A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #5153  by Tierney Jones-Griff
Tierney stumbled over something as she went up to the desk. The goblin behind it peered down at her. Tierney shuddered. She'd hated goblins since that day with her father.

It was the first time Tierney had ever seen a goblin. Her parents hadn't taken her into the bank with them before because they were afraid the goblins would frighten her. And they were right. Tierney was seven and the goblin was a full metre above her, leaning over his counter to stare at her. His eyes were so blue they looked like glacial ice. His ears were inches out from his head, ending in sharp points that Tierney was convinced could slice right through her. Tufts of white hair sprouted up around his ears, but the rest of his head was bald. He was missing teeth, all of them, except two pointed canines. He winked at Tierney. She wrenched free of her father's hand and ran screaming out of the bank.

With a lurch in the pit of her stomach, Tierney came back to her surroundings. She tried to suppress a shiver as the goblin in front of her now asked her for her key. She handed it over, trying desperately to avoid touching his thick, wrinkly skin. Her mouth filled up with saliva. Oh Merlin, she was going to be sick!

Tierney leant over, with one hand holding her hair back. Her breathing was coming in rasps. Her face was grey.
 #5217  by Shiro Takayama
Shiro and his daughter had been shopping, his daughter had ruined her school uniform and cut the skirt. He had a job in England anyway and had taken her along to by a new one. His daughter, taller than him had straight jet black hair, black eyes, and fair skin. Many a man had looked at her, a few had paid the price. He was protective. Always would be.

He was older now, his skin still pale but not as child looking. He was ever so slowly aging and while he looked far younger than he was the aging was slowly showing. They had just bought the skirt, her mumbling about it being far too long and him complaining that she shouldn't have cut her old one when his daughter about bumped into the girl in front of her. Shiro had sighed, and she gave a laugh that said she'd messed up as Shiro shook his head and walked on. Even though the girl seemed in distress.

Shiro hadn't changed, not his problem and he had the head of the bank to talk to about their 'agreement' about to run its course. Miyuki almost growled.
"You always walk away, she needs help, so get over here!" She said, her eyes flaring. Shiro rose an eyebrow but knew that fighting with her would only lead to pranks all over the house all that week...that's how she got payback and he didn't have time to clean all the pranks up. He sighed and walked back to the girl.
"Are you ok?" Miyuki asked. "Anything me and my father," She said looking at her 4'9 foot dad. "Can do?" She finished. Shiro just sat back and watched the mess unfold. But he didn't walk away, so she couldn't say much.
 #5378  by Tierney Jones-Griff
Tierney felt someone bump into her, but she took no notice. She was heaving now, her chest rising and falling uncomfortably.

Someone spoke to her, a girl’s voice, asking if she was ok. Tierney didn’t have time to answer before she had vomited all over the floor.

With tears streaking her face, she looked at the girl she thought had spoken to her. “I’m so sorry. I’m underage, can you… can you vanish…?” Tierney pulled her hair into a ponytail. “Do you have any water?”

Tierney’s cheeks had gone from grey to scarlet. She was shaking and she still felt ill, but there was plenty of room for embarrassment too. She wished the floor would swallow her.

Tierney didn’t know why goblins affected her so badly. They were just goblins. Just bank staff. They’re just bank staff, she told herself. And I’ve already given him my key. Her stomach roiled as she thought of the cart ride she’d have to take. She focused on the girl and her… had she said that man was her father? Tierney couldn’t remember. The man was just standing there. Maybe he wasn’t good with tears. Or vomit. Nobody was good with vomit.
 #5471  by Shiro Takayama
Miyuki looked up to him and said one word " onigai" which meant please as Shiro sighed. He didnt mind vomit, hed tortured many a person who vomited. Sadly all over his shoes one too many times.
"Whats wrong? Do you need medical help? " Miyuki asked as shiro magically cleaned up the puke and accioed a glass of water, his clawed hand handing it to the girl.

His daughter had become an amazingly caring young woman, and he was so proud of her.... When she wasn't pointing out how creul he was.
" Where on a time limit...or I am-" but he was cut off.
"Then reschedule." His daughter simply said. She tirned to the girl,
" My father has as much feelings as a snake." She merely said to the girl.
"Are you ok?" She asked again. Shiro was fuming...how dare his daughter talk to him in such a way.
 #5710  by Tierney Jones-Griff
Tierney straightened up. Some of the colour was coming back into her face and she was shaking a little less violently.

“Thanks,” She said, taking the glass of water. “I don’t like goblins.” She managed a weak smile at the girl. “Thank you so much. Do you go to Hogwarts? I’m getting school stuff. Or I was.”

The goblin at the counter cut in. “M’aam, please, there’s a queue.”

Tierney glanced over her shoulder. Her stomach roiled but she had nothing else to be sick with. She looked at her watch. It was an old muggle one, with Mickey Mouse ears. She’d got in at Disney in Tokyo. She’d been six at the time, but since she couldn’t use magic between terms, she wore it. At school she had a nifty spell for transfiguring a pencil into a clock with the right time. Tierney sipped some water. Her school list was in the bottom of her bag, demanding she get out some galleons from her school fund and purchase what she needed. It was the first year Tierney had been trusted to get her own school things. She was a fourth year and she was due back for her final term in a few days. Her parents were in the Leaky Cauldron chatting with friends. She rested the cool glass against her cheek.
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Miyuki nodded, understanding. People had fears and sometimes...they couldnt help it. If only her father had understood. Shiro crossed his arms and waited for the two girls to finish up, he would indeed have to re plan the meeting as he was 15 minutes late and the man was already in another meeting. He watched his little girl shake her head and speak after the girl was done dealing with her buisness.

"Actually... I go to mahotokoro. We were here to get me a new skirt" Miyuki said looking at her dad.
"We were just going to lunch. Your free to join... I mean you look like you really are not with a group. We can help you shop also, I always get bored on his buisness trips and the company would be nice. " She finished, shiro looking at her like she had lost her mind.

Bored? She was bored?

"If your bored, I suggest we get bacl to Japan. Before I miss another meeting. Good day." He said taking his daughter the the arm. Walking off with her he shook his head.
"Your part of the Takayama family. Act like it." He muttered as they got lost in the crowds.
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Tierney watched the man drag his daughter away. She felt sort of chastised by him, like she personally was ruining his day. She guessed she had. It sounded like he was busy and because of Tierney he was running late. And the vomit. There was that too. She blushed. She couldn't believe she'd vomited in Gringotts.

"Are you ready now, miss?" The goblin said.

"Yeah." Tierney replied. She had to get her money, or she'd be missing stuff she needed for her last term as a Fourth Year. And there was no way her parents would trust her with school stuff again, especially not since she was starting Fifth Year next time. Tierney groaned. Fourth Year was bad enough. The teachers had really piled the homework on them for Easter. Tierney knew the exams were going to be something else this year. They were preparing for the OWLs next year, and the teachers were definitely going to push them.

Tierney followed the goblin into one of the horrible carts. She clutched her bag to her stomach and tried not to think about the nasty lurching sensations in her tummy. She popped some gum in her mouth and inhaled the mint.

The cart took off, throwing Tierney back in the seat.