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 #24334  by Miyuki Takayama
She had given Michelle a little nod on her way out, pushing up her sleeves she stepped outside giving he kid a smile as she did so. Child, this child was just as old as her and he was still in a childs body. She had to admit that it was an odd thing, how would she talk to him? Like a child or like an equal. She was starting to see what William was talking about.
"Ano...Why don't you come with me. I'm on my way to your home." She said kindly. "And she's...." She looked back into the store. "Busy." She added. Poor guy was left wondering what his fate would be. At least she assumed that.

"Plus, I'd like the company." She added, an attempt to make it seem like this wasn't a request from his mother.
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Ezra looked up from his twiddling fingers when he heard Miyuki speak. "Oh..." he said sounding disappointed that Michelle was busy. Too busy for him more like. With a heavy sigh Ezra nodded, then rose to his feet to walk with the woman.

"So you're headed to the manor?" he asked curiously, "how come? Are you going to see Great-grandfather Barbas?"
 #24347  by Miyuki Takayama
She laughed,
"Obviously, and the others. Am I not allowed because I'm a Takayama?" She teased, knowing her fathers habit for keeping away from anything family. She knew they were more than happy to allow her to indulge in it however.
"Even more so young man, thanks to Genesis and Gemma I am family. Why shouldn't I?" She smirked. "We going or not?"
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Ezra chuckled and began to walk in the direction of the manor. "No it's fine! I just wasn't sure, as I wasn't sure if your dad was there or not, and we all know he can be a bit iffy about where you go alone." Ezra had no problems letting it be known his vampire family wasn't a very trusting bunch, even if the majority of the Takayama's were close allies to the Binxies, Ezra still had his doubts on how much trust he family could be given.

"Don't get me wrong, I love my family. But I know they're a fickle bunch at times, and can't always control their vampire nature. And I know how protective and paranoid your dad can be, so I thought it was a bit crazy he was letting you go to the manor alone. I mean, we know no one would hurt you! But vampires are unpredictable at times, and Nyla is still pretty new and has trouble controlling herself. And you being human...Well, you know......".
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And speak of the devil, just as he has said that the black car that Shiro called his child pulled up right in front of them. Dressed in a black sweater and slacks, the door opened revealing the albino man inside of it. He had been stalking his kid for a while now, he knew that she was there going to visit the other side of the family the one that he won't recognize.

"Get in. Both of you." He said the men in the back staying in the back. He didn't like the idea of the two being alone when it was night. He didn't like his daughter being alone or with anybody else walking when it was night. He knew what roamed in the night, he fought what roamed in the night.
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She would have laughed, she wanted to be able to laugh. However, the young man was right about her father's stalking habits. There was a good chance that he was around, just waiting for a perfect time to come up on them. She also knew that at that point of time, her father was not at the Manor.
"No. No, I'm alone as far as I know." She chuckled.

It was strange that her father had yet turned up, but she was taking her freedom as a gift.
"Ill be-" she stopped herself when she saw the car pull up. And suddenly that said Freedom have been taken away. She sighed, if they didn't get in the car her father was going to pitch a fit. Well it was for a good reason and well concern, it still annoyed her.
"You know that saying, 'speak of the devil'?" She mused.
 #24366  by Ezra Binx
Ezra jumped out of his skin when the car appeared out of nowhere and pulled up beside the pair. He bent over a little to peer into the back seat -presumably where he would be sitting-, and he shook his head while standing back next to Miyuki. "No thank you. I've seen how this sort of thing ends. The little guy gets shoved into the back of a mafia Boss's car, he's squished between the muscle.... And I don't think I need to go on".
 #24369  by Shiro Takayama
If he wasn't a serious person, he would have laughed. He however was only raising an eyebrow, for two reasons...Miyuki calling him a devil was accurate and alarming and the kid assume this was a kidnapping as just Ludacris.
"Little guy, walking alone as night when I have a partnership with his family...needs not to go on." He looked at Miyuki. "Get.in.The.Car." He ordered again.
"These men only act when told, they currently have no orders. Stop being obnoxious and get in the car."
 #24371  by Miyuki Takayama
The daughter however was laughing, an uncontrolled laugh at that. Her fathers expression turning it louder, She cleared her throat when she was the one getting the look.
"He's harmless...to you." She confirmed. "Those men are due to other vampires still being around from time to time." She explained, the other vampires being the old Chinese mafia that seemed to not let go of their little feud.

"Fine, fine. C'mon, you can take the front seat. I'll sit with the muscle. Nothing new." She winked, taking the back seat as promised before her father got any more of a temper rolling.
 #24376  by Ezra Binx
"I'm being obnoxious?" he asked while sounding insulted, and also accusing Shiro to be obnoxious at the same time. "Dude! I just pointed out facts! There's two questionable looking guys in the back of your gangsta car, and I know you. So I know this story too well.... Someone in my family pissed you off, and now you're here to cut off my finger and post to to them as revenge. Right?! I'm right... Right?"

He looked to Miyuki when she confirmed Shiro's words, that the men in the car are harmless to him. "Oh... Well, if you're sure?" she was too pretty to lie to him, and nice, so he believed her and got into the car. However, looking at Shiro's bemused face, Ezra reckons he would prefer the back seat. "No!" he shouted quickly before she could get into the back, "I'll go in the back, ladies should sit in the front with their fathers".

Ezra squeezed into the back between the two men. He glanced up at each one, smiling nervously. "Sup...." he said while nodding his head a little, then turning to look forward and reminded stiff, looking just as uncomfortable as he felt.
 #24384  by Shiro Takayama
He saw no humor in what the boy was saying, none in the least. If anything, he was in the middle of he wizarding town that was just beginning to accept muggle ways looking like he was trying to kidnap his own kid and her friend. Amusement was not a term he was about to use, if anything he was getting annoyed and fed up with it. Getting that way didn't take him very long and his daughter seemed to know it as she started to jump in the back seat with the men whom she knew was no harm to her because she knew them. Everyone knew Shiro's daughter.
"Your overreacting on a public level, if I wanted to cut your finger off...would I do it with my daughter with me?" He deadpanned. "Now," He watched as the guy seemed to get the point, though he did note how fast he was to choose the backseat.

He watched from the mirror as the two men looked out the windows, ignoring the child.
"Not all of us are friendly to outsiders. You'll have to excuse them." He said, pulling off once all the doors were closed. Even if they weren't friendly thought they meant no harm in the least.
 #24385  by Miyuki Takayama
She looked back, raising an eyebrow. Almost confused, first he didn't want to get into the car because of said brute looking men and now he was practically jumping in-between them. She looked at her father, with a raised eyebrow nodding that it was indeed safe as they switched places. She found his wording very funny, but knew better than to continue laughing about it. To her, her father was a hero. Someone who was a rock and protector...even those types however had a limit.
"That is Mr. Iyakura and Mr.Tomashimi, They mean no harm." She said, the two men no proving her point. Lovely. "Unless...like my dad said..." She didn't know what else to say.
"Might I ask how long you've been in England? Or how long you've known where I've been?" She asked.
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"I don't know! Maybe! Michelle does shit like that in front of me all the time!" he replied defensively and a little worried he'd angered the man. "And it's not just her, half of my household do stuff like that in front of the kids, well not the toddlers... But the ones around my age. How was I suppose to know you didn't do that, I mean you are friends with them, or work with them or whatever. I thought you all behaved the same".

Ezra glanced between the two men he was sat between when both Shiro and Miyuki confirmed the men in the back wouldn't harm him. He gave a wary smile to Miyuki, but he still felt anxious and paranoid.
 #24672  by Shiro Takayama
"I just got in this morning," He simply said. "Nor was I stalking you, I was headed to the Binx's place when I spotted you. At night. Alone. Two people who look like open targets." He stressed his point on why they were in his car. He was starting to think she thought it was a hobby of his to keep tabs on her. Truth was he was normal father when it came to having a daughter who showed off her body for money. He was going to kill Misty for that one day, He hadn't approved from the start.

"I'm not a nutcase like Michelle, or the twins." He deadpanned, turning a corner. "I keep my things behind closed doors and only those who have earned it like a proper person." He spoke as if I was normal for a man to do things he did. Most would agree it was not...but he didn't seem to know where the line was between normal society and his own idea of it.
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Huffing she crossed her arms, the two men looking at her for acting like a child.
"I get it....actually I'm sure we get it by now." She said looking out the window as he turned, Her father pointing out the fact he was picking them up for safety so many times even the shy one in the back...and stuck between to men would get it as well.

"My father like them?" She looked back, She had never seen her father act on blood-lust. He'd kept it from her, and he screams she did hear were from the people who had wronged them personally. She didn't approve but she had to agree there was always a motive to why he did it. At least from what she'd seen, who knew what her father did behind closed doors.
"He's more like Benji or Barbas...if you need a comparison." She thought after a minute. "You know...emotionless stare...to the point words..." She could go on and on but the look from the father told her to stop while she was ahead.