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Florian stood before Anna’s door... or Levi Perskey’s door, Florian thought, rolling his eyes.

He had not been happy to learn she was now living with the man...

Or, well no. What did he care? Whatever... she could do as she pleased. Live with the owner of a notorious Black Market street gang. Nice Anna, nice...

He was not doing the best job of not caring.

Florian heaved a sigh, then whispered, “Get a grip man... you just have jitters because it’s been so long since that night... once you see her it will be fine”

And so after rolling his shoulders a bit and running his fingers through his hair, Florian knocked on the door to the flat and waited.
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Ana had been zipping some of dresses up to be dry-cleaned. She was not one for designer clothing, and enjoyed going to vintage shops, but the couple she did have needed to be handled with care. As much as she liked Levi's place, it wasn't quite well equipped to deal with expensive fabrics like these. Leaving the few pieces on the bed, she turned and headed to the door after the knock.

Without thinking, she opened it.

"I guess it didn't take as long as you-"

When she finally looked up, she saw Florian stood there. She froze. Ana had not been expecting that, and soon shuffled on her feet.

"Florian...hi. What are you doing here?"
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“Hi Ana...” was all Florian said for a moment as he just looked at her, but after a moment he shook his head, and glancing down the hall he said, “Sorry for the sudden intrusion into your life. But would it be alright if I came in? I need your help... but I would rather not talk about it out here in the hall.”

Glancing past her then he said, “Is erm... Persky here?”

He sure hoped not...
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Ana bit her lip. It wasn't her home. Levi had made that clear by wanting her out sooner rather than later...but judging by Florian's face, it was important.

Ana took a deep breath and nodded, stepping aside and letting him in, closing the door behind him.

"Would you like a drink of tea or coffee?"
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But Florian shook his head, saying, “No, but thank you.”

He glanced around the flat. It was nice, very nice. Large fireplace, big living room, vaulted ceiling, book case every where....

“Nice place you have here,” he said before turning back to her and saying, “Alright. As I said I need your help. Well Andi does really. I... wouldn’t come if it was for me,” he said with a rye smile. “But Ana... Andi has been arrested by the Ministry of Magic. He was drugged by a vampire and through this believes he was an accesory to murder with Wesley. He believes he was involved in terrible plots and his conscience made him feel he had to turn himself in. He never told me what he was doing and I found out too late.”

Holding up his hands then he said, “And please... don’t ask me how I let him get i to this mess... I have been through hell lately, and I am sure it’s my fault, but Ana please... if we need a character whitness, will you come?”

He looked at her hopefully then, but he was sure she would for Andi in an instant.
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Ana furrowed her brows deeply as he spoke, remaining silent as he explained. She swallowed thickly, looking away for a moment, trying to take it all in.

"I...he...why would he ever believe he did that?" She asked, but then shook her head. "That's not important. Of course I will help. He has always been sweet and kind-natured as long as I've known him. I can't imagine what's driven him to believe such things to this extent..."

She bit her lip.

"But Florian...You're doing that thing you do with Andi..." She pressed her lips. "I will help you if you stop blaming yourself. I know already that you didn't cause this...and all I ever saw you do was care and love that boy. So don't think you 'let him get into a mess'...he's an adult too. And even so, I've only ever seen you look after him like a son. The fact you're here at all is a big sign how much you care."

She cleared her throat.

"So when do I need to appear before court or whatever it is I need to do?"
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Florian raised his brows as Anna told him not to blame himself. He remembered quite well how she would criticize him... Gently criticizing that is... When it came to how he treated Andy and how he related to him. In fact and I had been very instrumental in helping his relationship with his nephew grow to something beyond employer and employee.

Well it was nice to see that someone saw this...

"I don't know," said Florian "there is no court date set yet or anything. Me and some others I know are working on a plan right now that might in fact get him out. Even if it does not go to trial, our plan would be helped very much if you could go down there at some point and speak to them. Tell them how you know Andy and how you know this is not in his nature. And..."

Florian ran his fingers through his hair, almost nervously, then said,

"Thanks... For your kind words. I know they are true but... not everyone sees that. One person who doesn't see it at the moment is AndI. But he has been going through a lot lately. And I think he needs some time out on his own to see that I have his best interest at heart, even if I do make mistakes. But there was a girl-a woman- that I liked very much, and whom I had a high opinion of. She really gave me a tongue-lashing about what a selfish, self-serving monster she believed me to be and how I was no good for Andy and basically ruined anything I put my hands on."

Florian glanced away. He couldn't help it. When he last left Anna she also told him what she thought of him and his ways. Likely she thought that this other woman had simply done the same. But it had not been the same. Anna had spoken with truth and honesty. Things he needed to hear. Cecil had spoken from emotion anger, and resentment. He knew her words were not true... Or we're at least not half as true as she made them out to be... But they still hurt. It was nice to know that someone actually thought well of him. Even if that someone was ironically Anna.
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Ana nodded to him, making sure he knew he had her full attention. When he'd stopped, she spoke gently in return.

"You said girl, right? I'm guessing she's a chunk younger?" She lifted a brow. "Now, I personally think age difference isn't a reason not to date someone...unless it break laws which I highly doubt it did. But I guess..."

She paused, trying to frame her words kindly.

"In harsh moments like these, people really show their experience in dealing with tough matters, or lack of experience. Andi will be the same. As sweet and mild-mannered he is, he didn't talk a lot about his emotions because he was trying to be mature. Maybe this woman was doing the same. It isn't a bad thing...but I think experience does help to teach us that hiding everything isn't helpful or the answer. We have to pick our battles, and clearly, she picked a battle too severe for the situation."

Ironic that she was talking about picking battles with her thoughts about her situation with Levi right now.

"But that doesn't make her a bad person. Nor does it make her right. A tongue-lashing is just that...and sometimes, even if not true, we can learn from them. And already, you're proving her wrong. Entirely wrong. Because you're sat here with an ex-girlfriend to help Andi. It may not be fighting off vampires or spending weeks on a deserted island, but it's still brave and selfless to do so. You came to this home, knowing there was a chance Levi was here, that there could be awkward moments, irritations, misunderstandings. And you came anyway."

"Take everything that girl said to you, write it down if you must. And then tear that page up, and through it off a cliff. Because you have never been selfish to Andi. I have never seen you purposely hurt that boy. And maybe it wasn't always perfect and you had moments you wanted to think of yourself, but in the end I always saw you going back to him. You always put him first. And now more than ever, you are his father. And that, Florian, you can tattoo on your arm because that is the truth."

She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"He needs you more than ever right now. Whether he appreciates it or not, whether she sees it or not, whether the court sees it. You are going to be the father you are to him because I know that's the sort of person you are."
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Florian looked at Anna in Surprise! How had she known?...

Of course she hadn't.

She wasn't there that day that Andi called him father. But it was because she knew it in her heart. She knew Florian was more than just the closest thing and you have to a father.

He wanted to hold her in that moment. Just Embrace her as a thank you. but he couldn't. Emotions were suddenly too close to the surface for his comfort.

Instead Florian cleared his throat, then said, "thank you... You cannot imagine how much your words mean to me right now. I am sick out of my mind with worry for Andi. I don't even want to begin to think what Azkaban would do to him."

Smirking then slightly, and wanting to change the tone he said, "but I actually did fight a vampire you know? Wesley. He came to my place when he found I meant to go after him for so many things he had done to Andy, myself, you, other people I care about... And that is something I want you to know to Anna. Was the Marlow is dead. He will never come back to haunt you. No I didn't kill him with my own hands," he said, holding them up. "But I did have a hand in making sure that he would never hurt another person again. I trampled others to see that it was done, but in the end no one died from it other than the evil son of a bitch himself..."
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Ana stared, speechless.

"What? He's...Marlowe is...dead?"

Why were her emotions bubbling up? She felt tears form at her eyes. She quickly stood up, offering a brief 'excuse me' before rushing to the kitchen. She pulled out a wine glass and swiftly filled it with white wine, drinking it down. It wasn't common for her to use alcohol like this. And she found herself leaning over the sink, holding back the tears.

"I...I'm so relieved." She squeaked out, nearly shaking from the revelation. "He's finally gone."
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Florian of course followed soon after, standing at the edge of the kitchen and watching her a moment before saying,

"Yes thank you... You would think that would be everyone's reaction."

But then seeing her tears he stepped up to her side, and putting his arm gently around her shoulders she said,

"I thought of you. I thought of what he had done to you. And how he had terrorized your family and killed one of your brothers. I hope this would give you peace.."
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"I have never wished someone's death. I could never do it myself. But knowing he's no long around, and knowing you didn't have to do it. It's all too much I-"

She turned into him, embracing him, crying into his shoulder, her fingers gripping the back of his shirt.

"It's finally over with him. I just, I can't...I don't even know what-"

She cut herself off with another sob, clinging to him.
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Florian wrapped his arms around her and held her close, rubbing her back gently as he said,

"Almost like we have been through a war together, isn't it? All those crazy crazy stressful times... But look at you now Ana," he said with a smile.

"You have such a good life. You have a good relationship with your brother again, all is well with your family, and you are with a man who really gets you, who really knows you Anna. Just let all the horrible, negative emotions from the past go. Trust me... I understand."

He really was trying to sound supportive of her current relationship, having no idea of the stress she was in now with it.
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"It's going to end soon, I can feel it." She sobbed out, unable to control it. "He wants me to move out. We agreed it would be best for me to find a place once I got a job here, but I thought...I thought he loved me. I thought he liked living with me. And he's been talking like I'll end up marrying someone else. And it feels like he doesn't want to talk about our future or children and-and-"

She pulled back, leaning on the counter, hanging her head.

"It feels like my first boyfriend all over again! He made out he loved me and then it just suddenly started to fade - he wanted to spend less time with me and didn;t want to talk about the future and didn't want me around or kept to small talk. It feels like he's more interested in Hugh and Zara's wedding than our possible wedding. What am I even saying? He hasn't even asked me to marry him. I practically had to remind him that he hadn;t said he loved me yet in Greece. I feel...I just feel like..."

She rubbed her eyes on her sleeve, weeping into the fabric.

"Every time I think my happy ending is coming, it just ends. It sneaks up on me out of nowhere. Whether it's my fault or what, I don't know. It just...I don't know what it is. Am I boring? Am I so unloveable? Am I predictable or high maintenance or is the whole fertility thing this massive black cloud that stops men from wanting me to be their forever?"
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Florian looks back at her in Surprise. Of all things he certainly was not expecting this! All her emotions made so much sense now...

"Anna, no..."he said, shaking his head. "Don't think those things about yourself. None of them are true. I can't speak for him. Maybe he's just stressed about work. Or maybe he is the sort that doesn't believe in marriage. I don't really know. And it wouldn't be fair of me to speculate. But it does sound like maybe there is an issue between the two of you. But what I can say is you are anything but boring. I mean think about it," he said with a laugh, tucking her under the chin with his finger, "when you and I were dating I never had a dull moment! I was playing drinking games with a bloodthirsty murderer many nights. And then another night I was fighting him for my life! And you and I were spending off disapproving bosses and nosy werewolves left and right, remember?" He said with a smile, hoping he could get her to laugh.

"And let us not forget your Gourmet baking skills. Very exciting to any man with a good appetite!"

Taking her hand then he said, "any man that would sneer at your infertility is a fool. Because you are more than enough. Your many virtues out stand whatever having children would bring. And if you ever have any doubts about men leaving you... Well..."

He squeezed her hand lightly, then said, "You will always have the memory of me begging you to come back to me... You have set a very high standard for any and all of my future girlfriends to try and follow."

Florian quickly cleared his throat, turning away as he said, "any chance I could get a glass of that wine?"

Maybe he should have left the last remark on said...