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Nathan was silent, his brain turning over her words...

Tonight? She did not have to tell him that... she could have skipped trying this month. Was it really so important to her as all that? That she would put up with his hated touch? Or... deep down did she really want him, and she needed the pretence of a planned pregnancy... For all he knew she could be lying. And just wanted him in her bed. He really had no way of know as she was the one who kept track of such things.

He wanted to think that this was what it was. Despite her anger, pain, irritation... she still lusted for him.

One thing he knew for certain.. he was going to leave her craving him even more. He would remind her of how much she enjoyed him! He would make it impossible for her to cut herself off from feeling the moment and embracing it’s pleasure! She would hate her choice to shun him at any other time...

“Then I will see you later tonight,” he said in a neutral tone. He turned then and made his way towards the door...
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Astrid bit her lip.

"I'm available now." She spoke suddenly.

She shouldn't have said that. She sounded desperate, which in a way, she was. She wanted it over and done with, perhaps. Or maybe the anxiety was killing her. But she regretted speaking immediately. She had just put all the power in his hands...He could deny her! And why wouldn't he take the opportunity to!?

She restrained herself from moving, the temptation to pour herself a double serving of scotch drawing her. But she withheld, barely even noticing the way her hands clenched.
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Nathan looked back at her, one brow quirked. Wouldn't it feel good to tell her she could wait. He wasn't in the mood?

But what would that accomplish? Wasn't there a better way to show her that she was in the wrong?

On top of which he would just be punishing himself.

His eyes looking into hers, Nathan walked back across the room towards her, his arm wrapping around her waist and pulling her to him, his hand coming up to her face as he kissed her, all in one swift motion.
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Astrid inhaled sharply, kissing back for a moment. She tried to relax...But the thoughts began to spiral and swirl. She wanted him deeply but the disconnect was becoming more and more prominant.

"Excuse me." She spoke lowly, prying herself away before striding toward the drinks cabinet. Apparently the scotch was needed. She downed it quickly, hissing after. She caught her reflection again; it nearly mocked her. She shook her head.

Astrid began pouring herself another, swallowing thickly.

"I have a theory...if we conceive whilst you use your dark magic, our child will inherit it earlier and stronger. I want my son to be the most powerful dark wizard...."
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Nathan frowned as she stepped away.

What... game was she playing at? If she thought that he was going to-

But then she began to speak, and Nathan knit his brows in thought. She was not all about dark magic. She didn't practice it herself. Why...? Ohh… It hit him. She wanted to make sure that her son was a more powerful wizard than Dorian. She wanted him to have every, possible advantage over his bastard brother, even if it meant saturating him in the dark arts from the moment of conception.

Nathan could not help but think she would have strongly objected had he brought this up, and had Dorain not existed....

And really... it was not the worst idea. What would happen? Possibly nothing. But... possibly something. Viola had been experimenting with all sorts of odd potions when Dorian was conceived and there was certainly something different about him.

But now that she wanted something from him that only he could give her...

Nathan pursed his lips a minute, then said, "Interesting... But I am not sure I want to risk it. I am not sure I want to risk you. Embracing so much dark magic wile in the throws of love? Could have quite the negative affect on you emotionally."
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"I. Don't. Care." She practically growled at him. "I need you to put a son in me, and I want him to be set up to take over both bloodlines!"

She downed her second drink...But by her measures, it was likely her fourth.

She placed her glass to the side and then turned to face him, slowly starting to undress. She dropped her cloak, unbuttoning her blouse.

"Soren is worth the risk. I want you to let go for even just a minute with me. once a month I will allow this, so I expect you to go all out."
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Astrid grit her teeth.

"Three times a month. A week off for...well, need I say more? I don't feel like I need to lower myself to my knees just to accommodate if I won't have a chance of getting pregnant." She glared at him.

Why were they negotiating this? But she supposed it served her purpose.
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“Four times a month, could all be in the same week,” said Nathan firmly. “I chose the days and time and you have the right to veto once. But any other with in a months time you will comply with my request and I don’t care if we just finished a ground smashing fight or if my champion killed yours.”

Sitting back against her desk he folded his arms and said, “That’s my final offer.”
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"Alright..." said Nathan. "Fair enough. "And then I will drop everything for your request."

Nathan walked into the center of the room then, taking out his wand he cast a spell that caused the lights to dim, and then, he closed his eyes, breathing in deep. The room seemed to grow cold. He was silent a moment and then... opening his eyes he said, "Love making... and dark magic do not go well hand in hand. the mere thought of being with you does not allow me to embrace it to the extent that I believe you are asking for. Usually grasping onto feelings of hate, or anger is as easy as switching on a light. But this complicates the matter."

He paused, then said, "Tell me something you know would make me lose my temper. And I do not mean mere insults. I know your motivation so it would be felt as an act. Something... a secret action? Wish? Desire? Knowledge of something?..."

He closed his eyes again, moving his wand about so that dark tendrils seeped from the wood.
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Astrid lifted her chin. Her fingers twitched. She already knew exactly what to say...But it may harm her and others in the future. But...She wanted this more than anything else.

"I have had fantasies of taking Cleary into a back room of the rings and having my way with him. I have even had brief thoughts of running away after an argument for just one night as revenge for what you did...and I know for a fact I would enjoy him immensely."
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An instant rage hit Nathan, the room shook, then became so cold it was possible to see ones breath! His eyes flew open and he glared at her as he said in seething tones,

"You are lying... but I did not think you were so foolishly desperate as to create such a lie!"

A sound like a growl coming from his throat, Nathan stalked towards her, black vine-like creations began growing from the walls, twisting like snakes, following at his heels. Reaching her he took hold of her throat, and pulling her close he said, "If you ever did take it into your head to enjoy him, know that his punishment would be long, drawn out, painful and humiliating."

The vines beginning to wrap up her legs, tear at the remainder of her clothing. Nathan's eyes turned black at pitch. Turning her head from side to side as he examined her neck he said in an odd, low voice that did not quite sound like his own,

"No one other than you can produce such unbridled anger in me. This is what you should fear foolish woman. Not your love for me..."

The vines suddenly falling from her Nathan lifted her up, then almost threw her onto the sofa, straddling her then as he brought his face close to her's and said, "If you could just be happy everything that is mine could be yours! Even my dark powers could be at your beck and call as they seem to be now at this very minute!.... But your foolish, stupid, selfish pride stands in your own way and blinds you.

Nathan leaned down then and ran his tonged up her throat, but as he did a dark spell was cast that struck fear into the heart of the one it was aimed at. In this case it was Astrid.
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Astrid gasped, eyes blazing as he took her by the throat. She felt like shoving him off, but she knew this was a part of the dark magic. And so she held her nerve. Honestly? She had requested his hands on her neck in previous trysts, so it was nothing new. What was new, however, was the way he spoke to her with such venom. It caught her off guard, but again...She had seen his rage. It had never truly been directed at her in such a way, but now she was experiencing it in full.

The vines tore at her clothes, and she flinched. But she held her nerve. He'd done that to her before too with the vines. She restrained herself from gripping onto him, suddenly finding herself very vulnerable. Astrid grit her teeth, and then was thrown, a noise that not usually came out of her escaping her lips in a high pitched squeal.

And then he was on her, choking, straddling, running his tongue up her neck. For a moment, a shiver of pleasure ran over her body. It was something new, dangerous, dark and exciting! Perhaps dark magic wasn't...So...bad...

Something shifted. His words were icy and sharp. The hairs on her body pickled, chest heaved. Without realising, her nails clutched onto his shirt as she stared up at the ceiling. And then, it began to brew fjrther; a fear gripping her chest. He was going to kill her! All of this negotiation just for him to murder her after having his way. Her hands shook, and without even realising, tears began to leak from her eyes. She tossed her head to the side, squeezing her eyes shut, breath uneven. She was on the verge of pleading before she slapped her hand over her mouth, trying to get a hold of herself. It wasn't real! He was her husband! And right now, she despised his touch!

For Soren. It was for Soren.

"Fuck you." She growled into his ear...though perhaps it was weaker than she intended, voice hitching.