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 #1232  by Nathan Iver
Nathan's face seemed to darken even more as he glowered into the fire place at the thought, but he said, "Because Ciceron... some times the gods amuse themselves by dealing out peculiar hands of fate... hands that when ignored lead to pain and regret. What if for the sake of literally giving voice to a scheme I should snuff out the possible life of my child... and then Astrid should never conceive. If this small... creature inside of her has my blood, my DNA, that marks him as something special and beyond the regular population. To cut short the life of my child for a mere experiment, or so that a lesser being such as Viola can speak?" He shook his head, then said, " A part of me could be inside her..."

Nathan raised his glass to his lips and drank down the entire contents, then said, "The thought gives me no pleasure and it would only lead to many complications. Yet I can not desecrate my progeny."

Holding his empty glass out towards Ciceron he said, "And I doubt you could either."

"But as you said... likely this is not the case."
 #1234  by Caleb Pryer
After a few minutes of just holding her close and letting her cry Caleb began to wonder at er emotions. It was surely a sign of her distress. As long as he had known Viola he had never seen her cry. She would rant and rave, or turn as cold as ice. But to see her seemingly so small, lost, vulnerable.... so unlike herself it touched his heart deeply. She was always this queen... far above him. Aware that she came from a different class then him. She was a prisoner and yet she would look down on him as a servant still. But at that moment, with his arms around her, it was as though something had shifted, and he felt a knew warmth for her. It was such a rare moment to see this from her.

But finally he said, "Don't cry... it really isn't so bad as all that. You have proven yourself. Made up for so much. Nathan is pleased with you. Maybe he will even let you leave again with an escort. It could go back to how it was... or better ever! I told you that night of the dance I would help you. We are just beginning to get you right psychologically. It's all up hill from here Viola."

He kissed the top of her head, then said, "I think you, or Nathan will find a way to get your voice back. You are both incredibly smart. And I'll always be here to cheer you on alright?"
 #1251  by Ciceron York
"I would hope it wasn't the case either. I highly doubt that your fiancée would be too pleased at you having a bastard child." Ciceron shrugged, drinking down the last of his brandy. "But surely if she is only a few weeks, it couldn't possibly be yours? I would assume so at least..."

He lifted his brow at Nathan.

"Sure there are some medical spells or potions we could use to figure out the date of conception; didn't Persky do that for Hera just to ensure how far along she was with the twins?"
 #1256  by Nathan Iver
Nathan shifted his eyes to glare at Ciceron before saying,

“No, if she is only a month pregnant it could not be mine. I have been entirely faithful to Astrid. As for how far along if we tell her she likely can figure it out herself. If we wish to keep it from her I can figure it out if I examin her. I do know a great deal about the healing arts myself if you recall. Perhaps I could tell her I need to see that she has healed from her ordeal.”