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 #3368  by Adrian Katoracov
So Luca had not informed his brother of Varya's sin. Adrian made a mental note of that.

"I already had to explain myself to my wife, I do not feel like doing so again. Now, as you can see, Varya sits in this room but is no longer truly among us. My night is not going as I would have liked it to. Be a dear and take care of this for me."
 #3370  by Gavril Balcescu
Had that bottle been full when he'd started?

"No," Gavril said flatly, though he emptied the rest of the tuica into the glass himself and downed it in a gulp.

"What do you expect me to do? I already went to one funeral this week. You think I'm just going to accept that you killed someone else in my family, one of my friends, not ask any questions, and just sweep it under the rug? Have you finally lost your fucking mind?"
 #3376  by Gavril Balcescu
Gavril stared at Varya for a long moment. He did not sit next to her, though he did take a moment to reach into her jacket pocket as he might have with any body he was trying to help Adrian hide. She had almost nothing on her, which he thought was strange. Or it would have been strange, if she didn't know this was coming.

So whatever it was, she was prepared for it.

Someone else probably wasn't, though.

"You realize Dragana has no one else," he told the old man, glaring back in spite of himself.

"We've been trying to hunt down her family for years, and nothing. What is she supposed to do, now? Who is she supposed to come home to?"
 #3379  by Gavril Balcescu
When she left... what?

Gavril stared at the remains of what had been his friend, dumbfounded. He then stared at Adrian.

After a moment of silence, he held up the empty vessel that had held the tuica.

"You got another bottle of this?"
 #3387  by Gavril Balcescu
He did. He saw many other binds, too.

Gavril was, however, still not enthused about taking a seat next to his cousin's corpse, so he instead dragged his chair around to the other side of the desk so he was more or less staring at her instead, at Adrian's side. This wasn't any better, though, so he turned the chair slightly toward the wall that he was led to believe served as a gateway to the blade. Blades, now. Malanda's was kept there.

He thought about Iokaste, his conversations with her. He thought about Dominik.

He thought about Malanda, and took a sip from the glass.

"What do you want me to do with her?" Gavril finally asked, staring into his drink.
 #3395  by Gavril Balcescu
"Drăgana is a trainer," he reminded his superior.

"She would never believe it, she would know something was up."

Gavril sighed, then shook his head.

"No, I'm going to have to come up with something else," he took a gulp of his drink. "Have you done anything about Kozel yet?"
 #3401  by Gavril Balcescu
The old man's actions were not lost on Gavril as he poured himself a third glass of țuică.

Careful consideration, he said. And who did they have who was capable, anymore?

His thoughts wandered to Malanda again, as they were wont to do.

"Come on," Gavril finally grumbled, picking up the bottle of țuică as he rose to his feet and using it to gesture to the old man. He felt as if he'd had enough to drink now to work up the courage to do it, and the night wasn't getting any younger.

"We might as well bury her."
 #3405  by Gavril Balcescu
Gavril was not sure he liked being in charge. He wasn't really, but he was at least more sober than Adrian, and Adrian had called him in to help deal with this particular problem. Either way, there were decisions to be made that he was not sure he wanted to make.

"That depends," the younger man asked carefully, readying his wand to levitate the corpse.

"Are you going to want to explain yourself a third time?"