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The evening of New Year's Day Florian found himself walking up to the front door of Andi's flat, a heavy feeling in his heart.

Why I had everything been going so wrong lately? Was it really all his fault? Or was it Andy's? Or little of both? What was he supposed to do about it? If it was time for Andy to go then he could go... But Florian did not want things ending with them on such a bad note.

And so, taking a deep breath, Florian ran his fingers through his hair and then knocked on the door.
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Almost immediately, Andi swung the door open, a huge grin on his face. But in seeing his uncle, it soon feel.

"Oh..." He spoke awkwardly, fidgeting with his hands and glancing behind him to the clock on the wall. "Er...what's up? You forget something here or?"

He cringed at his own fake cheerfulness. After what he remembered about last night, he really didn't feel like himself right now. "If you're here to scold me, I'm not really in the mood soooo...maybe another time?"
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Florian’s mind seemed to go blank for a moment. What had he been planning to say? What had he spoken to Cecile about? He just looked back at Andi a moment in confusion before saying,

“What? No... no, no,no... I am not here to scold you. I’m done with that,” he said, holding up his hands. “Seriously, I just wanted to make sure you were alright and-“

But just then his eyes fell on Amdi’s throat and seeing the fresh marks there he did a double take and exclaimed, “Merlin! Damn it Andi!...” but bringing his hand up to his forehead and closing his eyes Florian took a deep breath... he just said he wasn’t there to scold him.

Lowering his hand and opening his eyes Florian said, “Sorry... clearly you are alive and all is well.”

Florian blew out a deep breath, then said, “I guess I also wanted to know if you are coming into work tomorrow. I know you quit but... two weeks notice is usually how it’s done. You are leaving me in a bit of a lurch if you don’t show up you know...?”
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Andi touched at his neck. Oh, right...Sora had bitten him. How had he already forgotten? Maybe because he was more just thinking of her than what she had left behind...he sort of hoped that she wasn't enjoying herself with Jens too much. Was that mean? Probably.

He shoved his hands in his pockets, kicking his heels on the floor.

"Well, er...I mean...Usually two weeks' notice is right but you also didn't hire me in the typical way. Y'know...just took me on 'cause I was your nephew. But I'm sure you'll be alright; you handled the stall by yourself before, and now you have that other kid to help out. You'll barely know I'm gone." He shrugged.

Andi felt ridiculously selfish, so much so that he couldn't bare to look at his uncle, clearly embarrassed for rejecting the suggestion. "Did you enjoy New Years? Mum hasn't stopped sending me owls...if you see her, can you tell her I'm out celebrating with friends? She doesn't seem to take me seriously when I say it."
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“And apparently she shouldn’t,” said Florian, crossing his arms. “Seems to me you are sitting home alone.”

Florian was... a bit shocked actually that Andi wasn’t planning on coming in at all. Perhaps he shouldn’t have been, but a part of him deep down had held onto the thought that he had just been drunk and hadn’t meant what he said.

Looking seriously at Andi then he said, “You want to be treated as an adult? You can tell your own lies to your mother and stop avoiding her. But if she contacts me I will tell her I saw you and that you are alright.”

Florian looked away. This was so.damn.awkward.

Looking back at Andi Florian said, “so this is really it? You are leaving in a huff because I am so horrible to work for? Everything last night... you stand by that?”
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"I'm not gonna be here alone. Sora's coming by, I'm sure of it..." He trailed off, pursing his lips in an irritated fashion. He shoved his hands deeper into his pockets, wishing the floor would suck him up.

"I think whether I stand by it or not, the fact that I hit a nerve means that you understand this about yourself. What I said was a mixture of bottle emotions and...well, bottled drink. And you took it to heart because you know that, even to some extent..." He looked to Florian. "It was the truth."
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But frowning and crossing his arms Florian said, "Depends on what you are referring to...when you referred to Cecil as my toy? Or when you showed surprise that I was not simultaneously trying to seduce Lily? Or was it that bit about how I should be sharing the women I date? Or further... That part where While acknowledging that I have rescued you, and guided you... I did not give two shits about you? That i did not even care a small fraction about you compared to how you felt towards me? Yes, that whole part where you disregarded any emotions or feelings or words that I have ever shown you or giving you?"

Florian raised eyebrow at Andy then said, which of those things do you think hit home with me? Which of those things are you saying I must have felt there was truth in? Oh... And let us not forget When you basically accused me of liking little girls, despite my history before dating Cecil."

Well... Now Florian was beginning to feel the old anger rising, but he kept it down. He could only hope but now that he had reminded Andy of his words the young man would show some sort of embarrassment or remorse.
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Andi pursed his lips and then folded his arms like a spoilt child.

"Y'know...yeah, you protected me in obvious ways. But you don't..." He grit his teeth and looked away, glaring at the floor. "You don't even know what I have done for you. The things I had to do just to keep your enemies happy. All this time you thought you was protecting me, scolding me for acting so stupid and being 'naive'...you don't even know."

He took a heavy breath, staring dully at Florian.

"I...I had to..." He swallowed thickly. It was evident that, despite his facade a moment ago, it was itching at the back of his mind. So much that he felt like he could burst into tears at any moment. "He made me-"

He cut himself off in his own anger, pressing his knuckles to his forehead in frustration.

"Forget it. It doesn't matter. He left the market. So you're free from that. But I'm not - not yet. So yes, I quit. I'm going to America. Forget about what I said about Cecile. Just don't...make her think she has to do what I did."

With that, he began to shut the door.
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Florian's face went from confused to concerned. A sick feeling creeping into his stomach followed by hear as his imagination started filling in the blanks.

Jamming his foot against the door and slamming his hand against it as well he placed a hand on Andi's shoulder and said, "Andi... Look at me, what did he make you do?! Wesley?"

Who else...?
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Andi stared at him with wide eyes, swallowing dryly.

"I...he just...made me keep him happy..." He swallowed, looking away. "Sora made me forget...she's been making me forget for a while...I don't..."

Be bit his lip.

"I don't want to even say the things he did...the things he made me do. I can't."
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Florian closed his eyes a moment. Things were perhaps making a bit more sense...

But there had also been enough misunderstandings where Wesley was concerned.

"Andi..." He said carefully, looking back at him. "Are you talking about... sexual things? Favors?"
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Florian looked down, hanging his head as he took a deep breath and then let it out. So many thoughts and memories flashing through his head. So many times he was worried and concerned about Andi, yet the young man would assure him that things were not as dark as they were, that everything was all right now, that things were better if they reacted one way rather than another. And then when Wesley had broken the final straw, and actually kidnaped Andy, there had been a twisted logic to that at least... He was searching for his own kidnaped son, and felt that Florian had wronged him. But now! Everything had a whole new messed up light on it.

First Florian felt a devastating sorrow pain and anguish. Andy should not have felt he needed to do that. So much... When had that all even started? Back when Andy was just a young teen, and trying desperately to make new friends in the market? When Wesley started to become threatening to Anna?

And then the rage, that anger, began to rise up behind these other emotions. Never had Florian wanted so much to kill someone with his bare hands!

Florian pulled Andy to him then and holding him close he said, "I am sorry you went through that. That never should have happened... I am sorry that you blame me for this, but I swear in my ignorance I did not know. I would have done anything to stop it, including risking my life. I would have fought him with my bare hands to stop that monster."
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Andi remained silent for a longer moment, his arms staying by his sides as Florian held him. Despite having admitted the truth, it felt like no weight had been lifted from his shoulders - the burden of guilt and embarrassment flooded his mind. Carefully, he pulled away.

"I don't blame you for this. I don't blame you for not knowing. I blame you for believing I was a dumb kid that didn't understand..." He stared at the wall. Slowly, he began to open the door further, stepping away as though to invite Florian in. He shoved his hands back into his pockets, walking toward the living room where he sat down on one of his mismatched chair - clearly something he found from a bargain store. He waited for Florian to sit down before speaking again.

"I don't remember a lot of what happened." He started. "Sora was there from the beginning. She knew what he was doing...she was doing some of his bidding in exchange for private information about the Fleur du Sang clan. He tasked her with calming me - she has the ability of emotional manipulation, she has poisons or whatever to block out memories or numb feelings. As things got worse, she felt pity for me. It was weird...a cold-hearted vampire, thirsty for blood, taking pity on me. She would drink from me, but I would let her a thousand times over just because of how much she was able to make me forget..."

His voice shook, though it was clear that, despite how emotional he felt, he had nothing left to cry.

"He made me watch him kill people...instruct me to help..." He let that sit for a moment as he stared down at his hands. "When she found out that Cecile had kidnapped George, she felt it was the perfect time to strike, to become his sire and force him into a life of misery...but Perrine turned him before she could. As a last resort to punish Marlowe, she killed his son. Especially since his son was...also interested in participating...with things..."

He clenched his hands, his mouth feeling dry.

"And...with Cecile. I guess I do like her but...I just...the idea that you may have bribed her for sex or she bribed you or...whatever...it just kind of...hit a nerve..."
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As Andi spoke Florian mostly stayed silent, only saying near the start as he was let in,

"I never thought you were a dumb kid that didn't understand... I thought you were a young, inexperienced, somewhat sheltered and overly enthusiastic teenager... which you were when you came to me."

He was silent then as Andi went on, finally his emotions turning to shock as the other revealed more.

"Andi.... " He said, staring in disbelief, nausea overwhelming him, as he said," You killed people?"

The entire moment suddenly turned strange the nightmarish...