A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #34390  by Aksel Larsen
Location: A Muggle pub in the East side • Date: December 23rd, 2023
Time of Day: Early evening • Weather: Chilly, slight snow

There was still some last minute shopping to do, and Aksel was kicking its ass. So much so, that he was going to congratulate himself right now, by drinking mulled wine in a cozy little pub. The pub was small, but it was full, and there wasn't a table where he could sit on his own, so he'd opted for the bar.

The hot wine would also act as a reward for ordering himself said wine: speaking English was still very much arduous, and a crowded pub made it even harder to understand what was going on. In the end, the mulled wine was placed in front of him, and he grasped the warm mug in both his hands, grinning with satisfaction.

Aksel took a sip, and from one of his reusable bags took out the present he'd bought for himself. It was a large book about the trees and shrubs of Great Britain, consisting mainly of large, high quality pictures, so that the engineer wasn't confused, and with the Latin names helping could even learn new words in English. The Dane was thrilled, making a delighted noise every time he recognised a tree from Denmark.
 #34397  by Natasha Porter
Of course the Winchester was busy on a day she just wanted some time away from people but not in her apartment. Tasha’s favorite watering hole near her apartment had been getting more and more popular these days. It was good for the owner, an elderly gentleman that Tasha had grown quite fond of over the many years she’d frequented the place, so she comforted herself with that at least.

Scanning the room she saw no free space except a stool next to someone who wasn’t a regular reading a book. She shrugged and walked over, sitting down on the stool and leaning into the bar. “The usual, Mac.” she called out to the bartender, her American accept probably out of place to her neighbor.

Mac smiled, nodded wordlessly in Tasha’s direction and tipped a bottle of scotch into a rocks glass in what could be described as an extremely healthy pour, and set the glass down in front of her.

She shrugged out of her trench coat, accidentally brushing against Aksel lightly, “Excuse me,” she apologized nonchalantly, not really looking at the man as she pulled off a pair of leather gloves, and unclipped a badge from her belt, and neatly folded the collection of stuff into a pile before opening her small purse and shoving both inside. There was absolutely no way that the bulky coat were going to fit in the bag, but somehow, the bag seemed to contain it without getting any bigger.
 #34408  by Aksel Larsen
Aksel was quite engrossed in his book, enough that the fact he had a new neighbour at the bar barely registered. Amazing! Sorbus was a shrub here too!

'Ro-van,' he enunciated quietly, getting a feel for the word in his mouth. There. Rowan. He had learned a new word! He was about to repeat it when he felt something brush against him. Yanked out of his book, he looked at the apologizing source of the disturbance, blinking in surprise.

'Is nothing,' he replied in his tentative and heavily accented English with a small, shy smile and a wave of his hand.
 #36162  by Aksel Larsen
Aksel's grin widened at the festive greeting. He was an absolute sucker for Christmas. It was the best holiday of the year.

'In my country, we say Glædelig Jul,' he responded cheerfully, raising his glass in turn. 'Skål. This is how you say cheers in my country.'

Aksel was in a great mood, and the pink in his cheeks as well as his more exuberant than usual demeanour were a testimony to how tasty the hot wine was. Well, that and the almost empty glass.
 #37083  by Aksel Larsen
Aksel's grin widened when the woman butchered the Danish word. Danish wasn't an easy language to speak, pronunciation-wise. It had taken Beck a long while to get the hang of a few words, himself. The thought brought a little more pink to his cheeks.

'I am from Dan- Denmark. We move here in September,' he explained, though she hadn't asked. 'My husband is English. Are you English?' He was bad at accents, but he was fairly certain she didn't speak the same way Beckham or his English teacher did.