A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #3946  by Luminita Kiritescu
"I should know, shouldn't I?" the personal assistant said with a grimace.

"He plans on being in meetings for the rest of the day, but I doubt that will take him through dinner. Everyone else has to eat, even if he sometimes acts like he doesn't. I'm guessing he'll come home and look over paperwork for a while. You should be able to force him to eat something then."
 #3950  by Esme Padureani
"Good," Esme looked delighted at this as she went back to her cleaning. After a moment, however, she paused and looked at Luminita again, rocking back and forth on her heels a bit.

"D'you think she's actually gonna go? And stay gone?"
 #3953  by Luminita Kiritescu
Luminița held up crossed fingers.

"We shouldn't jinx it," she said softly. "In any case I have some work I need to get back to yet. I'll see you for dinner."

She paused in consideration.

"Lamb, I think. You did say something special."
 #3955  by Esme Padureani
"Lamb," Esme repeated happily, then nodded.

"Certainly, Miss Kiritescu. I'll nip off to the market after I finish the cleanin'. And I'll keep my fingers crossed."

It was strange, getting along with Luminita. And she didn't really judge her employer for having so many women, but... well. Gemini had been frustrating and Esme was looking forward to the peace and quiet.

Hopefully they hadn't jinxed it.