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Ethan bumped Isabella up on his hip as he ushered yet another potential Nanny out the door, shaking his head as he curled his daughter in close. She really had not liked the last lady, who had a harsh voice and whose appearance complemented her voice far too well, and the last thing he wanted was for her to be upset when they let the next person in.

While he hadn't initially wanted the 3-year-old here when potential nannies arrived, he'd quickly realized it was in his best interest to see how she reacted to someone before hiring them. After a few minutes of humming to her and playing with his wand until lights danced on the ceiling Ethan finally had Izzy calm enough to open the door up with a grin. "Sorry for the delay, angel's not feeling great today. Are you here to interview?"
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Dede had waited all day in this line, or at least it had felt that way. She was anxious that she wasn't the first one to interview for the position of Mr. Kennedy's live-in nanny with salary-- as it was advertised. Maybe it was selfish, but she couldn't afford to live on her own in the city, and she didn't want to live with her parents, which was why she'd taken job sas an au pair. Well, that and she loved kids. She'd brought some of her favorite homemade fruit snacks, wrapped up in some clear cellophane and tied with some pretty ribbons that curled all around and made the presentation fancy. Hopefully that helped.

It had been a little while since the last lady had exited the door to the apartment, and Dede was almost letting her hopes down when the apartment door opened from inside. There stood, she assumed, Mr. Kennedy. He was a lot younger and a lot taller than she expected, but she smiled anyway. "Yes! My name is Delilah Han, but you," she cutely scrunched up her nose at the little girl and raised her pitch just for a moment, "and you," a pause, "can call me Dede."
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Ethan took a moment to examine the newest interviewee, taking a moment to note that she looked young but very enthusiastic, and it was a trait he hadn't seen much of today. Now... to hope she actually had the credentials to go with it...

The fact that Izzy actually let out a giggle seemed like a fantastic sign, and his eyebrows rose in surprise. The "Hi Dede" sounded more like "Hi ee-ee!" with the 3 year old's mouth full of cookie, but it was more than he'd heard her say in the last hour. "Hello Delilah. You're welcome to come in and take a seat on the couch. Would you like anything to drink? We have lemonade, tea, water..."
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Dede was overjoyed at the sound of the little girl's voice saying hello, especially since it was full of cookie. It was adorable and she wanted to keep talking with her, but she was ushered inside and offered a place to sit and a beverage. "Oh! I'm alright, but I could get you something if you're thirsty. I don't mind!" she said, shaking her head before noticing that she was still holding her little gift.

"Oh! I made these little guys. They are strawberry fruit snacks. They have a little bit of sugar and gelatin, but mostly it's entirely strawberry. I brought them as a little gift." She held the pretty little cellophane pouch over for Mr. Kennedy to take.
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Ethan carefully let his daughter down and handed her the gift, motioning towards the woman. "Izzy, why don't you ask Dede if she'll help you open them?" Hopefully he'd be able to watch them interact more so he could make his judgement, but he was hopeful already with the fact that Izzy was even willing to talk.

Once she was out of his arms he went to the fridge and grabbed a few bottles of water and a juice box for Izzy, handing the bottle over. "I know you said no, but in case you get thirsty. You definitely seem like you have experience with kids. Can I ask... how much experience?"
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Dede nodded and turned her attention completely to the little girl, who seemed eager to get the fruit snacks. "Izzy, can you untie the bow?" she asked, leaning down and making sure that her face was on the same level as Izzy's. She didn't notice Mr Kennedy stand and leave the room, not even thinking that would be a possibility until she realized he was back and had brought water.

Allowing Izzy to have the fruit snacks one at a time, she looked up. "Well, I've worked with kids since I was thirteen. I babysat for almost every family in my apartment complex, and after I graduated from high school, I took a job as an au pair in Miami for two years, and the took another au pair position with a family with twin girls in Spain," she said. "I'm twenty-two," she added, nodding and hoping that her age didn't automatically disqualify her.
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When Ethan came back he watched them curiously, intrigued that Dede already had Izzy so comfortable when she had been cautious with people since her mother’s death, minus her grandmothers and aunts. It was almost a relief to see if he was being honest.-

“I’m only twenty four, so I don’t mind the age if you have the experience. Are you CPR trained, and do you have any experience with kids who might have some issues with trauma? Her mother passed away a few years ago and she’s been seeing a therapist since and it takes her longer to open up.”
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Dede wasn't surprised to hear that Mr. Kennedy was only twenty four. Actually, if anything, she was relieved that he was younger because that meant that he wasn't discounting her because of her age.

"Yes," she nodded, "I'm CPR certified. I'm so sorry to hear about Izzy's mother." She looked down. None of the kids she had worked for had had any trauma in their lives. At least not like losing a parent. "I haven't nannied for any children who have suffered such a huge loss, but when I babysat, a lot of those kids were single parent homes." It was the best she could offer, but she knew it wasn't enough and definitely not the same.
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Ethan noticeably perked up when Dede mentioned being CPR certified. Almost like he was checking it off of an invisible list housed in his head... Which he was. If he'd had his quill in here with him it would be a physical list but this was the next best thing.

"So you know how to handle it to some extent? She's.... definitely got some underlying concerns, including slight developmental delays they attribute to trauma, but otherwise Izzy is completely exceptional." Which sounded egotistical but quite frankly, Ethan could care less. "What other skills do you have that would be beneficial for the position?" When his little girl lifted her arms up he expected it to be for him, but to his surprise she turned to Dede with an expectant look on her face.