A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #3496  by Gavril Balcescu
So that was that.

Gavril made his way back to the other side of the desk, reaching in the drawer that Adrian had indicated to him ages ago. One of the few he was allowed to enter, should he need to. This was no emergency, but it might as well have been. Adrian was in no state to be making the summons, and Gavril wanted to make sure it wasn't the whole world that came to meet them. So he slid the tip of his stiletto into the compass and twisted, setting it as if it was a clock, and then put the device back in the drawer and shut it.

Wand in hand, he levitated the body once more.

"Whoever's coming will come, I gave them some time. Help me with the doors and so we can get her to the woods."

They collected another bottle of tuica to pass around once they met up with the others, and somehow managed to move Varya Leskova's lifeless body outside and onto a cart that Gavril enchanted to move on its own, a task that was increasingly more difficult as he sipped at the bottle that was already open.

"Are you sure it's around here?" Gavril scowled as he trudged through the woods, relying only on dim moonlight to see. That had been one of the things Vanya had taught him years ago, that light would only make it worse. He wondered vaguely if Vanya was still around somewhere, still locked up, or if the man had found himself to an unmarked grave like the ones he and Adrian were seeking now.

"I feel like last time it was further east."
 #3515  by Gavril Balcescu
So it was.

Gavril lowered Varya's body into the snow, setting the two țuică bottles down next to it so that he could hunt around for the shovels that would be nearby. They could use magic for many things, but some things were best done the old fashioned way.

"Who's going to be next?" he wondered aloud as he searched, stumbling in the dark and under the effects of the drink. He was still certainly doing better than Adrian, but perhaps not for long.

"First my father, now Varya. I can only bury so many people in a month."
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His point was made, though Gavril still felt awful about all of this, still felt nauseated. The digging might help, the impromptu funeral might help, but his words to Adrian were genuine.

He was not sure how many more of these he could stomach.