A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #1395  by Simon Cleary
About an hour and a half later....

Simon silently got down low to the ground just outside the door. He listened, but hearing chatty voices he knew it was safe. Definitely better then what he heard when he had checked earlier... moans of pleasure were not something one interrupted unless the moment was truley dire...

Standing just as silently he straitened his clothing out, then knocked on the door, waiting for the word to enter before pushing the door open....

Astrid reclined on the sofa, cheeks pink, hair looking quite lovely although... she had been wearing it up when she came. Simon always noticed these details. Nathan stood by the fire, his arm resting on the mantle, a glass in his hand, cuffs of his sleeve undone...

Simon walked into the room then stopped a few paces from the couple he clasped his hands behind his back and said, "Sorry to interrupt Mr Iver, Miss Lundstrom," he said with a nod towards Astrid, "But I just wanted to be sure you were both aware of the fact that there is an imposter on the grounds claiming to be Miss Lundstrom's security Petrolina...."
 #1396  by Nathan Iver
NAthan's eyes went wide, but instead of asking more questions he shook his head, hit his hand against the mantle, then looking to Astrid he said with clear exasperation, "Well that's just..." He waved a hand towards Simon then and said, "He was the one I was going to pick!"

Looking to Simon almost in annoyance he said, "Of course you would figure it out today." But looking back to Astrid he said, "I think it should still count. I swear he was exactly the man I was going to pick. This should be a win for me," he said with a cocky smirk then.
 #1397  by Astrid Iver
Astrid stood up suddenly in shock, her eyes wide as she stared at Simon, and then looked at Nathan.

"No-no. That doesn't count! I hadn't even seen the rest of the possible candidates, let alone met them. How could I have possibly made a decision so quickly without sufficient time?" She folded her arms, looking at Simon carefully. "How did you know?"
 #1398  by Simon Cleary
Simon looked from Nathan to Astrid, a confused look on his face. Was this a trick question?

"Because...." he said, again looking between them, "They are two different people..." He paused, then said, "Was one suppose to be using a polyjuice potion?"

His eyes shifted between the two again and he said, "Are they twins?"

He blinked then said, "Ohhh... was it a test?"
 #1400  by Nathan Iver
Nathan simply looked back at Simon, half amused at his conclusions and apparent confusion before turning to Astrid and saying,

"Meet Simon Cleary... my idiot savant. A genius when it comes to detail... if nothing else. I doubt you would have picked him as he often goes unnoticed but very well... we can still pick new champions and start again. Or... perhaps we each should get two. I really do think Cleary should be my first so that I am ahead by one point... I really can't help that you let her be introduced to the men so early now can I?"

Looking to Simon then he said, "Yes it was a test of sorts. Your new mistress wanted to see how observant you all were and I wanted to be amused for a moment. And now I order you not to speak a word of what you know, or to act different from one to the other unless it is revealed."
 #1402  by Simon Cleary
Simon's face brightened at once at Nathan words. when Astrid had finished he said, "So... I passed? I proved I was the best then?" He wished he had Caleb's confidence. He knew in his position the other man would have asked Nathan if there was some sort of prize... he just looked at the two of them hopefully. Though just being basically called the best was rather nice.

Looking to Astrid he said, "Twin is very useful. No one knows them here in England. They should keep the fact of it hidden. I always thought twins could do amazing things as personal security."

He glanced at Nathan, then said to Astrid, "Bowden isn't a bad choice, though he doesn't really tend to... look at women as deeply as some of us do. But you may want to chose Caleb Pryer for your other one. He seems about ready to sleep with Petrolina so I'm sure he would be the next to notice something was off..."
 #1403  by Nathan Iver
"You know..." said Nathan thoughtfully, "We really should have thought of a prize for the first man to guess..." he saw Simon's brows raise, then added, "Ah well... next time we play such a game."

Glancing from Astrid to Simon then he said, "And you are giving her far too many hints. Though I suppose it's only fair as she does not know all of you well. Still, I'm not sure you are going to win her over by suggesting her top security is going to be sleeping very quickly with the first man that winks at her..."
 #1404  by Astrid Iver
Astrid snorted verbally.

"Yes...well dear, Pryer would certainly have his work cut out for him since my head of security is...not at all attracted to men. She finds women all too appealing to be frolicking with male company. But I shall go with your suggestion. Pryer it is."

She looked to Nathan. "Oh, and do give the boy a reward of some kind. Perhaps a nice bottle of champagne or a little cash bonus. I can't pretend that I'm not impressed..."
 #1405  by Simon Cleary
Looking to Astrid Simon smiled and nodding his head said, "Thank you Miss Lundstrom."

Well Ivan was right. She did seem quite agreeable.

He glanced to Nathan, then looking back to her he said, "It was a pleasure to meet you. But I had better be on my way."

And with that he turned and headed towards the door.
 #1406  by Nathan Iver
"Alright, I will give him something," said Nathan, rolling his eyes a bit. then as Simon turned to go he said to Astrid once more. "I suppose when words of this gets out it could be a good insensitive. Instead of security feeling we were merely playing with them and testing them they will see it as a challenge and be on the alert in case we are looking to reward one or another again. Good idea Astrid..."

He paused, then said, "Of course another way would be instead to punish those that fail but... I am sensing this would not meet with your approval..."
 #1407  by Astrid Iver
"Now, I never said that..." She lifted a brow at him. "If you're going to make them scrub the floors with toothbrushes, do make sure they don't use mine." She gave him a wink and then seated herself back down, running her hands through her hair and sighing blissfully.

"Perhaps I will like it here after all..."