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 #25145  by Emily Anderson
Location: Fenton House and Garden, London • Date: 2023

Emily could not recall feeling like this on the day of her wedding to Sebastien. In fact, she remembered feeling quite the opposite. For once in her life, Emily had handed over the reins to somebody else, and she was actually sitting in her dressing room, allowing other people to fuss with her hair and make-up whilst she sat with her eyes closed and enjoyed the moment.

She was marrying Emerson today. She was marrying Emerson today. She would be Mrs Toscano-Anderson by the time the day was out, and nothing made her happier. After twenty long years, it was about bloody time.

"All done," the make-up artist, Eliza, said. The hairdresser came around to view her work, smiling widely.

"Oh Emily, she won't know what hit her," the hairdresser grinned. The blonde stood, removing the shawl they had covered her dress with whilst they worked and moved to stand in front of the large, ornate full-length mirror. Her hair fell almost as normal, the misbehaving curls taking on a mind of their own even today, with just a few short tendrils pulled away from her eyes and secured at the back with a glittery hair clip. Eliza had done just as good a job with her face, making sure that her blemishes were covered, but ensuring she still looked her age. She didn't need to erase the twenty years they had spent together by wishing she were younger, on her wedding day.

Her eyes finally fell on her form-fitting dress, which Emily was proud to have kept a secret from Emerson, even whilst she had spent hours tirelessly working on it. The second she had seen the dress, she had fallen in love with its pattern, which reminded her both of birds and butterflies at the same time. She had removed the coloured and sparkly belts from its waist and instead chosen to nod towards her previous life with a brightly coloured shoe, which were mostly hidden anyway.

She turned towards the girls. "I think I'm ready."
 #25146  by Andrea Carter
Andrea had cried that morning. In complete denial that she was pregnant again, she had not bought another dress, and had fought with her dress as she'd tried to squeeze into it. It had been twenty years since she was pregnant; it wasn't even as if she had any suitable maternity clothes to hand. If it weren't for Adelaide taking over and calmly saving the day, Andrea would probably have spent the rest of her morning crying on her bed in her underwear. Now, driving with Adelaide to her mothers' wedding venue, she was still unable to shake off the tears, muttering something incomprehensible about 'just being so happy for them'.

When she walked through the door into Emily's dressing room, she burst into another round of tears. "Mum, you just look s-so, so b-b-beautiful," she sobbed, leaning in to kiss her cheek. "Emerson is so lucky to have you."
 #25147  by Emerson Toscano
Emerson could not recall feeling like this on the day of her wedding to Julien. In fact, she remembered feeling quite the opposite. Fidgeting, pacing and sweating from every pore Emerson was more nervous than she had ever been. The passive calm she had felt before marrying Julien appeared to be a far figment of her imagination. How had she managed to be so calm when today she felt like she was bursting at the seams?

Sighing heavily as she lifted her dress to look at her shoes, she wondered why she was so nervous. "Did you feel like you were about to have a heart attack?" She asked her best friend before they were set to walk out and go to the altar where she would wait for Emily.