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Time: 9:00 pm
Date: 6/29/2022
A vampire on a hunt for prey, a girl looking sweet as can be. A girl who was in her late 40's if you wanted to go by years...but her immortal flesh would always be that of a 22-year-old. Hair curled, black jeans on and a tank top with the words 'welcome to hell' across the front she walked down the now dark streets as her boots made their typical sounds on the cement. She trotted down town square, enjoying the sights and the smell of the young men that walked past her as she reminded herself not all were wizards anymore. This new change...was annoying all of her kind.

She could smell them, oh yes. All the muggle's running around. It was sickening. There was a joke in her family, about her being an almost muggle lover because she hadn't wanted to take the mark all those years back. Truth was, even though she didn't want the mark...didn't mean she wanted to hang around muggles.

What she didn't expect was to see her brother staring at a muggle 'phone' in the middle of the square.
"Confused little brother?" She said, one turning their heads as he had continued to age.
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He looked back at her and tossed it,
"Have your wand out for one bloody moment I swear." He muttered. "Guy just...dropped it, and all these light just started coming out of it." He shrugged.
"May I ask what you're doing out? Knocturn alley is normally your hunting ground. Fewer muggles." He said getting a look from one of them as they passed by. Who knew they could be so sensitive?

She looked normal with it, as her age range seemed to fit with the age range most muggles were who carried them, their eyes seemed to be glued to the things. Did no one talk face to face anymore?
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She chuckled, she never had that problem...being undead and all. Magic rarely even affected her now. But heaven forbid you show a fang. She caught it and looked at the screen...it had a photo of a blond woman in...obviously this was a teenage boy's phone. It started singing a ringtone from the 80's as she looked at it. Why did Mark assum...that she wanted it?
"Ok, just cause a teenage boy drops it...doesn't mean I want my hands all over it." She deadpanned. Who know's where that boy's hands had been...judging by this photo...

She shrugged,
"Actually no muggles end up down there. The few that do don't last long." She corrected. "But I figured I'd try to find some fresh meat." She finished getting a few looks on that one...you know...wizards may steer clear? But knew better than to look her way after a comment like that. Now she was wishing she had gone to knockturn alley.
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she really needed to learn some tact, while all her victims were willing...someone just walking like say oh... Ministry? Wouldn't know that by the little line she had just said. He chuckled, he hadn't looked at the phone, but that music was outdated by even their standards.
"Actually...it was an older man." He said, getting a look on her face even he had to laugh at. "That bad?" He asked.

"Prudence, how about you keep that talk for knockturn alley." He suggested. "No one knows your meals are willing by how you talk, and I'd rather not have Barbas have to pick up the mess for your miss wording." He said going to take the phone back. Maybe he'd try to find its owner...prove not all wizards were bad.
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Explained the song choice, didn't help her mental image. She dropped the phone and crushed it with the heel of her boot without a further word, people needed to learn...one could only be that open about those things if they were young and as beautiful as her or her husband were. Otherwise...you were just a creep.
"Yeah..." She simply shot back. "And it's not funny. If your not amazing like me or Dexon...you can't pull that off." She smirked.

She walked past the remains of the crushed phone and put his arm around his shoulders...awkwardly. He was far too tall for it to go smoothly. She was no longer into finding a man tonight, after that. She'd have a nightcap with Mark and catch up with him. It had been a couple weeks since she and Dexon had spent the weekend at his house with Benji and them. She kinda missed his two adorable little kids.
"How's the kids?" She asked leading him to a local pub.
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"Prue!" He exclaimed as he looked at what was left of the phone, looking at her like she was nuts. However, it was too late for the phone...and he didn't know if there were any spells to repair muggle things. He sighed and rolled his eyes at her cockiness, She was the perfect representation of the sin 'pride'.
"Your prides going to get you hurt one day." He said simply.

He fixed his glasses as she headed towards one of the local pubs in that area, asking about his kids. She was great with them and was even in his will to get them after he and his wife's time were up. On the agree she didn't turn them, that was something he didn't want for his children. However, her and Dexon would be a great support for them once her and Ragen were gone. Not that he liked thinking about that time, he knew Prudence didn't either and hadn't told her yet about that part of his will.
"There wonderful, giving mom a hard time here and there but all in all they are behaving." He chuckled. "You should stay this weekend." He suggested,
"Ambro is asking where you are." He finished.
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"Maybe in the next 2000 years." She muttered, chuckling as she directed him into the purple and red colored pub that was across the street. Part of her wondered how long it would be until Binx manor was the only place not taken over by that obnoxious muggle technology, surely in the next decade even wizards would start picking up on it. Part of her wanted to take their coven and move to an island, eat off the fish and the poor people who chose to visit. The plan being when everything had changed and it was the only vampires left.

"So is his namesake. Been busy." She ordered Mark a soda and her a short of bourbon. Sitting down she looked out with an interesting look on her face as she saw an old man curse at the remains of his phone. Served him right, She shrugged and went to her drink.
"Jewel hasn't asked about me? So sad...Thought we were girlfriends." She smirked. The girl was a lot like her dad, into books. Prue was trying to turn her into a little diva...but was failing much to the little girl's mothers joy.
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"Yeah," He chuckled. "No." He finished. His little girl really wasn't into aunty Prue trying to get to dress like a lady. She liked her books and her time alone to read them when her brother wasn't annoying her to play. He shook his head as the man went back for his now broken phone.
"you know...that wasn't nice." He simply said, but he let it go. Taking a drink of his soda he looked at her with a raised eyebrow...no time for Ambrose? What was she getting into now?
"You hand her one more dress, she'll go nuts." He said getting back to the part of his kids. Whatever she was doing...he didn't want to know.

"Genesis pop up lately?" He asked. Years ago Genesis walked out again, leaving Prue a note and a locket. It took years but they were on postcard level of being friendly. Mark, however, didn't want anything to do with him. He'd pop up for advice and attempts to get the family together again, it took him five more years but he realized his mistake on walking out again.
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She chuckled, giving him a fangy grin as he mentioned that his little girl wasn't into begging for her company. The girl was honestly just like her dad- take out his reasoning for being such a bookworm. She was also into muggle computers like her mother...which hadn't really been up any of the Binx's road.
"I'm not nice Mark, and his phone cover was creepy." She simply said. That coming from Prue meant something...She was all about blood and dark settings, people normally found her creepy.
"Aww...but that black sparkly one was totally up her alley!" She pouted.

She shook her head,
"Nope...other than the last time in the workplace he's not been by. I think he gave up on the family meet up." She said honestly. Which was honestly all for the best given how Genesis was still not really...accepted by anyone other than the twins and only to a point her. Dexon hadn't liked him since day one and Genesis hadn't really given him a reason to change his opinion.
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He just sighed, shaking his head he took a drink of his soda as he bluntness about it. He was shaking his head five seconds later when she made the assumption that the dress had been to his daughter's liking. She liked bit comfy sweaters and jeans, sometimes she'd wear sweatpants when in the house lounging or a comfy pair of shorts. He was shocked she liked to keep her hair long honestly.
"Prue, she lounges in sweatpants." He simply said. "Maybe start with a tank top- wait no don't. Because I don't need her showing that much skin." He said his protective father instices coming into high gear.

He simply nodded, kinda glad Genesis seemed to have some common sense.
"Like that would have worked out anyway." He muttered. If anything the two family's...no three would have been at each other's throats. Shiro's family was super pro Japanese in the respect of 'family' and other than Yukiko's side and Shiro to some respect...the rest of the family wasn't known to mingle.
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She cut him off right there, not wanting to listen to the fashion disaster that was becoming that sweet an innocent little child.
"And that you should have cut off when it had started." She chastised. Hmm... that was an idea, Mark still hadn't learned that he should keep his mouth shut if he didn't want her to go through with said ideas.
"That, Mark is a wonderful idea." She grinned.

"Probably not." She said taking a sip of her drink as she focused on the wall, Genesis had hurt her. Deeply that night he walked out again, but she hadn't let it show. She didn't want people to know she gave a damn about him, about what he did...She didn't want them to know that part of her. the part that was still human wanted to go back to the time where she was still human and playing in Batsu manor. Happy. Growing old with Dexon and a child as the manor was passed down.
"Let's face it Mark, The Takayama's would tear everyone a new hole." She chuckled not wanting to bring it up.
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"how am I supposed to tell my own child she can't wear what she wants in her own home? I was just glad it wasn't a short skirt and a revealing top." He chuckled. He was honestly happy with how she was turning out, His little ball of energy that was already working on her potions at home...oh how proud he was of her.
"That wasn't an idea Prue...Don't you dare try it." He said sternly. He knew this woman too well.

'Everyone but Sadao...' He happily thought. Shiro had finally managed to kill his own father a few years back, though it hadn't healed the wounds all the way. He felt for the man, he understood the man. But he also wasn't going to bring that up, he was just happy Shiro finally accepted them as family and that was thanks to Benji. There were a lot of things unsaid, a lot of things they all kept buried. While the wizarding world kept the scars of the war, they had their own scars separate from the rest. But here they were in year 2022...and happy. For once they were all at peace.
"At least we know where Yukiko Gets it." He chuckled. "I think Gemma and Benji are the only kind one in the bunch when it comes to adults." He shook his head.
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"Typical father." She laughed as she slid her glass onto the table to have it refilled, Mark was still on his first soda...she internally shook her head on how fast he ate and drank anything in front of him. She grinned, taking his words as a challenge. Oh yes, she would change the girl just yet.
"You know me Mark...bring it." She smirked, in all honesty, she wouldn't do anything. She loved that little girl...and would let it go if her trying to dress her up was really bugging her that much.

"Aww Mark, your kind!" She hugged him. "sometimes too kind, I mean...how can you listen to strangers drone on and on about their problems and just sit there?" She truly didn't understand that, unless they were a cute boy or girl she was trying to get into bed...She would just stand up and walk away. She had no time for that.
"Yup...Yukiko is a trip for sure. But that's why we clicked in school, girl's great as plotting you know." She winked.
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"Call it what you want Prue, but what she lacks in being you...she makes up for in skill. She's making potions I was making at her age and we all know how advanced I was." He said rather proudly. Her brother honestly wasn't too far behind, but that was because of the tutors that he had hired and the help of his sister. He'd still do well in school once he got into Hogwarts if he kept on the right path.
"Prue..." He warned getting a grin that said she was joking. Good. "You scare me you know." He chuckled.

"It's called having decency for humanity." He deadpanned. He didn't get how she could just walk away from someone in need, but that was Prudence. If she didn't know you, she wasn't about to sit and listen to your problems. If she liked you...shed take care of them herself, he'd give her that much.
"Oh, you mean the plots that I ruined?" He asked.
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"Oh Mark...that was a cheap shot." She laughed, "But you have a point...You were advanced, and so is she but...not much excitement there." She said simply. She chuckled at the face he had before calming down and patting his back. Oh yes, she was...and she loved it.
"Yup...and I'll never change." She surmised.

"Yeah, yeah. Where did that get you? From what I remember it wasn't me listening to your problems that created this friendship...it was me bugging you." She mused, but she was glad she did it. She loved this man beside her, like a dear brother. "Yeah, stop doing that by the way. Get's in the way of my plans." She smirked. "I was thinking...this weekend Me and my husband should take your family out, dinner. On us?" She asked. They all had enough money, but it was always nice to be treated.