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Location: Outside Glasgow • Date: January 12, 2022
Time of Day: Nighttime • Weather: Cool

Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Rumour had it that there was a cottage only a night's trip away from where Rory lived with his new pack that could cure Lycanthropy. Being tired of trying to adjust to his new world, the young werewolf decided to check for himself to see if this rumour was actually true. He figured it was best though to wait until night fall to run away. With everyone sleeping, it was usually easiest to leave then.

Just as he was about to leave, he stopped in his tracks. What if the rumour turned out to be true? Rory more than likely would not be associating with the pack anymore if he was human again. And, despite only being there for a short period of time, they had taken him in. Plus they continued to accept him even when he tried running away. They had been the only family he had had in a while...

He quickly wrote a note to say good bye to them before leaving. This would give him enough time to get to the cottage.

Shortly after leaving, Rory found himself in a particularly bumpy area of terrain - tree roots were sticking up everywhere. He did his best to try to safely step over each one, however it was dark. This lead him to catch his foot on a root and fall, landing hard on his outstretched arm.
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Clara shifted, rolling over in her sleep. Then her eyes flew open as she heard the door close. Sitting up in her bed, she glanced around, taking stock of who was around. There was only one person missing.

She rolled her eyes. The little idiot. He kept running off, but when someone went out to find him, he was usually cowering under a tree or something, and more than willing to come back. Honestly, it was getting a bit annoying, and Clara was nearly at her breaking point. Since everyone else was still asleep, surprisingly, it fell to her to get up, grab her coat, and slip out into the brisk night air to go looking for Rory. Before she left, she saw the note sitting on the table and picked it up, reading it. She sighed. What an idiot.

Once she was outside, she grinned. At least the season was helping her out. The footprints leading away from the cottage they were currently living in were a strong clue to Clara as to what direction to search. She set out, following the trail until she came across him.

After all the times he had run off, she had not expected to see him like this. He had clearly fallen over. Now angry, since it was rather chilly, Clara stared down at him in disbelief.

"You little shit... what the fuck!?" she breathed out, her teeth chattering, "Why do you do this to us?"
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After the initial shock of falling, Rory had crawled over to the tree that the root belonged to. He used it to lean against while he checked his arm. "Shit." he mumbled under his breath, noting that his wrist was starting to swell a bit. Thankfully there was snow that he could use to ice it for a bit. Wait... Snow... "Shit!" This time, he said it a bit louder. Why hadn't he noticed the snow earlier? Hopefully everyone was still asleep at the house.

The Rory of yesterday would have just given up after falling and waited for someone to come find him. However, tonight, he was set on finding the cottage. Which was why he was disappointed to hear the voice of a fellow pack-mate. "I just... I wanted to see if the rumours were true."
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Clara put her hands on her hips. Glancing down at his wrist, she could tell he had injured it somehow when he had fallen, but she couldn't discern how badly. To be quite honest, she didn't really care how badly he was hurt. He was the reason she was out here in the chilly night instead of being wrapped up in her blanket at the cottage. Honestly, she had half a mind to step on his wrist.

"What rumours?" she asked, tilting her head curiously. She wasn't exactly sure what he was talking about. Part of her wanted to crouch down next to him, but that ran the risk of him standing and bolting while she was on the ground, so she remained standing. "You'd better tell me. And you're lucky I'm the one who woke up. It could have been him." The leader of their pack would have had a lot worse things to say if he had been the one to find Rory.
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Rory lightly banged his head against the tree, frustrated that she had found him, and frustrated that he was still not able to move his arm enough to get up. Not that she probably would let him run, anyway. "The rumours about the witch who knows how to cure Lycanthropy. I wanted to see if she could make me human again." He gave a stubborn shrug of his shoulders at the implication of the Elder. In all honesty though, if it wasn't going to be Maria, he was glad it was Clara that had found him. Out of all the pack, they were both slightly less hard on him.
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Rolling her eyes again, Clara leaned against a nearby tree, watching him. "Well that's the biggest load of shit I've ever heard," she said, pulling her hands into the sleeves of her coat. "There's no cure for this, you know. We've looked. We've talked to people." Really, it had been Maria and the Elder who had researched things, but Rory didn't need to know that. "The only thing we can do is live with this and stick together. I know you have issues with that, but we actually do want you around, you know. Even if you keep pulling crap like this." As much as she sounded harsh, she did care about him. The only catch was that she tended to care more when it was during normal waking hours and they weren't in the middle of the woods, alone.
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Giving another stubborn shrug, Rory looked up at her. "Call me an idiot or whatever all you want, but no matter what you say I'm still going to want to find out for myself." He knew, deep down that Clara and the rest of the pack were trying to look out for him and provide him with a home. Unfortunately, that did not stop him from being used to being alone and only worrying about himself.