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 #24535  by Shiro Takayama
The moonlight shown in the Tokyo alleyway, sword gleaming with the blood of the vampire that had met it's maker while the two men stood over him. Fixing his glasses he looked at the head that had rolled a bit further than the body. He took out the napkin he kept in his back pocket, his hand moving under his long leather jacket to get it before cleaning off the blood.

They hadn't gone out looking for this, this was an attack on them. Years after the white monkeys were put back down to size it seemed a few of them still had a grudge with them. He looked at Hiro, putting the blade into his long black coat before speaking.
"Watashi wa suisoku o shite, mada katei suru tsumoridesu... Dareka ga mada ikatteiru." He mused into the silent air.

He was kneeling down, taking a look at the neck when he heard he footsteps. While this was a Chinese vampire, and while it was self defense they were still who they were. He had a feeling the ministry wouldn't overlook even a vampire killing.
"Mite mi na." He ordered him.

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 #24536  by Hiro Kawazaki
His hands were not leaving his pockets, nor did he want any type of a closer of the vampire that had just tried to rip their heads off. He however was looking at the end result of what his boss's katana looked like, the blood seeping onto the ground in small slashes. The vampire might have thought that he was going to surprise then, their only saving grace being how paranoid his husband was. Shiro watched for any sound...and shadow. It was this trait that had made it so the vampire hadn't been able to sneak up on them.
"Sou da." He agreed.

His head snapped up, He nodded his wand out with his other hand resting on the top of the knife on his belt incase the victim in the alley had friends following him. It was actually odd to see one without buddies. Another footstep, the cracking of a can someone had been so kind to leave in the street.
"Whos there?" He asked, "Dare wa koko ni dearu ka?" He asked this time in Japanese to cover his bases.