A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #34266  by Louis Hadley
Location: WADA Auditorium • Date: Winter 2024
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Clear Skies

The dancers bowed like a wave graciously shaped by music. The thunderous applause only reached his ears when he glimpsed from behind the backstage curtains. He let out a breath that he immediately attempted to recapture. Applause on a premiere was not synonymous with success. Not when half the room was filled with the troupe’s loved ones.

He turned towards Lidia. “Did we do it? Did we do well?” He asked her as if having no knowledge of his own art. Nervously, Louis fiddled with the buttons of his evening robes.

They were expected to attend a party after the premiere. WADA had organized a cocktail with the dancers, journalists, and guests. But partying was the furthest thing from the young playwright's mind.