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 #22518  by Jonathan Binx
Location: Nightclub • Date: January
Time of Day: 10pm • Weather: Raining and cold

Johnny, Misty and Nate had just arrived at the Lagoon. The twins and Misty had come to check in on the club, to see how Misty's brother Zacky had been getting on since the bar manager had quit. Misty and Nate went to see Zacky in the office, but Johnny decided to go to the bar for a drink. He didn't care how Zack was, all Johnny cared about was the club which he could find out how it was doing from Misty later, and also cared about what the local beer tasted like.

Johnny ordered a beer once one of the bar staff seen him waiting, and as he waited for his drink to be served he checked out the dance floor and the rest of the room,he was looking to see how this place was compared to the London Blue Lagoon. It had been years since Johnny had been to this place, he'd forgotten how well it did over here too.

He grabbed his beer off the bar, then continued to people watch.
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 #22644  by Genesis Batsu
It had taken years to get back in good favor, and he was honestly shocked that he had managed it. However, here he was in black slacks and a white dress suit talking to the daughter of the man who had helped create all the distant all those years ago. As the music roared, he noticed the three come in however he didn't make a move to go over. Not yet, he wasn't about to leave Miyuki there and she seemed to not want to stop talking. Once again her head was in the clouds talking about her fashion, and if he had to hear about Shiro stalking her one more time he'd be even more tempted to talk to Shiro and dealing with daughters.

He leaned on the wall,
"So, right now I take it your in-between jobs?" He asked, nodding to Johnny. "Then you have time to say hi to old friends ne?" He smirked.
 #22645  by Miyuki Takayama
The vampire wasn't a good listener, that was for sure. The dressed to kill Miyuki had been talking to him about twenty minutes and it seemed to her...that he'd only gotten five minutes of what she was saying! It was almost insulting, he father was a better listener and he wasn't even a fan of listening to anything not work related.
"Genssisu!" She snapped, trying to get him to focus back on her charmed black eyes with a huff. "Mutaku..." She gripped as he seemed to look across the place again.

"If you'd been listening...no. I'm in France on a job I just got but you," She was only starting her lecture when she followed the nod of his head and allowed his words to finally register in her brain.
"Oh...my god Johnny!" She smiled, ignoring Genesis now as if proving she was air headed. "It's been too long!" She smiled brightly.
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As Johnny's eyes wandered they had soon locked onto Genesis and Miyuki, seeing the nod he took a sip of his drink then headed over to the pair. "Evening, ladies" he smirked then went in to give Miyuki a little hug with the one arm/hand that wasn't holding his drink. "It sure has" he replied to Miyuki.

Johnny decided to leave his arm around Miyuki, it draped over her shoulders as he spoke to the pair. "What brings you two to France? A little holiday away? Is Shiro around here somewhere too?"
 #22689  by Genesis Batsu
He didn't know how to reply to either of them, Miyuki had just claimed him a typical male with his ears shut...and Johnny went right to him being more female. So what if he used hair jell and had longer hair then a normal man, he could throw a good punch when he needed like any other man in the room. Thing was, he wasn't exactly wanting to punch someone who was like a brother to him; choosing to stay mute on the topic all together.

"See, when you look around...people tend to pop up who might listen." He joked, Speaking of joking...he could see the young lass taking that the wrong way.
"I'm joking...seriously though. What's the job?" He asked, watching Johnny put his arm around her. Part of him wanted to warn Johnny if Shiro was around that was a sight he wouldn't want to see.
 #22690  by Miyuki Takayama
She smiled,
"So, what have you all Binx's been up to?" She asked, smiling at the contact. She liked the twins, they'd always been good to her. At little rough around the edges but they had always meant well and wanted the best for her.
"Very funny Genesisu, your the one who asked and then ignore me." She huffed. Joke or not, he had asked.

She smiled back up at Johnny,
"A job, apparently the model for the new runway got sick and they needed a blond fill in." She looked around a bit, making sure not to lose Johnny who was like a big brother to her's touch.
"I'm sure he's around, he's found the habit of stalking me quite entertaining." She wished that was a joke.
 #23127  by November Quinn
November had been in the neighbourhood on a job. She'd taken her target out and was now in the mood for a nightcap before going back to her hotel. She headed to the club, and once inside she made her way to the bar.

On her little walk over to the bar for a drink she instantly spotted Johnny, Genesis and Shiro's girl. Could she be bothered talking to anyone? Not really, but still, now being an in-law to Johnny she felt she had to.

"And what are the chances of this...." she said before putting her order in the barman. "Us lot all in France? Rather peculiar."
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"Oh you know. The usual... Sex, drugs, violence and rock and roll" he chuckled. "And I guess the same for you too? Work, work, fashion and more work? Even though fashion and work comes under the same thing for you, I suppose".

Johnny kept his arm around Miyuki, even if Shiro was here, knowing Johnny he would probably keep his arm around the woman. Not to be disrespectful, even though that is what he would be doing. Simply because Johnny is a knobhead. "Stalking you?" he repeated looking confused at first, but he soon chuckled. "Why is he stalking you? Actually, being a dad to girls myself, I don't need to know. I get it".

On November's arrival Johnny cheered "Novemberrrr! Yeah, what are the chances", he took a sip of his drink, then asked "is Cairo not with you?"
 #23133  by Genesis Batsu
He chuckled, Johnny hadn't changed a bit..
"Actually I've been working on trying to get a job." He said casually, the thought to work where the Binx's did came in mind but he had still remembered those years of them being a bit distant. He wasn't sure that was such a great idea. The other of working coming to him to pass the time a bit in his lonely life since his daughter wasn't close to him and his sister busy.

Raising an eyebrow, he looked at Miyuki.
"You weren't talking about your current job." And she hadn't been, she'd been talking about the new pure silk kimono line that she was working on personally...in such a detail most men would tune her out. That part of her complaint he was guilty of.

November joining he smiled,
"I'm watching her for her father." He was sure an eyeroll was done in his direction. "Shiro's not around, He's busy with one of his accounts." He explained. "Who wouldn't like this." He motioned to the fact Johnny had his arm around her, he wasn't about to stop it though, he knew Johnny meant no ill will and wasn't as uptight as the Japanese albino that was.
 #23135  by Miyuki Takayama
She laughed, he had pinned it right...fashion, fashion fashion...at times she simply enjoyed wearing sweats and eating junk food. However, the money was great and she loved what she did. It really wasn't a job to her at the end of the day. Johnny's lifestyle wasn't shocking, it was a simple fact that he was a bad boy.
"Yes, but I love it." She smiled, "I see you've been having fun though." She laughed lightly again.

Wait, did Genesis just say he wanted a job?
"What? You want to work?" She was confused...Genesis didn't seem like the working type? Johnny seeing the stalking in Shiro's light with Genesis's little side comment made her roll her eyes.
"And as a daughter who is an adult...you'd think he wouldn't treat me like I'm five years old." She muttered, though deep down understanding her fathers need to do so. Didn't mean she needed to act like she enjoyed it.

"I'm working for the le grande fashion show this weekend." She gave her reason. "Apparently I was given a babysitter." This wasn't said in a mean manner but the tone wasn't as bubbly as she usually said it. She didn't need to be babysat....but she liked his company. Once she got over the fact he was a babysitter...she might actually start enjoying his company.
 #24137  by November Quinn
"What?" she asked then looked Johnny and ,. mMiyuki over. "Oh, because he's touching her?" she laughed. "Shiro does know Johnny doesn't he?" she asked, and began to talk as if Johnny wasn't even there. "He knows Johnny's a harmless pussycat, at least toward Miyuki, right?" she thought a moment, then added "oooh, Shiro is one of those daddy's is he? The over protective, will kill a man for so much as looking at his little girl?" she snorted a little laugh in amusement. "He sounds like my dad" or what her dad used to be like before he was killed.

November shook her head over Cairo, then said "why would he be with me?" she asked a bit defensively. "I'm not his keeper!" Over the years November and Cairo had gotten closer, they had even became a couple, which having children together did have a big part in that. But November liked to separate herself and Cairo, she liked to be classed as an individial and not as someone's girlfriend.
 #24138  by Jaxon Rains
Next Jaxon appeared on the scene. Michelle had found out the others were coming to Paris, and Michelle missing her cousins Jake just had to tag along for the trip. Michelle was currently hanging out at Jake's place, and Jaxon feeling bored and a little annoyed that Michelle had convinced him to come along, then just abandoned him, he decided to go out to the club.

Jaxon spotted the familiar faces as he was ordering his drink, and once he had his beer in his hand and he went and intruded on the group. "Evening, guys! And ladies!" he said, then watched as Johnny suddenly left with a foul expression on his face. Jax looked back to the others then said "someone's still a bit grumpy I'm with his sister" he tried not to laugh or smirk, and simply sipped his drink.
 #24139  by Jonathan Binx
"I'm always having fun, babe" he replied to Miyuki, then chuckled at Genesis wanting to work. "What kind of work are you looking for exactly?" he asked curiously while sipping some of his drink. He was soon laughing about the issue of him having his arm around Shiro's daughter. "I do wish he was here so he could see" he simply added after November, "it would be funny to see how he would react."

November getting defensive over Cairo made Johnny finally remove his arm from around Miyuki so he could hold his arms up in a defensive manner. "Alright, chill. It's kind of a normal thing to presume you would know where he is... You are fuc---" and before he could finish that sentence off, Johnny caught a whiff of wet dog.

With an irritated grumble at Jax, Johnny took himself and his drink away. He didn't like the mutt, and he definitely didn't like that his sister was involved with it. He didn't bother excusing himself from the others, he just simply walked off with a face like a slapped arse.
 #24143  by Genesis Batsu
He laughed,
"I have no issue with working little girl." He played with her hair, something else he imagined his father wouldn't like to be seeing...but like Johnny he didn't really care. if it were anyone else both him and Johnny would probably have totally different opinions on the matter. Focusing on Johnny he shrugged, he didn't know what exactly...he just wanted to stay busy in his forever life.
"No real idea, I just want something to keep me busy." He though did have one idea on the matter. "Something where I could flirt might be a good option." He started thinking. Maybe working around his food source was a good idea given his lifestyle.

He nodded,
"Yes, Shiro is that kind of father and would actually kill if he saw anyone look at her the wrong way...or anyway....Ok I'll just cut to the point and address the fact she's not even dating while he's alive." His mind process coming out in words, Johnnys commentary making him chuckle. Always a dare devil...

The smell...oh merlin the smell was not something he'd ever gotten used to. The man obviously causing trouble by the way Johnny looked and acted. Walking off.
"His sister obviously doesn't have a nose..." He pulled Miyuki towards him a bit. He'd heard about that family a bit, he didn't like them either. It wasn't because of what they'd done to him, it was the fact a few of them smelled like wet dog and the others were too cocky.
"Miyuki. 5 or 20, Shiro aint changing. Neither am I. "
 #24144  by Miyuki Takayama
"That's...my dad." She muttered, chuckling at Johnnys response though the idea of making her father mad wasn't high on her list and it wasn't only because of his temper. Her dad was her hero, someone she didn't want to disappoint. Even if she did complain about a babysitter or being stalked at the end of the day she wouldn't have her father any other way. It was nice to know he cared.
"Busy huh..." She had an idea. Because if he was working...he'd have less stalking time and wouldn't be able to assist her father in it so much.

Within a second, Johnny was stalking off and Genesis was pulling her closer. Looking confused she then noticed the man who was walking up.
"Oh...you've got to be kidding me. If he's with Michelle he's not even going to bother with me." She reasoned. This was becoming obnoxious.