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 #39308  by Wen Xiang Wu
He had finally done it, finally decided to make China his forever home with the threat of Jiang gone Zhao had talked him into it. Even Jiang had decided that he would move back with Yi Ling. It was a nice day when he finally settled into the new house, it was an old style Chinese house with farm land around it. It reminded him of home.

The house situated in the mountains in order to make it possible for the traditional setup, was quiet as he sat the container of rice on the table waiting for his guests.

It was just a few moments later he heard the humming of the flute carried by his friend coming up the mountain.
"Zhao, right here!" He was smiling, for the first time in two years he had smiled.
 #39309  by Zhao Cong
Still under contract, though without the threat of Jiang life had been more at peace. He was free to finally move back to China and had even talked his old friend into doing the same. Climbing up the hill as the moonlight roamed the glades of grass freely he played his flute, feeling back at home since the last time he'd left the white monkeys. He smiled walking up to the house, hearing the voice of his friend.
"look who's smiling...like the new digs?" He twirled his flute setting it down on the table situated in the doorway of the old style house.

"Now...we just have to give you some style..." He looked around, focusing on the corners and the walls. That's when he started getting idea's about how to fix it up.
"Maybe some banners and ohh." He walked to one of the walls. "A book case with our style books." He grinned. "You like?"
 #39438  by Wen Xiang Wu
he looked puzzled....did he not have style? The smile he'd allowed while Zhao teased him about his smile faded as he looked around the old style house. It was three rooms, which was big for the era is was built to copy. It did seem a bit empty but...he'd always had an empty house...even with his mother.
"M-maybe....we just keep it simple...Like mom had it." Though his mother hadn't ever had a big house like this, even more so he was forgetting where Zhao came from.

Imperial family, he smiled,
"U-unless you want to make a room for you...." He said, knowing that they were the last of their coven with Jiang Nian dead. He was sure the three of them would be sticking together a bit...even Yi Ling who had never been a true fan of his had lightened up a bit.
"I-I mean you and...Yi Ling can have a room...." He said quickly finishing his words.
 #39439  by Zhao Cong
He paused mid look across the room with an eyebrow raised, Like mom had.... A chuckle exited his throat followed by a friendly grin.
"So the old A Xiang is still the same person after all." He was honestly glad to hear it, that means he'd done right with everything he did to protect the vampire all those years.
"Well then," He went to pick up his flute, and his mouth forming the starting words to which animals he could get for the little farm area out back. That was until the other spoke again, timid as usual.

He laughed, then sighed,
"My and Yi Ling don't plan on staying in one place." He responded. What vampires were left who had discarded Jiangs ways needed their protection.
"Yi Lings taking one of the cities and I'm taking another. Were gonna be official advisors doing actual good, who woulda thunk it!" He gave the guy a grin.
"But if you want to set up a guest room in your own style....I can promise to visit." He added just as quickly as his friend had edited his words.
 #39440  by Wen Xiang Wu
He nodded, smiling gently. When it looked like the other was leaving so soon he began to panic not knowing the man was still in plans of what he needed rather than preparing for goodbyes. He was partially glad when his internal freak out was paused by the man speaking of the plans they had. He had to smile at that...Zhao Cong had never seen himself as a true good person...yes the man seemed to understand he had morals but that didn't stop the man from thinking he was a monster either at times.
"If I may speak freely..." He started. "You've always been a person trying to do good, just...forced to do bad." He "Now you can do good...and rejoin your era...in a matter of speaking." He paused. "M-maybe I can finally see these new big cities!" He said almost too excited.

He'd been kept away from them when Jiang had control...with Jiang gone...he could finally visit them without Zhao worrying or him putting himself at risk.
"Yes yes, of coarse I'll have a spare for your visits." He assured him. "...what about Mr...Takayama was it?" Hed only met the man a handful of times, cold a stoic the man was the prime example of control...even as a vampire he was down right scary with it...at least once he'd learned to control it.