A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #3249  by Cinatra Blaise
There was a cold bitterness that began to seep through into the previously warm air of the night. Donning a long dark coat and heeled boots, Cinatra made her way along the cobbles of the street with a brisk walk, the sound of her shoes tapping along the ground echoing behind her. It was a busy night - the bars either side of the street were buzzing with the usual weekend crowd pouring in to indulge in a night of drinking and dancing, small tables were placed crooked trying to balance on the uneven cobbles. Fairy lights littered the trees providing a warm glow to those outside in the darkness.

The gentle hum of music filled the air alongside the chatter of the public, but Cinatra hardly noticed. She scanned the bar signs in search of a local magical hotspot she'd received intel to be at. A series of night time attacks had been reported to the Ministry around this area, the pattern coinciding to the behaviour of a new Vampire. Cinatra had been sent to track, locate and register the culprit by any means necessary. Rounding the corner she came across the bar she was looking for, the muffled sound of bass eliciting from behind the door.

She entered the bar and moved through the throng of people, jumping up the stairs to the rooms she knew were let out. With one swift blow she kicked the door down to be welcomed by a disarray of a room; the drawers were thrown onto the floor, the bed overturned and the window smashed. But otherwise - empty.