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"These are dark times, there is no denying..."
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 #29883  by Astrid Iver
Some time later...

Astrid was unnaturally quiet. It had all happened so fast; one moment she had complete control of the situation, and the next she had been rendered completely under Nathan's. This was...a wake up call to say the least. Nathan had been harbouring these powers for so long and had never truly shown the extent of them. She had seen flashes of them here and there, perhaps saw them intense at times, but never so hard when aimed at her.

She stared forward at the wall, now sat up with a blanket covering her greyed skin. It was almost like the darkness had sucked the glow from her, which was quite the achievement given how pale she already was. Lines streaked her face from how she'd sobbed; it had been painful at times, and the magic that struck fear in her heart built up over time. Perhaps some still remained. It almost felt like she was stood watching someone else throughout the entire thing, an out of body experience that she couldn't climb out of.

Astrid was highly aware of Nathan and his movements. She didn't know what this was or how it worked. Was she connected to him now via the magic tendrils? Was it just the lingering fear? Was it heightened senses from the experience? She didn't know. But every breath he took echoed in her ears. A large portion of her hoped that she caught pregnant immediately. As insatiable as she could be, she could easily say she never wanted to experience anything quite like that again. The entire time, it felt like she was not with Nathan, but with someone else entirely...

She began to stand, but her legs shook, and knees buckled beneath her, sending her plummeting to the floor where she landed with an abrupt thud. But the pain was numb. Everything was numb. The corners of her vision began to blacken, and Astrid was unsure whether it was a spell or the magic or just a bodily function. But she definitely started to feel dizzy, blurry, her muscles weakened as she swayed on all fours, attempting to get her balance to stand.

The thought of Nathan still being engulfed by darkness struck that fear that infested her heart again, and she subconsciously tried to shuffle away from him despite her body starting to give out on her.
 #29885  by Nathan Iver
And then all at once Nathan strong arms wrapped around her, and lifted her up into the air. As he picked her up the spell that held the fear in her dwindled away... Not to say she would not be full of fear of her own... but the room remained cold, shadowed, off some how...

Nathan buried his face against her neck, inhaling deeply of her sent. then said, "That... was incredible..."

He was still on a high from it all and shrouded in the darkness of his own making. The experience had been like nothing he had indulged in before. It was as if he did not feel her pain, her fear, her concerns...

And then he kissed her lightly on the lips... the first time he had done so that entire time, before saying, "I will carry you to your room. You are exhausted…"
 #29888  by Astrid Iver
Astrid stared out. A new fear began to envelop her.

Nathan had enjoyed it immensely. He would want this more than once a month, she soon realised. She felt herself growing feint, head lulling to the side as she tried to process what to do. But there wasn't anything, was there?

"I am exhausted." She repeated in a whisper. She felt drunk. Perhaps it was the scotch in quick succession, or the magic, or the coldness of everything. But her hand began to curl, sharp nails beginning to claw into Nathan's chest.

"How do I make you love me again?" She muttered, drifting in and out of consciousness. "How do I go back? How do I stop? How...do I..."
 #29889  by Nathan Iver
"Shhhh…" said Nathan as he carried her from the room and up the stairs, "I never stopped. there is nothing you need do."

Moving down the dark halls, the shadows seeming to reach for them, Nathan said, "Next time will be even better. This experience has taught me an entirely new level of control. there is a power I can wield now that I could not before. A new control of my emotions. More pleasure with the use of magic then ever before..."

Bringing her into the room he laid her on the bed, then said, "Next time will be even more interesting. I was angry with you this time. It will be different for the next. I think I can bring on this same darkness with out so much anger directed at you... there will be new and interesting pleasure to experience.."

It would be easier next time... as he did not intend to entirely let go of his hold on the dark magic again...
 #29891  by Astrid Iver
Astrid looked up at him, a new kind of fear gripping her. She swallowed thickly, clutching at the bedding.

"I'm still so angry at you..." She whispered, and then began to shake her head. "I want to go back to how we were on our honeymoon, without so much magic..."
 #29892  by Nathan Iver
"Shhhh…" said Nathan, touching a finger to her lips. "That is the thought of a child. No one can go back to their honey moon. Nor should they want to. We all change and grow..."

Leaning close to her then he gripped her face with his hand, kissed her hard, then releasing her he turned and said, "I will see you in the morning Astrid..."
 #29893  by Astrid Iver
Astrid's eyes widened and she stared at him. She sat up, face visibly shocked at his words and actions. They seemed to wake her up somewhat. The sound of trinkets shifting on her temporary vanity caught her attention; one of her small snakes was watching, and it was then that she caught her reflection. Hair a mess, face pale, cheeks streaked with the trails of tears. She stared hard at it for a long moment.

This was not right.

The fear seemed to try to lock her up in iron shackles, heart caged. But she began to force herself to stand.

"Don't you turn your back on me, Nathan Iver." She said lowly, glaring after him. "Come here and tend to your wife properly. Don't you dare leave her like a common whore. Get in the bed."

The words he had spoke through the act began to ring in her mind. If she just let go of her pride...but there were unspoken words. This had shown Nathan thay he had the potential to rule over her, to try and change her into a withering violet. If she didn't want a night like this to happen again, if she never wanted to feel these emotions again, change and grow she must. And quickly.
 #29900  by Nathan Iver
Nathan turned and looked at her. He had been planning on going out onto their property and drawing up a few dark arts circles and throwing around a bit of magic but...

He walked back towards her, slowly as he said almost sarcastically, "Really?... you want me in your bed tonight? My, my… I did not know I was that good..."

There was an oddly empty look to his eyes. There seem to be no warmth to them, no light, he almost seemed to look at her as if she were some curious statue and not a flesh and blood human that he knew. But reaching the foot of the bed he let his open shirt fall off to the floor, then climbing up and onto the bed to hover over her, a sly smirk on his face, he said, "If you call me back I might just have to enjoy you again tonight..."

Pressing his forearms down on hers he touched his nose to hers as he said in a sultery whisper, "Or is that what you wanted my lady..."
 #29901  by Astrid Iver
"I want my husband." She brought her legs up, wrapping around his waist and pulling him down onto her. She held him there for a long moment, holding eye contact.

"I'll take you again if it's as yourself and not whatever that darkness turned you into." She had to steady herself, pacing her thoughts. "Do you remember everything? All your words? All your actions?"

They hadn't spoken like this in bed about dark magic since their very first night together. And despite her anger, she pulled him closer. There had to be another way to her previous plan...It was stripping her to the bone and making her paranoid.

"What did it feel like?"
 #29903  by Nathan Iver
Nathan knit his brow, then said, “This is me Astrid...” he chuckled slightly, then said, “Where do you think I went? Can you not see this is me? It is all of me. What you usually see is only half the story. And now I am complete. What did it feel like? To have sex with you wile filled with so much magic and such a feeling of power?”

He look up a moment thoughtfully, then said, “I felt hightened awareness, hightened senses, I felt entirely in control, powerful, untouchable almost... I could feel no distractions or concern. No thought to what you planed, wether you were or were not manipulating me, how far you would go, what you were thinking, planning... any of that. I could not care if you were picturing Simon Cleary in your head every time you were with me because you were mine and will always be mine. And no worries about Ciceron, Danica, Viola... I could live fully in the moment... as I am doing now.”
 #29904  by Astrid Iver
Astrid hummed lowly, looking up at him carefully as spoke. When he was done, she remained silent, as though waiting...and then her face began to fall somewhat. But she stopped it from turning too far, pressing her expression back to something stoic.

"And...It makes you no longer have any thought for me at all. Not even enough to ask me how it was for me. Perhaps you already know and simply don't want to hear it, or maybe you really don't care any more. You can replace any sadness you get from me by doing this, can't you? Overrule any argument by using me as a sheath."

She sighed, closing her eyes.

"It was like having sex with a dementor, Nathan." She said bluntly, looking back up at him. "Everything hurt, everything filled me with fear and dread, the moments of pleasure were tarnished with worry. It felt like you was freezing me from the inside out...Perhaps you didn't notice, but only one of us finished. My body rejected everything you did...It was like having a stranger..."

"And even now...you don't seem to care. You have what you want...and yet don't seem to have caught on that something is highly amiss with me. Despite my violent arguing and nasty protests against you, claiming to rid you from my heart...I called you back in the hopes of having a reminder of the man I married. And here you are..." She looked to his arms pressing down on hers before looking back at him. "I do not want this experience to change us...But I fear it already has."

She pulled him closer with her legs, looking him in the eyes.

"Are you still consumed by magic now?"
 #29908  by Nathan Iver
Nathan’s eyes moved about her face as she spoke, one finger began to play with a lock of her hair, twisting it about. When she had finished he said simply, “Yes.”

Reaching up a hand he pressed a finger to the tip of her nose, then said with a smile, “I told you before now.... there is always a price to pay when it comes to dark magic.”

He then added, “This is what you wanted Astrid. You wanted to be surrounded and filled with dark magic wile participating in the most intimate act two people can perform. An act that makes one vulnerable, exposed, weak, emotional... And you thought what? It could be fun? Your intentions were to drink it in, so that it might affect your conception. Usually a wizard or witch in a fight will steel their minds and bodies against the invasion, you opened the door. When you knowingly commit a perverse act against nature... the price is larger...”

He began to kiss her neck, but feeling her stiffen at once he leaned back, then laughing he said, “You have little room to complain my dear. But as I told you before... I was angry with you and what you said. I was angry you were blatantly using me as your tool to conceive, wile telling me you were actively working on removing all love for me from your heart, not asking my opinion as to what you wanted to do to my own, future son. You were willing to throw me into a rage to get what you wanted. It was what it was. But it does not always need to be so...”

Nathan pulled out his wand, cast the summon spell, then tossing it aside he said, “Let me make it up to you...”

A bottle of potion came flying into the room. Nathan turned on his side and reach up caught it with out even looking, then holding it up said, “Just a few drops of this and all pleasure is intensified to the max... Let me take you there.”
 #29910  by Astrid Iver
"No." Astrid spoke bluntly, looking over to him, eyes hard. "No potions; I am not Hera."

Without his pressure on top if her, she pushed his shoulder, shoving him until he was on his back. With quick succession, she swung her leg over him, straddling him.

"I am not a romantic woman. I do not enjoy softness or sweetness or coyness. But after what I just experienced..." She shook her head. "I need a moment. Just be quiet."

Inhaling deeply, she slowly ran her fingers over his torso, following where they moved with her eyes. She leaned down, pressing her forehead to his shoulder, palms pressing to his sides. She was not afraid of him. It was the anger and darkness. She always knew this was part of him. She'd experienced him touching on magic before in front of Jodie and Simon, and she had enjoyed it. Perhaps she could enjoy it again if he cast more control and didn't direct so much anger. It was a possibility, and with how much he had clearly enjoyed it, he wanted to do it again. But she had to be mentally prepared; she'd anticipated being afraid and reserved, being volatile. She was practically drunk for it! No wonder it felt far colder than ever.

She took slowing breaths, pressing her nose into his neck and inhaling his scent, allowing a hand up to run through his hair. Astrid took hold of her emotions and tried to ease them, thinking back to how good things could be, but more importantly...why she married him. She was Astrid Lundstrom, wife of Nathan Iver, mother of a start of a legacy, ruler of the rings, queen of a kingdom. Why did she let such peasants ruin her? The jealousy and envy coursed through her, and for a moment, her hands squeezed on him. But she took another breath, forcing herself to yield. Carefully, she moved his hands to her body, starting to sit up, pressing his hands to her breasts, then skirting them to her hips. She leaned her head back, eyes closed as she held his hands there.

"I have never been good with my anger. Never been good with my jealousy either. I have always strived for the best...It is in my blood to strangle the competition. I want to see my enemies dead fast, suffocating on my venom."

Slowly, she eased her way down, pressed chest to chest, her forehead against his, looking into his eyes.

"Ive been blinded by rage. You are not my enemy. You...are the love of my life." She pressed into a kiss, and this time, she meant it. It was filled with passion, starting slow before picking up pace as she pressed her hips to his. She pulled her lips away, kissing down his face and jaw, allowing her breathing to hitch. This was the emotion she wanted to channel. "Viola is not my enemy. She is a tool. Dorian..."

She stopped her kissing, bowing her head down as she thought carefully. "I don't want to think about it right now. All I know...is that you are passionate about him being alive. But I am not. I am passionate about us...and I have been struggling to find a way to get through this..."

She moved back so that she was nose to nose, and then slid her hand down his body, down further; but despite her touches, she held eye contact, her free hand running through his hair.

"I need us to be a team again, Nathan. I need to hear you acknowledge my feelings about this, and I can do the same. I will be open to your new found love, but I need you to understand that I cannot be drained that way...I cannot find the same pleasure from your magic. Maybe in time I will...But not now. So right now, I need you to let go of it, look me in the eyes and let me have your vulnerability, as I just let you have mine. I want to show you that not everything needs to be cold anymore...I dont want it to be that way. Enough is enough."
 #29914  by Nathan Iver
Nathan could feel her, enjoy her touch, he was greatly aroused now and wanted nothing more then to flip her over and enjoy her fast and hard!

But he held onto her words. There was a veil between them. It cut off so many emotions from her. It was delicious. IT was a state of being he wished to hold onto forever. But when she finished he said,

"So it is over? This coldness you have been giving me? Refusing my love, my warmth, my company in your bed? You are going to put an end to that damaging, petty, game you play?"

Sitting up suddenly and catching hold of her wrist, a sly smile on his face, he said, "Or is it that you can not bare to see me in a state where you can not hurt or distress me? You want to make me vulnerable to your mental blades once more. What good is a husband that you can not emotionally manipulate and cause pain to?"

Shifting forward more, slowly pushing her until she was on her back, his sly smile ever present as he loomed over her, Nathan said, "Oh you are cunning... as cunning as you are beautiful. That is why I love you. Perfection in that dark little heart of yours..."
 #29916  by Astrid Iver
Astrid began to furrow her brow. She gripped onto him as he pushed her further down, a chord of worry set through her. She was now forced to look up at him, when a moment ago she was trying to regather her thoughts and process her emotions by taking more control. But he clearly didn't care about that. He was clearly in it for his own gratification now.

She stiffened up again, and then looked away. She despised dark magic, and yet without it, he would not be the man he was. She frowned. He loved her because he thought she was was manipulating him? That wasn't how she wanted it...

He was going to suck her dry if she didn't steal herself from the darkness' pull. This was a battle. She looked into his eyes, frowning.

"You're wrong." She spoke lowly, and then suddenly pushed him abruptly, using her body to flip them onto the side before she once again angled herself on top. This time, she pressed her palms to his shoulders, looking down at him.

"Let go, Nathan. I don't want to be your enemy, so give me an opportunity not to be."