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 #25062  by Ezra Binx
"I'm not an open target! I'm a vampire, dude! I can protect your daughter with no sweat!" he exclaimed, getting a bit too loud. "I might look small and weak, but when my attackers underestimate me, that's when I can SNAP and attack getting the upper hand."

Ezra nodded to Miyuki's comparison, he got it, he understood and he was rather pleased to hear this. "As happy as I am to hear that, you have to admit all three men as chill as they are, they're still scary".

After some time the car landed in the manor's grounds. Once Miyuki got out and Ezra could climb out of the back he did so, and vanished inside.
 #25063  by Cairo Binx
Cairo hearing the car outside he got up and went outside, Ezra had just blew past the older Binx man, and he shouted "where's the fire! Slow down!" he turned back to the grounds and seen Shiro. "Shiro!" he called out well motioning the man and the others into the manor.
 #25065  by Melody Quinn Binx
Melody appeared in the door way to see who was outside. "Who's here?" she asked her father, but as soon as she seen the white haired woman by the car and heading to the manor, she smiled knowing exactly who was here. "Hey Mi!" she shouted to greet the other female.
 #25066  by Shiro Takayama
Miyuki's description obviously not helping, He sighed, taking a rag of the cig he'd just lit before parking.
"And then get my daughter in legal trouble. I hate to break it to you but that's not much better." He mused, hoping the boy would know what that meant. The boy seemed to get it as he vanished into the house quicker than a fly to the flame. His men opened up their doors, allowing them out Shiro fixing his coat as he got out only to hear his name.
"Cairo!" He dawned a rare smirk. He'd missed the guy, the only one who seemed to get who he was here other than Barbas and Mark.

He nodded to Miyuki.
"Lets go in." His hand behind her back in a way a caring father would be.
 #25070  by Miyuki Takayama
The young lady had chosen to stay quiet during the ride, knowing her father limit was being pushed minute by minute she had not wanted to hep further in the matter. Inwardly she cursed his lack of social skills hoping he ride would be over soon, the doors opening a little while later was more than a welcome sight as the big place came into view. It wasn't home to her, she didn't remember the few month she'd lied there. She'd been to young. But it di hold all her friends and that's what made it a happy thing to see.
"Melody!" She smiled to the dancer, running up after getting the fathers ok.

"Stylish as ever!" She said once greeting her, "Wait...Is dat my line?" She asked, swelling with pride as she remembered her not popular...almost armature line. She was a model not a designer but she'd been working with a friend of hers to get a few of her things out in an attempt to change that.
 #25077  by Cairo Binx
"I just made some tea! Let's go catch up!" he said once Shiro and the others were near the doors. "Melody and Miyuki they can have a catch up else where" he added, feeling greedy and wanting his old house mate all to himself.
 #25081  by Melody Quinn Binx
Melody gave a little smirk to Mi when she asked if she was wearing the other woman's line. "It might be. Misty might have helped me get my hands on it" she grinned, "does it suit me, what do you think?" she gave her friend a twirl, completely ignoring the fathers. Her father could be selfish and greedy and keep Shiro to himself, because Mel was going to do the same thing with the other man's daughter. "Shall we go to Misty's room? She's got a few more of your things in there. We should go and do a little fashion show and see if Prue's around to join in".
 #25084  by Shiro Takayama
Listening to the girls for a moment he turned to Cairo, nodding once he realized they were simply going to be talking about girl things and nothing more. He trusted Misty, a mother herself would make sure nothing happened.
"You were always up for a tea party." He allowed himself to joke as he took off his gloves. He felt comfortable here, and allowed himself not to hide them.

Walking into the rom Cairo had directed them to he took off his coat, sitting it down he took a seat. His men standing at the door outside silently as ordered.
"Melody seems to be happy and healthy. I'm glad."
 #25086  by Miyuki Takayama
Misty had gotten involved? She was amazed, Misty had helped her get into modeling and that was a huge favor but now she was also helping her get her line out there? She was almost overwhelmed by the woman's kindness.
"I'd say that line was made for you." She Agreed, seeing it on a real person for the first time...well people who weren't her. "Misty? She's picked up a few?" She smiled. "Yes, lets see what else she liked from it!" She knew Misty could be picky. If she got her hands on them it meant she liked them and that was a huge compliment.

"You don't think Prudence has already sneaked to try them on?" She half joked. She knew how Prue was, She could see Prudence doing it...She also knew Prudence did respect Misty enough to know she might not do it either. It was honestly a toss up when it came to the vampire in question.
 #25264  by Cairo Binx
Cairo laughed about the tea party, he couldn't deny it though, it was true. "True! It's why I'm the favourite uncle to all the kids who like to have tea parties". Cairo took a seat with Shiro, and charmed the tea to pour its self for the men.

A smile grew on his face at the mention of Melody. He nodded and replied "she's doing great yeah. I miss having her around the mansion, but she's doing well and that's all that matters. And she and November have started to repair their relationship." Back when Melody started her first year of Hogwarts November left Mel with Cairo, it was best as November was on the road working. She really believed Melody moving in with her father was the best thing to do. Mel disagreed. "So that's great too, I've always hated seeing Melody giving Nove a hard time about leaving her with me".

Cairo took a sip of his tea once it was poured, and after giving the hot drink a few light blows. "Miyuki is looking well too" he said after sipping down some more tea. "Though, I hear you've become her new shadow?"
 #25268  by Melody Quinn Binx
"To be honest she probably has given Prue dibs on everything else. I don't mind, but I know Misty favours Prudence over me. I get it though, so it's not a bother" she explained while dragging her friend off to Misty's room.

Melody reckoned Misty favoured Prudence because she's known Prue a lot longer, and the pair have a lot more in common than what Mel does with Misty.