A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #39024  by Aylee Grimm
Aylee was wonder she could not help it she humming to herself. That is she wore cloak she look like vampire had wonder through though Diagon alley the only thing with her she had in hand book she was reading and she seldom look up from the book.

The book was rather interest that is comic book she did comic con she had one actor sign she had picture up on the wall. She had blush when took her hand three time it was. She could not help herself she thought the boy was cute.

They had made movie about some marvel character and she just had to meet him. She was almost smitten by him. But he made her believe he was not different then those here.

That is she read some magical book she gone through them like it was nothing to remember that is and though she was head for Flourish and blots that is to see if they had books she had not read before. Or if she would have go on the hunt to muggle book store that is with reading. That is interesting things to read and she enjoy Marvel comic Namor and captain America. That is and the X men and list things she had read and seen in movies would be half dozen within her head.
 #39189  by Ethan Kennedy
It had been a long time since Ethan had been to Diagon Alley. A long, long time considering he'd gone to school in the States, but there were a few shops that had been recommended to him in the area while he was here on business for the day and he couldn't resist.

When he accidentally ran into the young girl who almost looked young enough to be his daughter he startled, immediately putting his hand out to brace a fall. "Ouch!" It was a small stub of his toe, thankfully, and a slam of his shoulder against the wall when he finally balanced out. "You might want to keep your eyes in front of you. Are you alright?"
 #39196  by Aylee Grimm
As the both collide together or trip whatever one might call it.Her hood fall down and now she would be stared at most people stared at her. Then they going to thinking names and stuff within her head. She had pale skin and she push her long white hair out of her face.

She accidently exclame out loud by accident. "Hail Hydra." As she had ran into him that what it said that is captain america had said that and which had shock most people could not figure out why.

"I guess I should have keep eyes on where I was heading and well the comic I have is real page turner." She just had to find out what everyone talking about with captain saying hail hydra and that not normal for a captain america to a say that.