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 #24236  by November Quinn
November gave an amused little nod. "Shame he and my dad never met" she said then grabbed her drink off the bar once it was served to her. November took a large sip of her drink as she watched Johnny walk off in a bad mood, then glanced in Jax's direction.

"Well, to be honest, I don't think he'd like you even if you wasn't with his sister. That's just Johnny for you, he doesn't like many people". November remembered once upon a time when Johnny was a bit more chilled and open to having a drink, laugh and chat with most people, if they didn't annoy him or was on the opposite side as him. But nowadays, he tended to hate most people, unless they were already in the 'inner circle'.

November took another sip of her drink, then excused herself from the others so she could go after Johnny.
 #24237  by Jaxon Rains
Perhaps if November hadn't spent most of the last twenty years on the road, she'd know Jaxon wasn't exactly new! He'd been in Michelle and her family's lives for a long time now, so Jax should have counted as part of the so-called inner circle.

Jax shook his head to disagree with November, then said to everyone as she'd left "Johnny would have gotten on with me fine if it wasn't for the fact I'm with Michelle. The smell doesn't bother him, if it did he would have given up being friends with Brooklyn when she was turned. Honestly, he hates me purely for that one reason and one reason only... Even if he has become more grumpy and guarded over the years, he just hates that a man twice her age is with her. I honestly think even my age aside he still wouldn't approve". He rolled his eyes then muttered "no one's good enough for his little sister".

Jax took a sip of his beer while looking between the young woman and Genesis. "Do you think I'm going to kidnap your girl or something?" he rose a curious brow as he had noticed Genesis pulled Miyuki closer only when Jax had came over.
 #24245  by Genesis Batsu
He chuckled, Johnny had be explained perfectly. Too perfectly. Keeping the girl he was looking out for close he watched the other woman leave to follow Johnny...and was about to follow with no reason needed or politeness for that reason before he addressed him personally.
"Oh I don't know, you do seem to like them young looking." He countered. "And she's not great great grand niece....I think?" He looked at Miyuki for confirmation. He wasn't sure what she was exactly to him.

He waited for her reply before telling to go to Johnny.
 #24246  by Miyuki Takayama
'If they'd even get along...' She though back to her fathers personality with anyone but who he already knew. He was a lot like Johnny in that sense, only difference being he cold work with someone and talk to them if they were talking numbers and accounts. He was polite enough with clients. She raised an eyebrow, the man obviously not getting the hint he was barking up the wrong vampire infested tree with both Johnny and Genesis.

No longer was she complaining about a babysitter...the babysitter was coming in quite handy. This guy looked like a cute creep.
"Umm...lets see...Shiro is Yoru's son and you two are cousins...Cousin twice removed." She corrected. "If you'll excuse me I wanted to ask Johnny something." She headed off, following in the other girls footsteps. Truth was she didn't have a question, But Genesis was hinting that she go.
 #24373  by Jaxon Rains
"True..." he said with a slight nod of his head, "but I also like them dead. Undead, a vampire" he did have a thing for vampires for some reason. It was forbidden, maybe a little kinky in his mind. "And also a little unhinged. The crazy ones are better in bed" he chuckled, then watched as Miyuki left. Jax turned his gaze back to Genesis, he took another sip of his drink then asked "so because Johnny hates me, you're all doing the loyal friend thing and hating me too?"
 #24381  by Mariana Rains
Mariana and Max walked into the club looking for Jax. There was some trouble going down back at the inn and they needed their brother's help. However, it seemed Jax was getting into some trouble of his own.

Mar shook her head and said to Max "why don't you take Jax home, I'll distract his friend?" She was more than happy to hang back and talk with a handsome stranger, but then again she was missing out on bashing people in with her bat.... But then again, did she even need to hang around and talk to Genesis, all three Rains siblings could leave together.

Mariana processed this for a moment, but then deciding she would rather flirt with a handsome stranger, she settled on that and headed over to her brother and Gen. "Evening, gentlemen" she smiled at Genesis, and left Max to address Jax.
 #24382  by Maximus Rains
"Well, it could be worse, he could be in a bar fight" he pointed out when the two spotted Jax and thought things looked a little tense between the other men. After confirming the plan with Mariana, the pair went over to Jax and Genesis. "We need to go" was all he said to his brother, and while grabbing Jax's arm, he headed for home while explaining on the way what was going on.
 #24389  by Genesis Batsu
"Don't flatter yourself, my jobs making sure that girls safe and I do not know you." He mused, "I'd try not to look too far into it. I simply fear her father more than you." Though the fact Johnny didn't like him did help the alarm bells in his head. He wouldn't admit that though. Two more coming, Genesis almost sighed...this was going to be fun. He prepared for an all out brawl, though he could see it being hesitant on his end with a woman being part of it.

"Evening..." He looked as instead of a fight the man - smelly wolf was actually pulled away by someone who smelled almost as bad. Wit two wolves obviously in her group, all need to flirt unless she started it was derailed.
"Have a good night." He leaned back on the bar with his drink in hand.
 #24592  by Mariana Rains
Mariana watched as her brothers walked away to leave, and the vampire just went back to his drink, she didn't really need to do anything and could just go after her brothers to join them. However, hanging around the handsome vampire would be more fun.

Mariana glanced once more in Jax and Max's direction before deciding to stick around in the club. She motioned the server over once they were free, ordered a beer then put her attention onto Genesis. "I hope my brother wasn't being too much of a pain in the arse" she said, even though she doesn't know what was going on with Jax and the others, she could guess Jaxon was probably being an arse or possibly set off the negativity... Even though he didn't!
 #24678  by Genesis Batsu
He looked over, raised eyebrow. Looking her over for any sign of a trap...as well as looking in general he relaxed a bit. She looked even cuter with a beer in her hand, though he wouldn't say that out loud just yet...
"Men will be men." He gave her a charming smirk. He could smell her blood, sweet like a veela...and then it hit him. That's exactly what she was, obviously only someone as handsome as him could get such attention from one.

"Might I ask what brought you three out? Night on the town?" He asked, leaning on the bar.
 #24731  by Mariana Rains
“Jaxon was dragged here by Michelle, but me and Max had to follow to bring him home because of some crap that’s going on back at our inn” she explained. “He chose a vacation with his girl at the wrong time”.

Mariana took a sip of her beer while letting her eyes scan Genesis over, both from innocent curiosity over the vampire, and also to be a perv and check him out. “And what about you? Were you dragged here by family, a lover or just out clubbing for the fun of it?”
 #24775  by Genesis Batsu
Well...it seems like she as playing the role his sister played for him all those years ago. Interesting, his sister having her own life and kid now he'd been freed from his leash after a decade. As far as Michelle went...
"Anytime is a bad time with her brothers." He said as kindly as he could, though he could not blame the twins one bit. He was that way with Prudence and Miyuki.

He smirked, knowing what she was looking at. It could have ben the muscles showing from his shirt...or the handsome face he had. He had done the same thing, mainly for looking at her assets as he knew what veelas could be like from his few years of teaching kids himself.
"No, not family...at least not family that wants recognized." he corrected. "I'm just here to have a good time." His charming smile never leaving his face.
"So far with the company I've found I'd say I'm succeeding."
 #25075  by Mariana Rains
The only words that really stuck to Mariana was Genesis saying he was here to have a good time, and because of her he was succeeding in doing that. She smiled and leaned in closer to him, she knew with him being a vampire she wouldn't have to speak too loudly, he'd be able to hear her over the music with no problems.

Mar moved closer to Genesis's ear and suggested in a soft tone "well why don't we make our own little party in your hotel room?" Seeing as she didn't have a hotel as she flooed right over from her inn back home, she hadn't checked in anywhere. She and Max came straight to the club. "I think we could have more fun if we were somewhere more private, and away from prying eyes?" After all, being a veela she had caused a few people to stare at them.
 #25079  by Genesis Batsu
The only thing he was hearing was her blood in her veins mixed in with the sexy voice that was in his ear, his hotel not yet being rented out was a good thing here. Now he would get the best one in the area and make it proper for a woman, well as proper as a hotel could get. This is where Genesis's mind was now. Miyuki could be making out with a guy and he'd be taken over by the idea of wining and dining a veela in a proper way while having a chance to get at her veins.

"I say, we shouldn't be just talking about it. I say, I book the grandest hotel now and we go enjoy ourselves." He smirked, putting an arm gently around her waist.
 #25082  by Mariana Rains
Mariana's face lit up at Genesis's idea, the grandest hotel, that sounded like music to her ears. There Mar was happy to go to any kind of a hotel and she'd be fine, but this guy was willing to pull out a flashy hotel. Even better.

"That sounds incredible! But you don't have to do that, if you're already checked into some crappy two star place, I don't mind. We can go there and we'd still have an amazing time. I'd make sure if it".