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 #13521  by Ambrose Noble
It was just another day to him, another day focusing on work until it was lunchtime...which he hadn't packed for once. As he walked down the shops, some of them selling food he was trying to choose which one to get lunch from...something he hadn't done in six years and didn't know where to start. He had in hands in his pockets as he looked at the names of each place. Nothing sounded good...

He settled with a little cafe and ordered a small lunch, sitting down he looked at the sky lost in the colors as he picked at his food and sipped his drink. He was used to his office, not the outside world... He exhaled, picking up the food and packing it up. he'd eat it in his office. At least keep that normal. He hadn't even stood up when his drink ended up in his lap. He didn't care about the drink...or that it had spilled on him. He cared about the social situation that came with it.
 #13522  by Maria Selkirk
Maria was out and about doing her usual thing; shopping, which you would think it was a tedious task for the werewolf as it was just food shopping for her and the pack, which she does all the time. But she enjoyed it. It might have been the motherly nature she has for the other members of the pack, and she wants them to have everything they need that made her enjoy it.

After lots of shopping and several bags in her hands, Maria decided to stop for a coffee before heading home. She deserved a treat after all that shopping, and so she headed into the nearest cafe she could find. Maria was just turning to head into the shop, when she accidentally bumped someone's table with her bags, causing the man's coffee to spill into his lap.

"Oh crap! I'm sorry!" she shouted in horror that she did that. Maria wasn't a person who got embarrassed easily, but she was feeling it right now as she felt the heat rush to her cheeks. Maria put her bags down and grabbed some napkins off the table out of the dispenser to try and help clean up the mess... Just what had spilt onto the table before it landed in the guy's lap, she didn't want to start invading that area to help him, so instead she handed a few napkins to him to clean that up himself.
 #13523  by Ambrose Noble
Probably a good idea that she didn't personally try to help him, seeing as he wasn't a people person, to begin with...and the spill was in an area he wouldn't want anyone around. He cleared his throat, not saying a word as he took them and set the coffee cup back on the table. This is why he stayed in his office...and didn't wander around town.
"It's fine, Really." He said calmly as he tabbed to appease her attempt. He wasn't concerned about his pants, a wash would do it fine. He had a spell he used on his clothes when washing them for stains like this...and other chemicals.

He hadn't even looked at her yet, he didn't want to look. Because that meant...He'd actually have to talk with her more than two words and he was awkward with words.
 #13595  by Maria Selkirk
Maria didn't care that the guy said it was fine, to her it wasn't, and so she continued to help clean up the table. As the werewolf continued to mop up what coffee had spilled on the table, she had noticed the guy hadn't looked at her, he must have either been super pissed with her, or maybe he was awkward or maybe just a shy man. She wasn't sure, but she shrugged it off and conditioned with what she was doing.

Once all the coffee on the table was mopped up, Maria put the wet napkins into a neat pile at the side. She looked to the guy and said "I know you said it was fine, but again I am sorry. I'll go and get you another coffee, what were you drinking?"
 #13600  by Ambrose Noble
With his pants wiped up, for the most part, he set the napkins down where the others were placed and finally looked up at the woman that was in front of him. He wasn't upset about the coffee, he was unsure he wanted to be social- and he was seriously wondering why he'd even come out today. It almost felt like his heart was beating out of his chest.
"It's fine, I was just about to go anyway." He said, "Plus it wasn't that high in price anyway. Black coffee's the cheapest thing here." He said being honest about that.

He'd gotten about 5 paces when he ran into someone else. Someone almost as tall as him.
 #13601  by Markus Green
Every time his son misplaced his glasses, he was always reminded why they were such a golden gift. He almost wanted to choke the sweet little boy that was clinging to his hand blackmailing him for a sweet roll, his sister joining in on the prize while scolding her brother for his actions. The two kids paused as the two collided, Marks cane being caught by his daughter who handed it back to him while his son laughed. There would be a talking to by both parents that night. Maybe even uncle Benji who was looking for them now, just in case the child forgot where he hid them.

"Uncle Ambrose!" The two cheered, Mark sighing in relief and feeling the mans chest and face to make sure it was him. It was him, and his heart rate was up ten fold.
"Ambrose...You need to calm down. Before you have a heart attack, now what is going on?" He asked getting the feeling he was getting a look of confusion.
"Ambro here...Hid my glasses." He explained.
 #13790  by Maria Selkirk
To Maria it wasn't really about the price of the coffee, it was the principle of it. She knocked his drink over, so she should have replaced it. It would have made her feel better, as after all the guy had come out for a quiet cupper and she ruined it, the least she could do was replace his drink then leave him in peace.

It didn't seem like he wanted another coffee, though, as the guy got up to leave, only to be stopped by another man and a couple of kids. Maria smiled a little seeing the two children, it reminded her of her own, the ones she had to give up a long time ago. Great, now she was sad.

"I knocked his coffee over and was going to get another, but unfortunately he won't let me make it up to him with a new one" she explained to the other man when he asked what was going on.
 #13791  by Ambrose Noble
"Ambro!" He tried to act normal for the boy as he picked him up. The kids were really close to him really...he didn't want them to see him having problems at the moment. Looking at Mark he shook his head.
"I'm fine...really." Taking a minute to look at the woman he said nothing as he looked at Ambro. "Really? you know your fathers blind without them. That wasn't very nice."

He looked back at the girl.
"I'm sorry, I'm not good with people...I really should have just stayed in my office." He said not wanting her to feel bad about it.
 #13794  by Markus Green
"Fine...you know better than to lie to me." He simply said, hearing the woman behind Ambrose. He nodded, feeling his child's hand leave his he only relaxed knowing it was Ambrose who had done it. He chuckled, keeping his daughters hand in his as he walked around the man and offered his hand out to her...hoping he was in front of her.
"He has...social anxiety. Forgive him." He simply said.

"And why should you be trapped in that forsaken office day in and day out?" He asked with a raised eyebrow towards Ambrose's voice. "He finds it easier to play hide and seek when I can't see I guess." He mused, half joking. while it annoyed him...his little boy was too cute to stay mad at.
 #13806  by Maria Selkirk
"It's fine, don't worry about it" she replied with a smile to both Ambrose and Mark She watched the children a little more with a warm smile on her face, but soon looked over to the younger women when she appeared.

Well, it seemed like there was a bit of a family gathering happening, and not wanting to be in the middle of that and start feeling awkward herself, she a said "I'll leave you to it then. I'm sorry again" then went on her way.
 #13811  by Ambrose Noble
"It's fine, it was all me." He said honestly, before looking at Mark. Sighing he put his bag of food on the table and putting the boy down so he could run to his mother...well now going to the office was not about to happen. He heard Regan and knew that instantly.
"Because I like my office?" He raised an eyebrow...that feeling obviously in his tone.

Ambro laughed as his dad mentioned hiding and seeking being easier with a blind man.
"No Ambro, that's not nice. That's cheating, and messing with a person who has issues with sight." He said as nicely as he could. "He's your dad, you should respect him a little more."
 #13825  by Markus Green
His ears perked up, hearing his beloved wife's voice ring through the air. It was music to his ears on a normal day...not when his son had acted up on him earlier that day however with proof being left over. Listening to Ambrose, he pulled his son away gently not wanting his wife to see someone else parent their child.
"Listen to uncle Ambrose next time, because your moms not going to be as easy going as I am about it." He said gently.

"Ambrose, your office doesn't give you anything but a reason to be consumed with work." He merely said as she walked up to them. "My dear." He said kissing her on the cheek.
"Out of work early today?" He asked. He was always happy when she was...because it meant they would have family time. Family time was becoming rare.

His daughter ran to hug her mother while his son shied away knowing his mom would know he was the one who had hid his father's glasses...because well... he'd done it before.
 #14055  by Ragen Martin
Ragen greeted her children, then her husband, enjoying that little kiss she recieved on her cheek. She looked over to Ambrose and smiled, "afternoon, Ambrose, everything ok with you these days?"

When Mark asked if Ragen had finished work early, she shook her head to say no. Not that he could see without his glasses, but she hadn't noticed they were missing yet. "I'm afraid not, I'm just on break and decided to run some errands while I had the free time. But I can always finish those errands tomorrow" she'd much rather spend some time with her family.

Noticing Ambro shying away, Ragen gave him a curious look. "What's wrong, Ambro? Can't I have hug?" Looking to Mark to see if he knew why their son was behaving this way, she noticed he was missing his glasses. "Where are you glasses?"