A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #39152  by Sadao Takayama
All to common for leaving someone speechless he seemed unfazed, for now patiently waiting for her to learn how to speak once more. His finger gliding under his paper just a tiny bit.

He did not like his ‘son’ in the least, but he had to admit over the years his son... had high connections everywhere, including in the food industry. His mind was already working out how this was justified, he’d help this woman and she’d felt she owed him at the same time... his son would owe him as well.

He gave a charming smile, whipping out a paper and writing the albinos information on the paper.
“His name, is Shiro takayama. He knows all the top places all over the world... and their owners. Name the area you want to work to him... and I’ll take care of any ‘payment’ he demands for the favor.”

He then gently lifted the note to her, Which read;
‘Shiro takayama
Address: Nakamura manor, Hokkaido, Japan’

He chuckled lightly,
“That’s if you want to look into it, it’s your choice really but I do feel your food meets higher ranks. Now if you don’t mind I’d love to get back to said meal.”