A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #3449  by Andi Foerster
Andi pursed his lips and stood up, starting to dress himself.

"Well, in that case, why don't we all just go together? Since last night was so fun, why not spend more time as a group? No need for us to leave anyone out."
 #3451  by Jens Eiffel
"Oh I don't know..." said Jens in an amused tone, "Maybe for the same reason you tried to ditch me a moment ago. Because I want some time alone with Sora. We aren't now a threesome for life you know? You're ok Andi.... but some times a man just wants some alone time with a beautiful woman alright?" he said, slipping his arm around Sora's shoulders.

"Also I remind her of her one true love so... you know... We can catch up later ok? Tomorrow night. I'll buy you a drink at the Black Bear alright?" He said with the friendliest smile he could muster.
 #3457  by Jens Eiffel
The expression on Jens face froze for a moment, then between gritted teeth he said, "Are you sure you are remembering that correctly Andi?..."
 #3458  by Andi Foerster
Andi tilted his head at Jens, and then shrugged.

"You tell me. I was stood right there," he pointed over to a spot in the room. "You was on your knees, telling me how I was the path to enlightenment or something. I was the best person to have as a friend and you wanted to honour me for that."

Sora bit her hand to refrain from laughing any more.
 #3460  by Jens Eiffel
Jens slipped his hand off of Sora's shoulders as Andi began to speak, his face growing darker by the moment. In two steps he was in front of Andi, cocking back his fist and sending it flying at the others face...!

Maybe to Andi it was just speaking the facts, but to Jens... it was making a mockery of him...
 #3462  by Sora Hahn
It was then that Sora zipped between then, her hand gripping Jen's fist with pure speed. She looked between them, offering a small smile.

"Boys, boys...please. There's no need for this. We'll simply keep this as our little secret, and you can both spend time with me. But, I did promise Jens to spend today with him so I'll honour my word. Andi, we can catch up another time. See? Problem solved."

She smiled a little too sweetly for who she was.
 #3465  by Jens Eiffel
Jens looked from his fist to Sora, then relaxing his fist (because who was going to go against a vampire with that speed and strength?!), he glared at Andi and said,

"Breath a word of that to anyone outside of this room and you are DEAD!"

but really... Sora had just promised to spend the day with him, so how could he stay angry for long. HE had won!

Sort of.... she said she would see Andi another day, but he hoped she was just saying that to be nice. Wasn't he the better catch?! I mean... well... he reminded her of a dead lover so how much better could it get?!

Wait... how did he die? He should probably ask about that one day... just not today.

Looking to Sora he said, "Sorry... my temper gets the better of me. But I will spare him for your sake."

Looking to Andi then and giving an exaggerated smile he said, "You can go now Andi... see you later... adiós... auf wiedersehen"

He then began to wave and give him a look that said, Get out NOW!
 #3475  by Jens Eiffel
Turning and looking at Sora Jens raised his brows and said, "So... you were Andi's first... he might get a bit clingy... you should probably watch out for that..."
 #3483  by Sora Hahn
Sora scoffed.

"How do you know you wasn't his first?" She lifted a brow at him, and then cupped her fingers under his chin. "I have to say...it's quite a turn on to see you get so possessive over me..."