A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #18538  by Livvie Cavanaugh-Pritchard
Location: St Mungo's Cafeteria • Date: September 29

Livvie felt bad. She had been on the job as an intern healer at St Mungo's for less than a week and she had already made a big mistake, mixing up two potions. It wasn't her fault, though! The potions hadn't been marked, and they looked and smelled nearly identical! Thankfully nothing had proven fatal and the two patients were fine. She had gotten a stern talking to by her mentor, though, and now she was in the cafeteria, picking at her lunch quietly.

She had always wanted to go into healing, but now she wasn't so sure. It was just so difficult and she wasn't doing what she thought she was going to be doing. The blonde let out a long sigh, then stood up, going to throw out her food. Normally so cheery, she picked up the uneaten apple and went to throw it into the trash bin.
 #18977  by Livvie Cavanaugh-Pritchard
Livvie let out a little squeak when the apple was lifted from her hands. She turned, taking in the appearance of the very familiar man in front of her. "Don't you work at Hogwarts?" she asked, nibbling on her lower lip. Then, in answer to his question, she turned, putting her shoulder between them. "Nothing. Nothing's wrong."
 #21497  by Ginger Cahalan
Ginger tapped her foot as she impatiently waited in the lobby to be seen. Her right hand was poorly wrapped in bloody rags.

“This is so stupid,” she muttered aloud to no one particular. “Been waiting for three hours and counting.” Other patients, more severe cases took priority over her.