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 #26052  by Anubis Binx Jr
Location: An empty class room • Date: May
Time of Day: Dinner time • Weather: Rainy

At this time of day it was more than likely everyone was at the great hall having dinner, that was where Anubis should have been too. The school counsellor wasn't feeling particularly hungry, he had too much on his mind to be thinking about food, and so he was currently standing by a window in an empty class room, just watching as rain trickled down the thick glass.

Watching the rain always brought the man a great calm feeling, whenever he was bothered by something, all he had to do was watch and listen to the rain, and it felt like all his worries were washing away....
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 #26504  by Emilia York
Emilia was in attendance at Hogwarts for a deathday celebration, but she had decided to stray form the upper corridors where the party was being held and take a walk down memory lane. She loved thinking about how she and her cousins used to roam these halls, and wondered if there was anything that had changed.

She floated through the door of a classroom where she'd once sat, diligently working on her schoolwork. Top of her class, she was. Her translucent form slid gracefully to where a man stood by the window. "Dreadful day," she said, smoothing her dress, it's style decades old, and clasping her hands in front of her.
 #26580  by Anubis Binx Jr
Anubis's focus was soon removed from the rainy window, and his thoughts when he heard someone else speak. His gaze turned to Emilia, and he half smiled. "Oh I don't know, it's not too bad" he replied, his gaze turning back to look out of the window. "I quite enjoy the rain, I find it soothing. I guess you don't?"
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Emilia looked over at the man she floated next to, thankful that he at least seemed unbothered by there being a ghost standing next to him. Sometimes it frightened people more than she liked.

"I don't mind the weather. But most of the living seem to prefer days without rain," she commented, returning her gaze to the school grounds. She'd looked upon them so many times now that it was impossible not to have them memorized.