided to throw her own awesome name out there.

"Besides, he would clearly rather be my pet anyway, I am a woman and we have a more delicate touch than you brute men do... "She said while hugging Winston/Mr. Frodo a bit too firmly. She nuzzled her face into the back of his furry neck while saying "let's get him some food! And we need to buy him one of those cute four poster beds... And some dishes for his food, and toys..." she looked over to Harry and added "he also needs a tutu".
 #11792  by Erikur Polczynski
Up until that point, Erikur was planning on avoiding blatant use of magic to avoid suspicion. He drew the line at tutus. Younger Erikur might have experimented with such clothing, but the crotchety caretaker of Hogwarts was nobody's ballerina.

That and he was now having trouble breathing. Uttering a little distressed squeal, Erikur squirmed his way up out of the vampire's arms (aided with a touch of magic, but only a touch) and launched himself back onto the bed.

It was about at that point that Erikur finally registered what the woman was talking about with her "dear husband." The arctic fox flopped over on its back, convulsing in what could only be described as an animal equivalent of laughter.