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 #28249  by Emily Anderson
Location: Fenton House and Garden, London • Date: 2023

Emily could not recall feeling like this on the day of her wedding to Sebastien. In fact, she remembered feeling quite the opposite. For once in her life, Emily had handed over the reins to somebody else, and she was actually sitting in her dressing room, allowing other people to fuss with her hair and make-up whilst she sat with her eyes closed and enjoyed the moment.

She was marrying Emerson today. She was marrying Emerson today. She would be Mrs Toscano-Anderson by the time the day was out, and nothing made her happier. After twenty long years, it was about bloody time.

"All done," the make-up artist, Eliza, said. The hairdresser came around to view her work, smiling widely.

"Oh Emily, she won't know what hit her," the hairdresser grinned. The blonde stood, removing the shawl they had covered her dress with whilst they worked and moved to stand in front of the large, ornate full-length mirror. Her hair fell almost as normal, the misbehaving curls taking on a mind of their own even today, with just a few short tendrils pulled away from her eyes and secured at the back with a glittery hair clip. Eliza had done just as good a job with her face, making sure that her blemishes were covered, but ensuring she still looked her age. She didn't need to erase the twenty years they had spent together by wishing she were younger, on her wedding day.

Her eyes finally fell on her form-fitting dress, which Emily was proud to have kept a secret from Emerson, even whilst she had spent hours tirelessly working on it. The second she had seen the dress, she had fallen in love with its pattern, which reminded her both of birds and butterflies at the same time. She had removed the coloured and sparkly belts from its waist and instead chosen to nod towards her previous life with a brightly coloured shoe, which were mostly hidden anyway.

She turned towards the girls. "I think I'm ready."
 #28250  by Andrea Carter
Andrea had cried that morning. In complete denial that she was pregnant again, she had not bought another dress, and had fought with her dress as she'd tried to squeeze into it. It had been twenty years since she was pregnant; it wasn't even as if she had any suitable maternity clothes to hand. If it weren't for Adelaide taking over and calmly saving the day, Andrea would probably have spent the rest of her morning crying on her bed in her underwear. Now, driving with Adelaide to her mothers' wedding venue, she was still unable to shake off the tears, muttering something incomprehensible about 'just being so happy for them'.

When she walked through the door into Emily's dressing room, she burst into another round of tears. "Mum, you just look s-so, so b-b-beautiful," she sobbed, leaning in to kiss her cheek. "Emerson is so lucky to have you."
 #28293  by Anna Cresswell
Without as much as a kiss on the cheek, Anna had abandoned her husband and she had made her way to her twin sister's dressing room. Years of pestering Emily and Emerson were finally going to pay off. If she hadn't known better Anna would have claimed to be more excited than the brides themselves.

Barely more contained than her niece, Anna looked at her sister behind tears of joy. "Yes you are ready, you have been ready for years," she teased.
 #28294  by Alessio Toscano
After something close to 50 attempts Al, had given up on tying his bowtie and had sought after more delicate fingers. After a few helpless shrugs, the guest who had been able to assist him had been his aunt Evelyn. More than happy to fix his bowtie she had also taken the opportunity to fix his hair.

When finally he had made his way to Emily's dressing room, he was fairly certain he was a few minutes late. He knocked and waited to be let in. "I'm not late, I was just making sure aunty Evelyn hadn't planned to run away with the other bride," he offered as a humorous excuse. "Wow," he simply said when he noticed Emily's splendid beauty.
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Emily patted her daughter's cheek lovingly and nodded towards Adelaide, who hovered near the door. Em rolled her eyes at her sister's words and waved her hand. "It was never the right time, Anna. It is today." She was beaming as she turned to face Alessio, unsurprised to hear Evelyn's name fall for his lips.

"Evelyn bloody Winters," she mumbled to herself, but it was in jest... mostly. "What do you think, Al?" she asked, glancing towards her son. She did a little spin for him. "Think your mum'll run away with me instead?"
 #28313  by Alessio Toscano
"No doubt about it," Alessio confirmed with a cheerful grin. Not quite finding the words to describe how beautiful Emily was he offered his best attempt. "You are stunning, I just.." He shrugged, that was all he had.

Looking at his sister Alessio frowned. "Are you okay?" She seemed a little more emotional than the usual happy tears.
 #28314  by Andrea Carter
Hearing Evelyn's name, Andrea instinctively looked towards Adelaide, but the other woman was paying no mind, instead discussing something with the make-up artist.

Andrea wanted to know how she knew the moment was right, but she wasn't sure her mother was ready for her wailing and existential crisis on the morning of her wedding, so she kept her mouth closed. "Me?" she asked Alessio. "I'm fine, why? Just... emotional. It's been a long time coming." She brushed off his concern with a wave of her hand and moved in the direction of Adelaide and Eliza.
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Emily frowned in her daughter's direction as she seemingly brushed off Alessio's concern, but today was not the day to get into it. Oh, she believed it was selfish, but given how long they'd had to wait for it, Emily was determined that the day would be about her and Emerson and a celebration of their love.

"Have you seen your mother, Al?" She was slightly worried about her bride and whether her nerves might get the better of her, not that'd voice those aloud to present company. "Anna, I don't suppose you popped your head around the door?" she asked her sister. She'd have loved to have seen her bride before the wedding.
 #28326  by Alessio Toscano
"Not yet, Leo was supposed to check on her," he offered though that did not seem to offer much reassurance.

Not inclined to risk interacting with his mother when he imagined she would be at her most unrestrained, he started chatting with the make up artist.
 #28327  by Anna Cresswell
"I have not, but I can." Without waiting for permission she escaped her sister's dressing room and made her way down the hall. After knocking on a closet door and an empty bathroom door, she knocked on a door that prompted the sought after response.

She opened the door and was surprised by what she saw. While Emily's room had been bursting at the seams with loved ones and compliments, Emerson was completely alone. She was sitting in front of the mirror and barely moved her eyes to catch Anna's reflection standing behind her.

"Where is everyone?" She asked as she closed the door behind her. While she was not nervous, she certainly was unnerved and Emerson's unreadable expression did nothing to appease her.
 #28328  by Emerson Toscano
Entranced and confused by the reflection before her Emerson's eyes barely attempted to catch the intruder's reflection.

"Oh, I needed a moment alone," she offered when asked where everyone was. Opting to take care of her own hair and makeup, there had only been a few people to throw out, but she had thrown them out nonetheless. Even Evelyn who had stayed behind, assuming she had been the exception to Emerson's tantrum had eventually left.
 #28329  by Anna Cresswell
While she and Emerson had a good rapport, they were not confidants. It seemed unlikely that her sister in law would share with her what she had not shared with Evelyn.

"What's wrong?" She asked tentatively.
 #28330  by Emerson Toscano
Knowing Anna had been sent to check up on her she narrowed her eyes. "No, nothing's wrong. Don't go back and report something that will send Emily in a panic." The dull tone from earlier was now garnished with the prickly edges of a warning.

Seeing the concern in Anna's eyes, Emerson sighed. "Nothing's wrong," she reiterated. "I'm a little nervous and I don't remember being nervous the first time, so I'm thinking about what that might mean," she looked down at her hands almost as if contemplating the empty space where a new ring would soon be added.
 #28331  by Anna Cresswell
There was nothing wrong with being nervous. Anna remembered being a bundle of nerves the first and only time she had gotten married.

Anna smiled gently and took a few steps towards her sister in law. "I remember, about five minutes before I was due to walk down the aisle, I made Emily help me out of my dress because I was so nervous I was certain I'd pee myself if I didn't stop by the loo one last time." She chuckled at the memory. "I think for me, I was nervous because it made me realize how much I loved Henry and how much I had to lose if anything happened to him. But you know that's just one more reason to commit to him, make sure we spend as much time together as possible while making it clear to everyone we love that we are each other's priority."
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"We've been together 20 years, Anna, I think most of that is pretty clear." She argued, rather reluctant to accept that Anna's circumstance perfectly explained the slight shakes she could see in her hands and her heart palpitations.