A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #29959  by Astrid Iver
"You will be baby sitting her. Two days a week you will do this solely, two days a week I will, and three days the nanny will. I don't care what you do...whether you sit there reading a new paper to her or stare at the wall. When I say a full day, I only mean around six to eight hours whist I work on my new ring here." She explained.
 #29963  by Nathan Iver
"I will baby sit my own daughter? said Nathan, lifting a brow. "I thought it was called being a parent.

He shook his head at Astrid, then said, "You are trying to force some sort of bonding experience, aren't you? You don't want her to turn out like her own father I see. Very well. But I'll do you one better. One day a week you will have her entirely to yourself, one day I will, and the third day neither you nor I will work and we will spend the day together as a family. We can take little picture perfect walks with a pram down the street, go to the zoo, art galleries, a park, whatever sounds like the sort of things a nice, traditional family would do together."
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Nathan pursed his lips a moment, then said, "Ciceron stood on a cliffs edge the night he found out. He raged and ranted at the betrayal of our friendship."

He paused, then said, "The man hit me on the jaw Astrid. I am sorry that you have no meaningful friendships to compare but... I want to respect his wishes and feelings in this. I demand much of the man... so, so much. He has taken the brunt of my ill tempers, my random whims, he has been at my beck and call all hours of the night and day. He stays married to a woman he can not properly love in order to keep our master plan at work! Not to mention the tiresome hours he works and the fact that he goes above and beyond even when not asked."

He fell silent, then said, "You can find another young woman. I can not find another second in command like Mr York."
 #29966  by Astrid Iver
Astrid pursed her lips tightly, and then began to shift her hands over his torso, and then began to press down on his shoulders.

"I can find one? No. We will find one together. If you will not let me have Hera...I want a replacement immediately. Take me to galas...I want a high class, innocent woman that we can manipulate...but not staff. No. I want something small, petite, delicate..."
 #29980  by Nathan Iver
Nathan rolled his eyes, then said, “I was trying to please you earlier this evening and you ended up in tears. But alright. Personally I would prefer a little more meat on the bones, curvy, darker hair and skin tones, hight doesn’t matter, but a bit shorter could be nice. And perhaps not so innocent and malleable as to present no challenge at all.”

He looked back at Astrid then for her reaction.

He then added, “But of course this is your pet project. As long as she is attractive I will participate with no complaints.”
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Astrid hummed.

"Noted." She said plainly.

She glanced off to the side, thinking for a moment before nodding.

"Well, that's all cleared up then. On that note," she swung her leg off him, soon getting off the bed and finding a robe to drape around herself. "I should get back to those contracts. I have another viewing tomorrow afternoon."