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[Scotland] Memory Lane

PostPosted:10 Feb 2019, 22:20
by Draco Malfoy
Location: Hogwarts Entrance Hall • Date: February 10

Most of the students were on a Hogsmade trip, which was probably why Draco's visit to Hogwarts had been scheduled for this day. Among his other duties with the Ministry and the family business, he had also taken up a position on the Board of Governors for Hogwarts, and he was long overdue for an inspection, to see how things were running.

He waited in the Entrance Hall, his eyes drawn to a memorial plaque for those who fought and died in the Second Wizarding War. His heart dropped for a moment. Every time he saw it, he remembered one name that would never be on it. With a heavy sigh, he read the rest of the names on the plaque as he did every time he visited the school.