A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #34526  by Blair Nowak
Location: Flourish & Blotts Bookshop • Date: 02|01|2004

Perhaps she is a coward for hiding within this inner sanctum, for closing herself off, for doing too much or too little. Without husband, without children – she drinks in the moment. Only Ginsberg can capture her cruel beauty in a portrait.

Poetry speaks to Blair. She reaches for it in the midst of this harsh realm. When she can’t quite reach the safe space that is her greenhouse, she turns to the music of fiction. There’s a comfort in being alone, in letting her meticulous mind wander. Hair down, free of the right ponytail she defaults to, she attempts to relax, only to lose herself further to the furniture of her favorite store. Yet, the pull of her shoulders keeps her spine upright. Against the flickering sconce, she strains her eyes. Squints and narrows steel blue in one light and blue-green in another. One page slithers and leaps to the next.

"Excuse me," A voice seeps through her bubble, breaking her concentration and she looks up, "Do you think you can reach that me for?"
 #35827  by Oliver Villiers
He had been in Flourish & Blotts searching for a book for

As he scanned the spine of the books in front of him, he heard a voice come from just behind. He turned, a slight smile on his face, to see a lady, at least ten years his junior, asking him to retrieve a book fro a higher shelf.

Oliver Villiers wasn't a man that got shy often but when his eyes came across a woman as seemingly gorgeous as herself, he couldn't help himself but to just smile at her.

After a delayed response, Oliver turned around and reached up, grabbing the book the woman requested. Noting that the bok was, in fact, a book of poetry, Oliver turned to her and held out the book to her before quoting a line of poetry that had stuck with him all these years since he first read it as a young adult.

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired."