A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Astrid was seated at a small round meeting table with a glass of wine, picking out of an antique bowl of grapes, cherries, strawberries and blueberries. She smiled at Nathan, growing more comfortable in his presence, the diamond ring still on her finger.

"Darling, I have a litte proposition for you. As you know, I have invited your head of security to attend today as I wish to introduce him to my personal guards. I was just curious if we could conduct a little...experiment. See, my guards are identicle twins; both very secretive, talented, perceptive...I was wondering how long it would take for Ramazanov to realise there was two of them. As alike as they are, there are certainly differences..." She gave a small shrug. "I don't doubt your staff, but perhaps it may show that the joining of our families could offer more than financial benefit."
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Nathan smiled slyly, then said, "Well... that would be amusing. Though honestly in this instance I am not sure that he would ever notice. I suppose it would depend on how hard they were trying to mimic one another in every way. But if we are playing the experiment on him then we are playing it on the rest of his staff as well aren't we? Because if you tell one you might as well be telling them all. Even if I told them not to I wouldn't put it past them not to hint in ways that got him thinking. Too bad we don't have your gambling patrons here," he said with a chuckle,

"They could place bets on which member of Watchdogs figures it out first. Perhaps which member of my staff in genera. See how those such as Ciceron fare. I know he believed himself to be far more perceptive then all of them combined. It would be interesting to put it to the test."

Drumming his fingers together thoughtfully he said, "If you knew the men better we could make it a private wager between the two of us. But it is hardly fair as you do not know them as well as I. Still... it could be fun."
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"Oh let me see..." said Nathan, looking up for a moment thoughtfully, "Half of my kingdom?" he joked, then looking back to her he said, "Entire control and dominance in the bed room for a night..." this time he was not joking.
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Astrid bit her lip, looking at him intensely. "Mmmm, now that has certainly peaked my interest..." She spoke lowly, leaning forward, her fingers tracing up and down Nathan's throat as she imagined herself taking charge in such a way.

"I don't you understand just what you're letting ourself in for, dear..."
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Astrid hummed, leaning far forward, her lips almost touching his. "Hmmm, when I win, I'm going to make you regret saying that...I'm going to open your eyes to a whole new meaning of the word pleasure."

She kissed him deeply, running her hands through his hair. Her likely wouldn't like that - probably enjoyed the feeling, but not so much the idea of his hair being messed up. But she did it anyway. Her hands ended at the back of his neck, and she pressed her forehead to his, looking into his dark eyes.

"Darling..." She began strangely soft, her hands moving to cup his face as she remained nose to nose with him. "Do you not think it appropriate for me to start moving some of my things here? I assume that we will be living here together after our wedding, and since we are clearly very certain in our decisions, perhaps we should figure out our dynamics whilst under the same roof. "
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She was... correct about the hair. Where did the woman think they were? The bedroom?! The only appropriate place fore a man’s hair to be out of place?!

Hmm... she clearly wanted something... Though it was hard to tell with her. She always called him darling and dear... Ahh... there is was. Trying to lull him in with with her womanly wiles. Remind him with touch and close proximity that he would have quick, easy access to her if she were under his roof. Not a bad plan really, but...

Nathan smiled back at her a moment, then said,

“Considering how certain we are in our decision why must we figure out the dynamics beforehand? Isn’t it suffice to say it will all work out one way or the other?”

Nathan gave her a little tuck under the chin with a crooked finger, then drawing back from her, as he ran his fingers through his hair, he said, “When I marry you all that is mine... my home, my land, fortune, and body will be yours. Why rush it? If you only mean you wish to bring a few things for convenience why of course. But... I would prefer to savour my remaining days of privacy and control of my home until the end.”

Yes, the idea of playing house was not so appealing to Nathan. He was use to his ways. He was use to complete control. He knew in a vague sense that would change with the marriage and he was not looking forward to it. It was a necessary sacrifice for the greater good.
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Astrid lifted her brow, leaning back and crossing her leg over her knee, resting her chin on her fingers.

"What a peculiar man you are...an opportunity to have me at any moment you please, whether it be for mere company or for an embrace of any kind and you would much prefer to preserve time alone." She looked over his face.

A pestering, niggling thought began to burrow its way into the back of her mind. She couldn't quite swat the buzzing idea away, and so it nestled itself deeper as though simply a fact written in an encyclopedia.

She lifted her chin. "Very well, I shall leave it be." Astrid spoke, almost as though their previous antics had never happened. "What shall we say the time period of this bet will be? A month? Two?"
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Nathan looked back at her silently, a curious expression on his face. He surprised her? Good. It was better if he could keep her on her toes.

“Yes, “ he said after a moment. “I shall always keep you guessing... never a dull moment. As for the time frame?... there need not be a time frame. It is simply whoever guesses first. We will be sure each man see her about roughly the same amount of times and whatever happens happens. Agreed? Now who shall be your champion? Or would you rather find the opportunity to view each in turn so you feel confident in your choice?”
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Nathan nodded. He already knew who his top choice would be.

“Whenever you are ready let me know,” he said, sitting back in his chair, “I am all set.”

After taking a few sips of his wine Nathan said, “I have yet to meet your security. When shall I have the pleasure? Today? I can have Ivan in here to make sure initial introduction are made and everything is clear between them...”
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Astrid waved her hand dismissively. "I have already met Ramazanov. I know where I stand with him, but I will need the comparison to the others first before I make a clear judgement. As for meeting mine?"

She turned her face to him.

"She is already outside and waiting. Of course, you will only be meeting the two of them away from the security since that may ruin the game. But today they can meet Petra to start."
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Shrugging dismissively Nathan said, “They are twins. Might as well be the same person as far as I care. I shall call them thing one and thing two perhaps.”

Taking a dog whistle from his pocket then he blew on it, then said, “Ivan will be here momentarily. Have her come in.”
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Astrid furrowed her brow deeply at Nathan, remaining silent for a long moment. "Thing one and thing two?" She glared at him, clearly unimpressed.

Turning away, she glanced to the door, bringing out a small pair of bells out of her pocket and flicking them to make a chime. A mere few seconds later and Petrolina strode through the door, dressed in whites and shades of grey, her steps almost silent due to the rubber treading on her boots. She wore a scarf over her face, leaving her eyes visible with her hair in a long plait at the back.

She stood silently, hands behind her back as she focused on Astrid, waiting for orders.