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 #1619  by Lily Luna Potter
Location: Hallway • Date: January 10

Lily was miserable. Her father was missing, her mother was being bombarded by the media, and to top it all off, she had to come back to school. All her classmates wanted to talk about was her father and the news surrounding her father, and how she must be feeling about her father...

She wanted to scream. She wanted to throw a rock into the lake. She wanted her father.

The first week back at school had been difficult. She had dragged herself to class, but otherwise stayed in her dorm, with the curtains drawn around her bed. She still couldn't figure out why she and her brothers had been sent back to school, especially since their father was clearly in trouble and they could be next.

The halls were mostly abandoned, with everyone going to the Great Hall for lunch, but she was dragging her feet, heading back to the Gryffindor Common Room. Lily just wanted to go home.
 #1787  by Anubis Binx Jr
Poor Lily, missing her daddy. Maybe Anubis should let her know about her father's whereabouts?... Nah, his cousin's happiness came before anyone else, and if Michelle wanted to play her games with Harry, then so be it. Anubis didn't care, but he did feel a little bad that this young girl was sad and going through a hard time. So, it was only natural for him to see if she was okay.

Anubis caught up to Lily as she slowly headed for the Gryffindor common room, he placed a hand on her shoulder and said "Miss. Potter, are you okay? Do you need someone to talk to?" That is after all what he's here for. But that sick Binxness in him made him enjoy this way too much; that his cousin is the cause for this girl's misery and here he was, knowing this and not putting the poor girl's mind at ease to know her father is safe and alive.. Well, kind of safe.

Yes Nubis did feel bad for Lily, but he did get a little enjoyment out of it. Not her pain, not really, it was just mainly the bits with Harry, what was happening to him that Anubis loved so much... Okay, maybe a little bit that Harry’s family -even this poor little girl- didn't know what was going on. But regardless that he found some pleasure in it all, he had to show he cared and that he wanted to help, and also that he was clueless to where Potter is.
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 #2064  by Lokk Greenwood
Lokk was a alone by all right. He was drag back to hogwart. He got bullied by other people and he seem to have head in the book that is with everything. His father was werewolf to put bluntly and he was adopt they had weird relationship going on but they have not spoken to one another.

As he was having head in the book that is with everything. He did not look like himself because normally he had green hair but he decide to go in the school with his normal color because he figure that nobody would see him and that the school was dumb. "Hi Lily." He called out to her that is he was tried to rescue her from the adult which was pretty bad.
 #3692  by Erikur Polczynski
Erikur, as crotchety old caretakers are wont to do, was prowling the halls. He paused a moment as he came across a student he vaguely recognized, a Mr....Redwood? something like that....and opened his mouth to chastise the student on the boy's outrageous hair colour.

Only he couldn't. Erikur couldn't believe it. Red...Greenwood had normal hair. Huh. Erikur shrugged his shoulders and was about to work on his target - a scuffed up old stone gargoyle that was loudly complaining about a speck of dirt on its nose. He nodded and muttered a greeting to the school counsellor ...and then noticed her. The inquisitive, mischievous fox within him, asleep for an unacceptable number of years...finally poked its sleepy head up into the air. He'd noticed little Miss Potter had been despairing as of late, had read the papers (okay okay tabloids - Erikur wasn't that sophisticated, even in his later years), knew something was up with his favourite frenemy. This would be a prime opportunity to find out more.

"'Scuse me, Binx," he grunted, shouldering his way between the two. "I need a word with Miss Potter. She and I have some unfinished business about a staff fireplace, a baby niffler, and a broken broom." He flashed a knowing look to Lilly Luna (which was, of course, completely fake, but he sincerely hoped she'd just go with it anyway). "C'mon Potter, my office, now."