A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #39623  by Aksel Larsen
Aksel continued to pump the iron, pensive. He wasn't sure the other man was being helpful at all. Mind, it was a sound comment to make out of this, but advice for his broken heart and relationship it was not.

'Maybe,' he replied after a while. 'There's no way to know, is there?' He did a few more presses in silence. 'Would you ever be able to trust someone again?'
 #39662  by William Darlington
There was veritaserum, but William knew better than to mention that.

"Hard to say," he frowned as he contemplated the question. "I suppose it would depend on what the lie was and if whether or not they cared to prove that they deserved my trust." He shrugged, his answer likely wasn't much help, but it was hard to speculate about a situation he had never encountered.

"You know what, mate? I think we should do something to change your mind. What are you doing tonight?"