A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #15970  by Yoru Nakamura
He had never been a fan of waking up, and it seemed that his 'not a morning person' habit had quickly turned into a 'not a night person' ever since he had taken this job. He yawned as he put the coffee mixed with blood on his desk and started to go through the papers of vampires that were not yet documented by the Ministry. He rubbed his eyes as he went over the list that looked a lot like the one last week...take out one.

Exhaling, he rubbed his eyes again.
"There has to be a time where I am able to use force..." He said while he thought to himself that if these vampires hadn't yet signed up for registration that the chances of them doing it now were slim to none. Honestly, weren't they bored of wasting their money by paying them to time after time?

He took a gulp of the coffee as he reached into his desk and pulled out some more papers to compare them.
"Same names..." He mused before chugging down the mug and standing up to put his jacket on. He knew where one of these people were...why not give it one last shot, only before he could get his muscled arms into the first sleeve he heard a voice behind him.

'What now...' He looked back, his face showing the annoyance he was feeling inwardly.
"I have a vampire to track down, make it quick." He said calmly. Maybe this person would have a second location for him, getting two in one would be a nice thing for his higher-ups to see on paper. His expession calmed when that came to mind.
"Got another location on a target?" He asked.