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 #22810  by Shiro Takayama
The tea hissed, in the old family home of the Nakamura's household. They had just moved back from England, starting their 6 months in Japan for that year and to celebrate Miyuki, Genesis and even Rokuro had come for an evening with the two men. The hissing of the tea informing Shiro that he was due back, as he took it by the handle and joined the rest in the livingroom.
"It seems like, I've once again become just the tea bearer." His voice re-entered the situation.

Sitting down he pulled his sweater closer to him, getting comfy while settling back in.
"So, how is work Miyuki?" He asked, not having much time to stalk her.
 #22811  by Yoru Nakamura
"Really Shiro, She's home one night and your asking about her work." He said after giving Genesis the warning he usually gave him each year, the two men by what it seemed had never really worked through the issues that had started in 1996. Winking at Miyuki he took the tea from his son and sat it down on the traditional low Japanese table that sat between all of them.

"So, Kawazaki. Those papers you've been working on. Are they still giving you trouble?" He changed the topic to both help out the young girl as well as to give his offer to help his son in law with the paperwork he'd had trouble with a week before.
 #22812  by Hiro Kawazaki
Chuckling as the two men seemed to put the albino woman in the spot light, he hummed his disapproval at it taking the cups once the tea was in the table and out of Yoru's hands.
"You know, Shiro. They always end up putting blood into it, and I tend to drop it." He smirked. "If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't get any." Truth was he only dropped it once, but none of the people around the table had let him forget it.

He shook his head,
"It was just misinformation that I ended up clearing up in order to finish it. As usual I managed fine." He assured the vampire, before turning to Genesis who seemed to be Focusing on how much sweetener Miyuki was adding to her tea.
"Isn't that right?" He asked, now putting the man on the spot.
 #22813  by Genesis Batsu
Why was it that after all these years it still seemed like he was a rat in a snakes den? The only one who seemed not out to get him was Miyuki, Shiro only left him alone for the most part. An eyebrow raised as Miyuki added more sweetener to her tea, his ears had tuned out the men speaking until his name popped back up. Oh right,
"It wasn't my fault that I was lied to." He shrugged. "It wasn't my personal information I gave you," He added. Though he sure wasn't trusting anymore witnesses, he didn't like being in hot water.

And that wasn't just cause of the yearly warning he got from his fellow vampire.
"You get them taken care of? Or is there another person out there who has dirt on what vampires roam the night?" He asked Yoru, who had assured him the person who caused the problem would be taken care of.
 #22814  by Shiro Takayama
"Miyuki, enough with the sweetener." He ordered, giving his father a glare at the silent accusation that he was stalking her even when in their home. Hiro cutting in seemed to be a breath of fresh air, causing him to stop glaring at his father and raise an eyebrow at Hiro.
"Are you saying you don't know how to handle a tea kettle?" He asked,

"No, you just gave ours." He cut in, looking up at Genesis while stirring his own tea. "Well, Yoru's." He corrected, but nodded none the less. He'd made sure it was taken care of personally now that he had the time. Quitting that English job really had opened up some time to get other things done. He cleared his throat.
"But on another note, I take it the rooms are cleaned after 6 months of no use? Or are we cleaning them again this year?" He asked Yoru.
 #22815  by Miyuki Takayama
To the young lady, looking at the white powder flow into her teacup was a lot more interesting then hearing about them doing their 'jobs', Her job and what he father didn't like about it...something she was sure it would turn into if the topic persisted...and last but not least; the idea of cleaning her own room even as an adult was below her. She didn't mind helping her father with things around the house when he was on no sleep when the house elves were busy, but the rooms...all the rooms in the house should be kept up by said house elves while they were gone for six months in her opinion.
"You might no like it, but I've grown accustomed to the taste." She finally spoke. "And it's a lot better than hearing about possible house chores, isn't this the house elves job?" She asked.
 #22816  by Yoru Nakamura
Exactly the point he had made before they corrected the situation. His information, no one else's. His.
"Unlike you I handle my problems, I had Shiro and Hiro look into it as soon as it happened and your lucky I did." He said the silent, 'I would have killed you if it caused my personal trouble' was silent.
"In anycase, thank you for handling it you two." He gave them the credit, hiding the fact he was irked by the accusation he would put blood in their tea.

"If we had any..." He said ignoring the looked he got from boy his boy's. "They got mouthy. I got tired."