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 #14061  by Markus Green
Well, that was a pity. She and him seemed to have both full-time jobs. His son kept hiding from his mother knowing the truth would soon come out. He shook his head as his mother asked for a hug trying to look cute as he did it. Sadly he looked nothing but when his sister proudly stated:
'He hid daddy's glasses! Wanted a soda if he was going to give them back!'...well siblings were always getting to one another right?

He sighed,
"Somewhere in the house?" He offered. To the exact location, he did not know...which is why he was sightless at the moment.
 #14156  by Ragen Martin
Ragen didn't look happy to hear one of the children had hidden their daddy's glasses. "Well that was rather naughty, Ambro. You know your daddy needs those glasses to see. Now you tell your daddy where you've hidden his glasses, or there's no ice cream after your dinner, and you don't get the little surprise I bought for you and your sister".

Ragen actually had bought nothing for the children, but if Ambro was a good boy and fessed up where the glasses were, she'd have to buy something on her way home.
 #14157  by Ambrose Noble
He patted Marks' shoulder and gave his wife a polite nod, as he grabbed his food. Break was about over and he wanted to eat before he had to mess with the chemicals that would ruin the food.
"I should get going. I have food to eat still." He smiled before giving her a friendly hug and walked off.

The family looked like they wanted personal time anyway.
 #14160  by Markus Green
Ambro seemed upset that his bribe was going down the creek, but mommy had a treat for him. Mark, however, didn't see that as a good idea. He did agree with Ambrose about him and his wife needing to teach the child respect for people with disabilities. He knelt down,
"Ambro, daddy does need to know. I have work that needs them tomorrow." He said kindly. "Or as your mom said no dessert."

He wasn't going to stop his wife from buying a gift for their children, but he'd rather she didn't in this situation...Ambro looked sour but the idea of getting a new toy...that interested him.
'On top of the fireplace!' He gave it up. Which mean...Benji had already found them. "How did you....Nevermind. I don't want to know." This boy was still too short to pull that off by himself.
 #14222  by Ragen Martin
Ragen said her farewells to Ambrose before he left, saying "you'll have to come for dinner one evening when you're free" then turned her attention back to Ambro. So, he did as he was told and gave up the whereabouts of his daddy's glasses. "Good boy" she said, but she didn't have any toys for him.

"Now, for being a good boy and telling us where you hid the glasses, you can have your dessert after dinner. But the surprise I bought for you and your sister will have to wait, because you were naughty and hid them in the first place". Ragen's idea was to reward Ambro for good behavior, but the fact she didn't have anything to give right now was punishment for his naughty behavior of hiding the glasses. Whatever she got the kids on her way home, she'd have to give Jewel her gift later as she had done nothing wrong.

"What do you think, daddy? Has he earned his dessert by telling you where the glasses were?" Ragen knew she could spoil the kids a little sometimes, she'd be all stern and strict when telling off, but then she'd want to treat them with toys and goodies, especially if they did as they were told. She never really did think bribing was not the best thing to do, as all she could think about was making her babies happy.
 #14223  by Markus Green
Ambro looked displeased and looked at his father with watery eyes, not realizing his prank kinda took the effect away he wanted...Mark let his wife take over knowing she was less likely to give into the children when it came to their puppy eyes or crying. Mark didn't want to ruin his son's day all the way so he nodded, smiling toward his wife's voice.
"I think he's earned his dessert, but your mothers right about the gift." He messed with his son's hair who groaned about how unfair they were being.
"Unless you don't want," He didn't even get to finish his sentence as the boy quickly said 'I'm sorry daddy...'.

Jewel put her arms up wanting to be picked up, and Ambro followed her actions knowing that daddy didn't pick him up when he had his cane in use.