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Location: Paradox Nightclub • Date: New Year's Eve
Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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What a stupid year it had been.

"Ten! Nine!"

Stupid Muggles and their stupid camera phones.

"Eight! Seven!"

Stupid giants not knowing when to stay in their mountains.

"Six! Five!"

Stupid America practically forcing the entire magical world's hand in coming out.


Stupid Ministry not knowing how to respond and sidelining her when she was doing more than anyone to contain the situation.


Stupid Ma trying to tell her how to live her life.


Stupid men also trying to tell her how to live her life.


Fuck 'em all. That shit show of a year was behind her, and twenty twenty-two was ahead. A better year. An exciting year. Full of possibility.

"Happy New Year!" she screamed along with the crowd, pointing her wand in the air and setting off sparks while she filmed it all from her phone. "I love you assholes!" she shouted into her phone before kissing the random stranger she'd had her arm around.
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The recipient of Carys' affection turned and leaned into the kiss quite a bit, and she caught a faint whiff of feminine perfume whenever she pulled back from the kiss. A middle-aged woman with chestnut hair that fell just past her shoulders smirked back at her. "Most people buy me a drink first, but I'll let it slide since you're cute."

Tasha raised her glass of what appeared to be firewhiskey towards her new acquaintance in a toast, "To a merry new year filled with new friends."
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"Cheers to that," Carys replied as she juggled her wand and drink in one hand to clink the older woman's glass. I'd she had any qualms about having kissed a woman twice her age, they didn't show, and she certainly wasn't about to turn down any attention from her.

"Perhaps you'd like to buy me one," she suggested after finishing of her drink and putting away her phone.
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Tasha’s smirk deepened. “Kissing the stranger probably old enough to be your mother, and asking for a drink after. You’re not lacking in spunk if nothing else. Sure. I’ll bite,” she replied downing the rest of her firewhiskey in a single gulp without a flinch.

“What’ll it be?”
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There was something familiar about this stranger, like Carys should know her from somewhere. She would probably figure it out before too long, though.

"I'll have what your having," she replied, having felt the tingling warmth of it after the kiss. "What a strange new world we live in, firewhiskey in a Muggle club. I think I even saw a vampire brooding around here somewhere."
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"Oh, you want some of this?" she hefted her glass. "Cheap date then. This is mine."

Tasha reached into her small clutch purse, her arm disappearing down to her elbow, and retrieved a sizable flask. She flipped the lid open and poured an extrmely generous serving into the glass, handed it to the girl and tucked the flask back away

"Since we've already swapped some spit, I don't think you'll mind sharing a glass," she smirked, looking over the girl. "You look familiar. You work at the Ministry?"
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A warning went off in the back of her mind. That was how she knew the other woman, and if she was smart, she would find a way to extricate herself from the conversation before she could make much more of a fool of herself. But she was already drunk on a rebellious attitude toward the world, and also the drinking, and wouldn't have met any reasonable person's standard of 'smart' in that instant.

"More or less," she said, knocking back the liquor and offering her hand. "Carys Lyall, Obliviator."
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“Not that long ago firing your wand in an Ordinary club would probably be considered the same…suppose it technically still is, though good luck getting anyone to care over much about it given all the things happening in the news,” she smirked.

“But I do like distractions very much indeed…did you have something in mind?”