A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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"I know, I took that from you and I realize now that it was wrong of me." Among the many things he had done, I realized now that taking his husband's agency had likely been the worst of them.

"Well, there are plenty of memories and anecdotes you heard that were cleansed of magic. The essence of them remained, I think, but..." He put a hand on his chest. It seemed admitting to his faults was starting to hurt him physically. "And I do not work in fashion." He swallowed thickly. "I work in sports, I am a commentator for the most popular magical sport."
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'It was,' Aksel agreed quietly. He wasn't much of a talker, usually, but he had things he needed to get off his chest. Even if it was uncomfortable. 'I don't know why you thought you couldn't trust me enough,' he shook his head sadly. What more could he say? Beckham didn't seem like he had much to offer in the way of an explanation. Sometimes bad decisions weren't thought out rationally. Whether that was good enough, Aksel didn't know, but it seemed to be what he had to work with.

It just felt like there was an entire part of his husband's life he hadn't been privy to. So many secrets, so much he didn't know... What could possibly be hidden in those anecdotes, sanitized for his sake? Did Beckham tame dragons in his spare time? What did magic people even do?

They were sport commentators, apparently. Or at least Beck was. Of the most popular magical sport. Rather than working in fashion. It took a while for Aksel to compute the words, but when he did, he just looked at his husband blankly. 'So you're famous in your world. So there's people in your world who know you better than I do.' It wasn't fair.
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Beckham recoiled as he heard his husband state an agonizing observation.

Was he right? Did the quidditch fan know more about him than his own husband?

"That's not true," he defended fervently. He lifted his hand to apologize for his vehement response. "I'm sorry, I just... That is simply not true." He reached out for Aksel's hand. "I've shared with you the pieces of myself I've never shared with anyone else. Being magical is nothing compared to the pieces of me you know and love."
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Aksel blinked, startled, at Beckham's outburst. He hadn't been expecting this. In fact, since the beginning of this whole debacle, he'd thought the man oscillated between two extremes: apathy, where he seemed entirely deflated by the whole situation, like a sad little balloon, or anger, where he appeared to lash out, only to regret his words or his tone less than a second after uttering them.

Beckham grabbed his hand, and instinctively he squeezed it tightly, before realizing what he was doing. His eyes flitted down to look at his hand, and he blinked again, surprised. Well, not that surprised. They'd been together for five years. That didn't just vanish overnight. While Beckham spoke, Aksel listened. He listened, and debated what to do with his hand.

Ultimately he decided to leave it there. He was allowed to. That was just... that was that. 'It's not nothing,' he countered. 'If I'd had, I don't know, an addiction, it wouldn't be all I was, but you wouldn't like to find out I hid it from you. Being magical is a part of you. I just...' Aksel shrugged powerlessly. 'I just wish I was a part of all of your life. And I just wish I knew for certain that there wasn't anything else you're hiding. I love you, Beck, and you're my whole life, but I just want it to also be true on your end.'

Aksel didn't usually speak this much, and while he'd never especially been afraid of discussing his feelings, the words often failed him. He sighed, and put his other hand on top of Beckham's.
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Beckham sighed. He hadn't meant to diminish the importance of his offenses. "I know it's not nothing," he assured.

"And I'm willing to spend the rest of my life convincing you of that," he promised as she held Aksel's hand a little tighter. His jaw tightened and his eyes emanated with conviction.
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Beckham's words made it very hard for Aksel to swallow, especially with the intense look his husband was giving him, and the hand that held his even tighter. He looked down at their hands. Funny how they seemed to fit so well together. It had never been something he'd questioned. It had always been them, and it had always been just... right. And now, now that everything had gone down, and now that he still found himself with Beck's hand in his own, he was tongue-tied.

He believed Beck. The question, though, was whether he himself was willing. 'Are you...' He struggled to articulate his thoughts. 'Would you show me your world, or would you be embarrassed by me?'
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"I've never been embarrassed by you. If you feel ready, I will happily show you my world." He did not feel like he deserved to express how hard it had been to navigate his world without Aksel. The magical world had become lonely the day he had drawn a fracture between it and the man he considered to be his home.

"In fact, it will be our world now."
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Aksel gulped, and closed his eyes, feeling his hands squeeze his husband's tighter, quite instinctively. He took a deep breath, and then reopened his eyes, looking at Beckham with an unwavering gaze. 'Is there anything else you're hiding? Is there anything else you should tell me, anything else that would be important for me to know?' He took another deep breath. 'Is this why your parents hate me? And are you going to be willing to take my side when they're mean to me?'

He didn't think Beckham even noticed it when they did, but it was constant. And now he was deciding that his ultimate decision was going to be conditional to him getting some peace of mind. It wasn't true that he was going to endure the rest of his life being treated poorly by his inlaws. And it wasn't true that Beckham would just spring random truths onto him at different points in his life. This was painful enough as is. He refused for there to be a repeat.