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 #13834  by Miyuki Takayama
Even while working, she seemed to enjoy her time. As she sat in the cafe with her mocha latte in front of her she watched all the people go by, listlessly focusing on no one as she stirred the latte with a straw and ran her hand through her silky white hair. Her fashion was a simple pencil skirt and a black blouse, simple silver jewelry adorning her wrists and neck.

She was here on a trip to model for a new company, though the company wasn't paying near as much as the others did it gave her a chance to work in England and see her friends and family. It had been a couple of years...really the only person she saw was Genesis.

Question was...now that she was here...what was she going to do when she didn't have to work? Stirring a latte really wasn't something she was wanting to do for hours on end.
 #15324  by Emer Fallon
A sigh escapes the woman, her keen eyes dart from one area to another as she shuffles along. Seldom shops stretch across the street. The community seemed more carefree than a typical commerce area; some places busy while other's not. Emer makes her way to a lamp post in a desert area. From her hand, she sets down a small plastic bucket. To a gardener it wasn't much use, but it was more reliable than a cup.

With one last look, she descends, holding a cardboard sign that wrote "Need Money". The area itself didn't seem posh, per-say. At least, Emer hoped the police wouldn't reprimand her position. Only a few onlookers gaze at her in question but most pay no attention. On a good note, at least she wasn't imposing.

To be fair, if Emer knew of another way, she'd do it, but she also had no choice.

Two weeks after her release, The Ministry didn't particularly care where she was, this time. Perhaps they've given up after previous escape attempts proved effective. Yet, Emer couldn't help but feel prying eyes. At least with this, maybe they wouldn't think much of it. After all, she actually didn't have anything this time.

Either way, most of this plan consists of renting a boat or something else discreet. It wasn't that Emer was detained simply for going to another country—besides the fact she didn't have a passport, but that was muggle business. It's only when they found her tampering. By what they've claim "in illegal possession of". Of course, Emer had no other reason to go to a distant country other than what the court heard her explain, time and time again. Frankly, she was surprised they didn't put her elsewhere when deemed "delusional".

"Thank you," She says when a passerby drops a coin.
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A person begging for money...in this area of town? She raised an eyebrow as the man who had served her asked if everything was alright. She nodded giving a kind thank you before he left her again...to stare at the woman once more. She stared at her purse, wondering if she should or not. Part of her wanted to...she was naturally a helpful woman. The other part of her listened to her father's warnings about people not being honest.

She still found her fingers picking out a handful of change as well as a couple bills and walking over, her stiletto boots making sounds each step of the way. Setting it down into the thing the woman had set up for people who wanted to help her out she smiled and stood, heading back to her latte with one last kind smile on her almost snow white face.
 #15432  by Emer Fallon
"Thank you," she nods. The more Emer sat alone, the more her mind wandered toward the future. What needed to be done and what to prepare for. Her tolerance for stress was arguable, yet manageable, but became distant in return.

The bright wash from the woman's blouse catches Emer's attention the further she walks away, but turns to a structure instead. Thoughts of warm meals and hot tea drifted in her mind when recognizing it as a cafe. Sudden hunger pains erupt while a wave of dizziness washes over. Personal needs... how could she have forgotten?

Perhaps this plan wasn't well thought. It's happened before, but only on two occasions and neither lasted long. It was impossible to come up with any more plausible methods whilst denying they were brought on by impulsive habits. Despite ignoring this instinct, from the back of her mind she could hear her Mothers scolding voice. If she ever did return, the least she wanted was to lie about was her health. As silly as it was, this fact alone would force Emer into taking care of herself.

Lanky fingers grasp the bucket, and counted the change inside. At least €4.50. She stands and shoves most of the money inside her pocket. Halfway, the bucket left neatly next to a trashcan, in case anyone would deem her littering. After situating her dull jacket, she opens the door, signaling a bell chime above.

"Welcome!" A worker shouts.

Smells of home-cooked goods enter her senses. With another glance around, it was busy when taking a spot in line. Her eyes pass the woman before, but nothing more than in recognition.
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The latte now cold, she stood up and went to leave. Her bag on her arm she saw the woman re-enter the shop, The worker got her attention though she did turn back to the woman. She didn't know what was going on in the woman's mind but she did know that she was in a hard place.
"Hey," She smiled walking up to her.

Her smile gentle she knew her father and grandfathers would be frowning at this...but being a naturally friendly person she wanted to do this, her father was busy working in Japan and her grandfathers were vampires. It was daytime making her safe.
"Can I treat you to lunch? The company would be nice." She said meaning that, not only could she help someone...but she could kill time before she had to meet the company.
 #15435  by Emer Fallon
Emer felt guilty her predicament inclined this stranger to help. She didn't want others carry her burdens, no less involving them in these circumstances.

As kind as the woman was, Emer didn't want to impose. Then there was the stigma of having a criminal record. Granted, her "crimes" weren't anything akin to murder or theft (mostly), but if this woman were to exclaim against Emer, it would bring too much attention. Her main priority needed to remain indistinguishable. Even being in this building with these various types of people created a paranoid feeling within her.

Before moving upward she flashes a flat smile, "...I do appreciate the offer, but I'm sorry." Her voice was coarse, occupied with an irish drawl.
 #15436  by Miyuki Takayama
What the woman didn't know was a criminal record in her opinion wasn't a problem, something that was rare with most people and most people might shame this woman for that...however, she had a father and grandfather in the Japanese mafia. She looked confused, what was the woman sorry about? Was she sorry because she had to take the offer or because she was denying the offer?

She started poking around her body as if confused before smiling and saying,
"Sorry for what? I'm not bleeding." Even if the woman was saying sorry for not taking the offer it seemed that Miyuki wasn't allowing her to confirm that. She, however, didn't know that the woman was a 'criminal' to begin with.
 #15437  by Emer Fallon
To Emer's dismay, her own body language wasn't impactful enough. Sometimes this wasn't successful anyway, and likewise after, the failure would proceed a very awkward circumstance that she felt trapped in. The woman continued, remaining pleasant, but confused at her statement. Emer feared if refusing directly, she'd feel fault for both denying or offend her.

"Sorry," she pauses, "I just need to be on my way after this—"

A true statement. Emer really had no intention of lying, but at the same time, keep herself discreet. The combination with such "honesty" and "secrecy" were complicated to juggle. Swiftly, she checks her watch. Although well kept, It was broken, but the action eased her. She glances to the personage in front, hoping they wouldn't take long, but only briefly as she didn't want the other beside her feel unwelcome.
 #15438  by Miyuki Takayama
She'd seen this body language before, well not this exact on as everyone was there own person. However, she got the tone of it this woman's version of it well enough.
"Souka." She smiled. She held no ill will, as while different she'd seen her father try to politely shoo people away as well...admittedly more directly. She also knew that everyone had their reasons and stories as to why and that was to be respected.
"Don't be sorry, I was a little too direct." She gave a polite nod. "Have a good day, and stay safe." She said regarding the streets.

She walked back, only going past her table and headed to the door running her hand through her naturally white toned hair. She realized she hadn't given her name...that might have helped the tension, but it was also a little late to turn back and say it...right?
 #15443  by Emer Fallon
Emer nods in understanding, but gains a sense of release from the woman's retreat. Her turn was next in line, and orders a small cup of water and a cookie.

After exiting, her form slips to the side of the building instead of facing the main street. The cookie already eaten, and in turn, washes her face with the water—drinking the rest. Her attention switches to the money, counting what left. Enough to buy more water if needed, but the little she had eased her parched mouth. She puts it back and eases in the clearing.

However, it seemed the plastic bucket went missing when she checked. Emer was sure she left it by the trashcan. She even peeked inside just for good measure, but it wasn't there. Her fingers fiddle with the cup in her hand, smoothing over its paper surface. Funny how the one object she didn't want to use was now her only choice. A sigh escapes from her nostrils, but glides back to the same spot before.

Since this area was still London, Emer needed to relocate. If she made that much, she was bound to make enough for a bus trip. Yet, her mind went blank the more she thought. All her progress was gone, and gaining residence anywhere could prove difficult. As much as Emer wanted to think ahead, there seemed to be endless obstacles in the way. Her gut sinks, but her emotions were complicated to grasp.
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She caught Miyuki at the door pulling her into a massive bear hug...one the albino was probably not entirely happy with. She'd been accused of being too friendly once or twice by both the girl's father and the girl but admitted they would rather see this side than the side she showed most people.
"Miyuki! I heard you were in town." She smiled.

The look Miyuki had on her face, however, wasn't too happy, running her hand through Miyuki's hair she frowned.
"Something happen in the 2 hours you have been in town?" She asked.
 #15452  by Miyuki Takayama
She sighed as she watched the same thing repeat...it was like a broken record. Though unlike the ghosts in her grandfathers home at least this was new. Part of her really did want to know what kept that woman who was now back at the stoop so guarded. She went to walk out all the way when she was pulled into a hug that un-eased her, her body going rigid. She was a sweetheart, everyone thought so. Everyone also knew if it wasn't her father or grandfathers hugging her she was uneasy with tight hugs.

She gently pulled away chuckling, looking only a second at the woman before turning full attention to Yukiko. Yukiko didn't need to know how badly she wanted to help this stranger for some unseen reason, She'd be seen as odd and for once it wouldn't be because of her naturally white hair and eyebrows.
"U-um nothing. Really. How have you been aunt?" She smiled, nodding as she remembered the first words the woman said.

Finally getting into something she could talk freely about..and something that came naturally she gave a more natural childlike smile.
"I'm making it Yukiko...I'm really making it. Just another two hours and I'll have my first major contract!" She gleamed with excitement.